La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe Benefits

March 31, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the la sportiva oxygym climbing shoe? La Sportiva is renowned for producing some of the world's best climbing shoes. With 89 years in the business, they have perfected the art of designing shoes that are both comfortable and long-lasting.

No matter your climbing ability level, the La Sportiva Oxygym is an excellent option. This machine washable climbing shoe is great for gyms and moderate outdoor routes alike.

Why are the Sportiva Most Expensive Shoes?

La Sportiva is a premier outdoor gear brand known for their high quality shoes. In addition, boots for mountaineering, hiking, and trail running. Their extensive product selection offers something to fit everyone's needs and budgets perfectly.

Their more expensive offerings include the Katana Lace climbing shoe and Otaki. These shoes provide superior edging performance as well as crack-climbing versatility. We've tested both these shoes extensively and are amazed by their versatility.

The Katana is an impressive lace-up runner that climbs slab. That being said, but also excels on vertical sport routes, hard finger cracks and bouldering challenges. It attributes its success to features like P3 technology and S-Heel design elements.

Finding the ideal rock climbing shoe requires trial and error. For example, trying on various options to see which feels most comfortable on your foot type. In general, tighter climbing shoes are better suited to experienced climbers. That being said, softer footwear works best for new climbers or those just starting out.

Shoe Review

The La Sportiva Oxygym shoe is a top pick for climbing beginners. In addition, it offers excellent comfort and support on various types of climbs.

The Oxygym's primary feature is its fast lacing system and velcro straps. Thus, making it effortless to put on and take off. Furthermore, its wide toe box makes it ideal for people with wide feet or high arches due to its roomy toe box.

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Another fantastic aspect of the Oxygym is its lateral symmetry. This means that your longest toe part should line up almost perfectly with your heel, providing you with a more natural stance.

These shoes feature sticky rubber that extends right up to the back of the heel, offering great grip when heel hooking in rock climbing. While you won't be able to stick bat hangs or anything like that with these shoes, they will give you plenty of confidence on small heel hooks during gym sessions or traditional climbs.

The only drawback of this shoe is that its toe rand doesn't offer as much stickiness as other shoes, which may be a barrier for beginners. Nonetheless, it's not an overwhelming issue and you can use this shoe for plenty of gym practice before upgrading to something with stickier rubber.

Why Are La Sportiva Solutions So Popular?

La Sportiva solutions are popular for several reasons. Most notably, they're well-crafted and ideal for both novice and experienced climbers looking to upgrade their climbing shoes.

These shoes are an ideal choice for bouldering and sandstone routes that require you to be mobile on your feet. The single strap makes them convenient, while the sock-like tongue provides flexibility on long climbs by reducing chafing.

The Solution is the most sought-after shoe in Vibram's LS line, and it's not hard to understand why. Featuring a single velcro strap, soft slipper-like fit, and sticky Vibram XS Grip2 rubber, The Solution delivers on its promise.

Although more expensive than many other high-performance shoes, this shoe is popular with climbers of all levels. If you're serious about rock climbing, investing in this shoe will prove worthwhile.

However, while these Solutions are great for edging and pockets, you cannot rely on them to assist with more technical moves like toe and heel hooking or fist climbing. Therefore, we suggest breaking in your Solutions before pushing them beyond their capabilities.

Should I Size Up or Down in La Sportiva?

If you need climbing shoes that are both durable and washable, Oxygym is an excellent choice. Its patented hook-and-loop closure system and AirTex Silver lining help reduce odors while keeping your feet dry during wet climbs.

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This shoe features a low asymmetry design, so your foot won't have to make an unnatural shape in order to fit into the shoe. This helps ensure a secure fit and provides support for the structure of the shoe – essential when climbing.

La Sportiva's shoes are built on European half sizes, so it's important to factor in that they may stretch after several wears. This is especially true if the shoe is leather; as a result, sizing down about half a Euro may be recommended if you're new to climbing.

Sizing shoes can be tricky if you're just starting out or have narrow feet. To ensure the best fit for your feet, it is generally advised that you try on shoes before buying them.

Is La Sportiva Made in China?

La Sportiva has a longstanding tradition of producing mountaineering shoes and boots that are used on climbing walls around the globe. Their gear has been tested under extreme conditions, and they are constantly striving to develop technology that reduces their environmental footprint when producing shoes and apparel.

From humble beginnings in an Italian mountain village, this company has grown to become a renowned name within the climbing community. They manufacture shoes and equipment for all kinds of outdoor activities – from climbing and alpinism to ski mountaineering – with products sold around the world.

They make excellent trail running shoes. You'll see them at many races, and their shoes are comfortable to run in even on technical terrain.

The Oxygym utilizes a three-layer Washtex upper with breathable and washable fabric on the outside and Stiffym microfiber interior for strength. The 1.8mm LaspoFlex midsole cushions climbers' steps without compromising ground sensitivity, while its FriXion rubber outsole provides excellent grip on plastic or natural surfaces alike.

Does La Sportiva Run Big or Small?

La Sportiva Oxygym is a climbing shoe designed for gym climbers. It also makes an excellent option for those just beginning to develop their skills.

The Oxygym boasts a leather upper that should mould to the shape of your foot. While initially it may stretch a bit, after wearing it for some time it should form an intimate fit.

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Before buying any new pair of shoes, always double-check the sizing. Going a half size down can be especially crucial when purchasing technical footwear.

The Oxygym (men's and women's versions) utilizes a 1.8mm LaspoFlex midsole that promotes torsional rigidity to prevent ankle twisting. Furthermore, its Frixion RS rubber outsole is designed for excellent grip on various rock surfaces.

La Sportiva Skwama Review

La Sportiva Skwama is one of this season's most sensitive climbing shoes, perfect for steep and overhanging routes that involve edging or smearing. This versatile shoe can be used indoors and outdoors, working well on boulder problems or sport climbs with thin, delicate edges.

La Sportiva's signature P3 tension system and asymmetric shape help the shoe maintain its aggressive style even with extended use. Furthermore, its sensitivity allows you to easily detect small ledges and cracks when crack climbing or edging.

Furthermore, the Skwama's split sole and soft rubber temporarily flatten when you smudge to maximize grip against flat walls – an uncommon feature for shoes this soft. This helps maximize your smearing efforts to the maximum.

Another unique feature of the Skwama is its S-Heel technology in its heel cup. This rigid piece of rubber on one side helps maintain the shape and prevents collapsing when performing technical heel hooks. This clever design can also be found in some La Sportiva shoes.

How Much Stretch is in La Sportiva Skwama?

La Sportiva Skwama rock climbing shoes are widely regarded as one of the most stylish on the market. This shoe features a sleek split-toe design with some of La Sportiva's most lateral flex. Additionally, it includes an innovative P3 platform system featuring tensioned rand wraparound around both feet and heels; this “sling shot” shape provides several benefits, such as creating an aggressive profile to maximize contact with surrounding rock faces.

The shoe's upper is made with only the finest leather, similar to that found on top saddles. Not only functional but also delightful to touch, this svelte upper provides a real treat for anyone with feet in the door.

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