La Sportiva Solution Comp Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details and specifics about the la sportiva solution comp climbing shoe? Find out more information in this post. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

For a super-soft climbing shoe with plenty of rubber coverage, La Sportiva Solution Comp is your ideal option. This re-boot of one of their popular shoes features increased sensitivity for added comfort.

Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber and the P3 Power Platform provide enhanced sensitivity and performance for modern competition-style bouldering. With more rubber on the toe and a more traditional heel cup design, this shoe feels significantly suppler and softer than previous versions.

Is Solution Comp Better than Solution?

This shoe is an evolution of the Solution, featuring more rubber coverage on top of the toe and a softer heel cup for increased sensitivity to foot pressure points. Combining Vibram XS Grip 2 and La Sportiva's original P3 Power Platform, this re-designed shoe offers superior performance on indoor surfaces for modern competition climbers.

The most exciting part of this re-invention is that it does so in a shoe that will stay shape over time. While you may need to invest in several pairs, its durability should ensure benefits for years to come. As with all LS shoes, the Solution Comp is suitable for both beginner and intermediate climbers alike; whether you need something to help take your climbing career forward or something casual enough for on-the-crag activities, then consider adding the Solution Comp to your list.

Why Are La Sportiva Solutions So Popular?

La Sportiva Solutions climbing shoes have long been a go-to choice among climbers due to their hard bouldering shoe reputation, longevity, and years of use by professional climbers.

These climbing shoes are ideal for steep and overhung outdoor bouldering or sport climbing, as well as modern indoor routes. With their narrow toe box, stiff edge for precise foot placement, and noticeable downturn, these shoes make them perfect for challenging walls.

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La Sportiva Solution Comps feature 4mm of Vibram XS Grip 2, a rubber blend designed to provide improved grip and firmness. This rubber is softer than La Sportiva's other popular blend, XS Edge.

Though this blend is softer than XS Edge, it still provides enough sensitivity and grip for dynamic moves and heel hooking. Furthermore, the Solution Comp has a full-rubber toe patch that makes flagging your feet along minimal pic of a foothold or toe hook easier – an efficient footwork technique designed to move your feet more efficiently up a route or wall.

How Much Do La Sportiva Solutions Comp Stretch?

If you're searching for a pair of climbing shoes, La Sportiva Solution Comp is an ideal option. It boasts several technological advances that make it an outstanding performer.

The key feature is a softer heel cup, which helps the shoe stay on your foot for longer during steep and demanding climbs. Other upgrades include an adaptive midsole and extra rubber across the top of the toe.

It's worth noting that the Solution Comp stretches a bit, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as you buy your pair in the right size. Breaking them in may take some time and effort but is well worth the effort.

La Sportiva Solutions are top-tier performance shoes that should last you several years with proper care and maintenance. Resoleable multiple times, there's no need to buy new shoes every few months as these shoes are made from leather and Lorica for long lasting durability.

La Sportiva Solution Comp Review

La Sportiva Solution Comp is an improved, softer version of their original La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe designed for competition use. It boasts a softer heel cup to increase pull-power on small cracks as well as extra rubber coverage across the top of the toe for catching toe hooks.

This newly improved shoe features a soft midsole that's more breathable and responsive than its predecessor, the Solution. Additionally, its lower volume heel should accommodate more feet types than what the Solution can offer.

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This shoe also boasts a fast lacing system that is more precise than traditional velcro straps, enabling easy on and off without breaking the strap.

Vibram outsole with XS Grip 2 technology offers excellent grip for various rock types, though it lacks the sensitivity of some competition-oriented shoes.

Are La Sportiva Solutions Soft or Stiff?

La Sportiva Solutions shoes feature a downturned toe box and stiff edge, making them ideal for pocketing and toe-hooking. While designed for climbing on overhanging or steep rock faces, these shoes can also be used on modern indoor routes.

If you're thinking about trying these shoes out, it's best to do some research and test them out first. This way, you can determine if the shoe fits comfortably on your foot and if they are comfortable enough for all day wear.

The Solution is a widely popular shoe and one of the first bouldering shoes to hit the market. Today, bouldering is climbing's fastest growing discipline.

Initially, the Solution was designed to meet the needs of low-altitude climbers. Nowadays, elite athletes use it on some of the toughest ascents around.

The Solution Comp is an upgraded version of the original Solution that takes a different approach to shoe performance. Instead of relying on Vibram's traditional outsole for underfoot grip, this shoe utilizes 4mm of Vibram's XS Grip 2 rubber compound. This rubber compound provides increased grip and sensitivity but lacks as much edging power as XS Edge does.

How Tight Should La Sportiva Solutions Be?

La Sportiva's Solution Comp shoe is the pinnacle of innovation and materials, always striving for the highest quality results. Their latest release is their biggest and best yet, boasting multiple patented innovations. Aside from its stunning light show, the most remarkable aspect is the new XS Grip 2 outsole. We believe this to be the first and only shoe on the market with this traction-enhancing rubber treatment. For a more in-depth examination of the shoe, be sure to read our full review of La Sportiva Solutions' latest offering. Additionally, we've outlined all of its key features and specs in our FAQ section. For even further exploration, don't forget about our selection of La Sportiva shoes available at Newsroom, Prop Store and Mothership stores nationwide!

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How Much Do La Sportiva Solutions Comp Stretch?

La Sportiva's Solution Comp is an incredibly adaptable shoe designed for indoor and outdoor bouldering. With its lightweight 0.9mm laspo flex midsole and flexible 3.5mm outsole, you'll be able to tackle a range of high-level climbs without breaking a sweat.

The Solution Comp's new, softer heel cup has given it more sensitivity than its predecessor when heel hooking. While it may not be your go-to shoe, the Solution Comp is well built and durable enough for multiple resoles before needing replacement pairs.

The Solution Comp's painted hook-and-loop harness system makes it incredibly easy to put on and take off, which is essential for outdoor adventurers. But the real test will come when you put this squeaky-clean performance shoe to the test on the wall. With proper care, this shoe will remain your go-to climbing shoe for years to come.

What Kind of Shoe Are Sportiva Solutions?

La Sportiva's Solution Comp is a softer, more sensitive version of their iconic bouldering shoe. It has more rubber around the toe than its predecessor and an increased thickness in the velcro strap (the previous model had a burlier strap which could break easily).

Vibram's XS Grip 2 rubber, which is softer than its predecessor, adds even greater performance for modern competition climbing. Together these changes offer even greater reliability for climbers of today.

These shoes boast a patented figure-8 sling-shot tensioning system that focuses power in the toe and increases pulling strength on small features. Furthermore, their precise heel-toe camming performance enables surgical accuracy when setting micro holds or using powerful toe hooks or foot jams.

In addition, the Solution boasts the patented Lock Harness System which wraps around your foot for maximum support when climbing overhangs or toe hooking. Furthermore, its P3 Power Platform helps maintain shoe shape over time. These features have made it one of the most sought-after shoes for competitive bouldering, being used by some of the world's best climbers on some of their hardest ascents.

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