La Sportiva Mutant Shoe Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information and specs about the la sportiva mutant shoe? Trail running is a world-wide popular sport. So, you will definitely need a legit pair of shoes on for your feet.

La Sportiva Mutant trail running shoes are one of the most reliable and stable trail running options on the market. Their unique lacing system helps provide extra support for your feet and ankles while you run.

This shoe is ideal for all terrains, from steep technical trails to muddy and slippery surfaces. It boasts world-class traction thanks to the FriXion XF rubber sole and lugs.

How Much Does Do They Weigh?

La Sportiva Mutant trail running shoe weighs in at just under 11 ounces for men's version. Also, 9 ounces for women. Thus, this makes it an ideal option for runners who require a durable yet lightweight trail shoe. In addition, one that can handle various terrain types.

La Sportiva Mutant features FriXion XF, a climbing rubber that keeps its grip even after miles of use. Plus, its wide lugs are durable and won't wear down quickly even after long distances of walking or running.

La Sportiva Mutant mountain trail running shoes are an excellent choice for mountain trail runners. Also, for those who require a shoe that can withstand tough terrain and demanding runs. Its outsole is suitable for various conditions. Thus, making it ideal for steep uphill hikes on scree or rock as well as long downhill runs on loose trails.

How Tall is the La Sportiva Mutant Stack?

La Sportiva Mutant mountain running shoes stand out among other options. The reason for this is its abrasion-resistant upper and TPU toe cap that keeps your feet dry while providing additional protection from sharp rocks.

This shoe's midsole is its standout feature. In addition, it boasts a combination of EVA foam and TPU stabilizers. These provides stability without sacrificing ground feel or flexibility in the forefoot. Furthermore, this combination provides this shoe with an ultra-plush ride befitting its 10 mm heel-to-toe height.

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La Sportiva Mutant's traction-tastic outsole utilizes FriXion XF technology. The techoogy provides superior grip on all surfaces – whether loose rock, scree or snow. Not only that but its braking system is quite reliable too – those lugs provide excellent traction even when wet. Lastly, this shoe stands out thanks to its lightweight design. Also, its airMesh construction which seamlessly combines breathability with durability while being lighter than a feather.

Are La Sportiva Mutants Waterproof?

La Sportiva Mutant shoes are the ideal choice for trail runners seeking a lightweight shoe. Also, that can handle rugged trails or fast hikers needing agility. The shoes are breathable and waterproof. Thus, making them suitable in wet conditions as well as summer hikes when temperatures rise, La Sportiva Mutant shoes offer all-day comfort.

La Sportiva's FriXion XF rubber, specifically designed for climbing shoes, provides superior traction on rocky and slippery surfaces. Plus, its 6mm lugs are placed in opposing directions to grip the ground and prevent slippage.

The shoe's upper is constructed with Air Mesh technology that keeps feet ventilated and dry. Additionally, it includes a four-way stretch gaiter to help keep the shoe free of debris.

The midsole of this shoe is composed of EVA foam. In addition, the stabilizer inserts to provide plenty of cushioning without weighing down your feet. This stability also contributes to its excellent grip on uneven terrain, while a TPU heel stabilizer guarantees secure fitting.

How Do You Lace La Sportiva Mutant?

Do you need a trail running shoe that can withstand various terrains and conditions? If so, the La Sportiva Mutant is an ideal option. It features an innovative lacing system that keeps shoes snug without needing constant retightening during workouts.

Yes, though this method may take some getting used to, the effort will pay off. In addition, it will help you run longer and faster than ever before. Furthermore, taking time to perfect the lacing system so it feels comfortable. In addition, secure will give you maximum benefit from running.

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The La Sportiva Mutant is an ultra-breathable trail running shoe, featuring AirMesh upper material to keep your feet cool and dry during long runs. Additionally, this shoe boasts the unique FusionGate lacing system with cords molded to each part of the shoe as lace fasteners.

What is the Drop on La Sportiva Mutant?

Though many trail running shoes feature zero drop (meaning the heel is flat), La Sportiva Mutant features a 10 mm drop from heel to toe. While this may feel unusual for runners who have never run in a zero drop shoe before, it's typical for most trail running shoes.

La Sportiva Mutant shoes feature a firm, firm midsole that provides excellent stability. This helps prevent your feet from rolling too far to one side when running uphill or downhill.

This also enables you to change direction quickly and securely on rocky or uneven terrain, since the shoes hold your foot securely. This is essential in mountain running where it's necessary to quickly transition from flat terrain to more technical or rough terrains.

The La Sportiva Mutant running shoe is ideal for anyone searching for a sticky, fast and aggressive running shoe that can handle muddy, steep terrain. It's suitable for various mountain runs such as half marathon or mountain marathon races.

Does La Sportiva Run Big?

La Sportiva is renowned for their quality mountaineering boots and mountain running shoes, but they also make a range of trail running shoes. The Mutant model in particular has become a go-to favorite among many trail runners.

It's easy to see why: The Mutant is an ideal shoe for long runs in the mountains and on trails. Not only is it comfortable to run in, but its excellent grip on rough terrain makes it ideal, plus it's incredibly light weight.

The Mutant's outsole is constructed from a sticky rubber compound with large, widely spaced lugs for superior traction on both soft and hard ground. It's more grippy than its predecessor, the Crosslite.

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La Sportiva's last families are designed to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes and climbing needs, giving you the power to find the shoe that works best for you.

Are La Sportiva Narrow?

The La Sportiva Mutant is not designed to be narrow. Instead, the shoe provides support and grip on difficult terrain through mesh uppers and a tongue that helps restrict foot motion.

The midsole of the shoe is constructed with EVA foam for superior underfoot cushioning. Additionally, TPU heel stabilizer provides stability and shock absorption.

On the outsole of the shoe, there is FriXion XF, a sticky rubber compound used for excellent grip on dry and sloppy rock surfaces. Furthermore, this material is highly resistant to abrasion so your shoe can easily be cleaned after running.

La Sportiva Mutant shoes feature the exclusive La Sportiva AT Grip Spikes, providing extra grip when wet or slippery terrain. These spikes are screwed into the forefoot of the shoe and can be removed when necessary for convenience.

What is Trainer Stack Height?

The La Sportiva Mutant is a bit taller than your average trail shoe, but its burrito-style lacing system provides customisation to fit your gait. It offers the benefits of both worlds: it looks and feels like a high-end performance running shoe, while still providing ample support and protection for your feet. This shoe may not be for everyone, but if you're searching for a well-balanced footwear mix with something to appeal to the more discriminating tastemaker in your corner, these are some of the best trail shoes available right now.

This trail running shoe boasts an array of high-end features that make it a great option for your next trail running trip. Just be warned – fitting is required before use to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. Additionally, its lattice style toebox may be narrower than average trail shoe, but the added comfort makes this trade off worthwhile.

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