La Sportiva Kubo Climbing Shoe Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking to invest in the la sportiva kubo climbing shoe? Seeking more details and information before you do? If so, I hope that this review will be of assistance to your decision making. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

If you need a climbing shoe that can tackle various terrain, the La Sportiva Kubo is an excellent option. This soft shoe boasts a durable rubber sole that can be re-soled.

This shoe is ideal for climbers who enjoy taking on various rock types, from steep overhangs to friction slabs. It also provides comfortable all-around coverage thanks to its unlined suede and microfiber upper.

Brand Review

La Sportiva Kubo is an adaptable climbing shoe designed to serve as the ideal transition shoe for climbers. Also, for those transitioning from beginner routes to intermediate problems. The shoe boasts a moderate downturn and P3 platform design. In addition, the Kubo provides your feet with support and precision while indoors or during long sessions on walls.

The Kubo features Vibram XS Edge rubber for excellent grip and durability on indoor holds. Plus, its two-part midsole provides enough flex for modern bouldering techniques on large slopers.

In addition to XS Edge rubber, the Kubo also boasts a 3/4 sole for flexibility. In addition, high-quality heel cap that protects against abrasions. Furthermore, it was designed with resoling in mind so you can resole it multiple times without losing performance.

No matter if you're new to indoor climbing or have experience, the Kubo is an excellent option for anyone. Also, for those seeking comfort and versatility. It features an unlined upper for extra sensitivity. In addition, a soft rubber pads on the toe and heel for enhanced traction during workouts.

Does the Shoe Stretch?

If you've ever worn La Sportiva Kubos before, then you know it takes some time for these shoes to break in. While they are incredibly comfortable right out of the box due to their unlined suede and microfiber uppers, their full potential won't be realized until after several climbs under your belt.

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They're much more comfortable than most climbing shoes you'll encounter. Plus, their ergonomic footbed is incredibly soft and comfy to put on your feet. The Kubo truly offers it all – comfort for home or in the crag!

Kubo's top of the line features include a 4mm rubber sole that can be easily resoled using La Sportiva's official Sticky Rubber Resole, saving you money in the long run and extending the lifespan of your new high-performance footwear. Other high-end features include a two-part patented midsole designed to accommodate La Sportiva P3 platform climbing shoes – making it an ideal choice for climbers on a budget!

Why is La Sportiva So Good?

La Sportiva has a proud and established tradition of producing top-tier climbing shoes. It also features one iconic model being the Miura VS that continues to stand the test of time.

La Sportiva's Kubo is a high-end shoe featuring a moderately downturned heel design. It is built into the sole for improved grip, protection, elasticity and sensitivity.

La Sportiva's 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber outsole provides grip and support, while being unlined for extra sensitivity. Furthermore, their patented P3 system maintains the shape of the shoe while allowing your foot to move freely.

This lightweight shoe won't weigh you down. Crafted with microfibre and suede materials, its unlined upper will fit snugly on your feet while two opposing Velcro fasteners make taking them on and off a breeze.

What Are La Sportiva Most Expensive Shoes?

La Sportiva is renowned for their superior climbing shoes and boots. While their more expensive models may seem pricey to some, if you need something that can withstand the rigors of your next climbing trip, La Sportiva might just be worth it.

La Sportiva's Kubo climbing shoe is one of their most sought-after models and lives up to their reputation for exceptional value. This lace-up is built with a softer outsole and midsole than most other rock climbing shoes for beginners, which helps improve feel when doing technical footwork and reduces blister risk.

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It has a moderately aggressive downturn and asymmetry, helping it hold up better on small edges and steeps than flatter shoes do. Furthermore, an expansive patch of XS Edge rubber covers the entire toe box for improved security when toe-hooking steep routes or boulders.

For experienced climbers looking to expand their shoe collection and add another versatile option to their wardrobe, the Kubo is a great option. Although slightly stiffer than Katana Lace or Testarossa, it offers slightly more support and power on technical edges as well as better toe-hooking performance on steep routes and boulders.

Are La Sportiva Tarantulas Stiff?

La Sportiva Tarantulas are an exceptional neutral climbing shoe designed to be comfortable, user-friendly, and straightforward to climb in. They feature an unlined upper for moisture management as well as FriXion(r) RS rubber compound on the soles for superior grip and longevity.

La Sportiva Tarantula is an excellent option for beginning and recreational climbers looking for a neutral shoe that offers comfort at an affordable price. Additionally, this lightweight shoe can be used on various rock types.

However, if you are an experienced climber, this shoe may not be the most suitable. It may be more beneficial to opt for a shoe tailored specifically to your foot type and style of climbing.

Tarantulas are invertebrate animals whose body consists of two parts, the prosoma and opisthosoma. These parts are joined by a pedicle, or waist-like connecting piece that allows the body to pivot in various directions.

La Sportiva Kubo Women's Shoes

La Sportiva Kubo women's climbing shoes are an excellent choice for entry-level climbers who need a comfortable, versatile shoe that can handle steep and vertical routes. With its slightly downturned last, these shoes provide support while the stiff midsole provides strength to tackle most modern-style bouldering problems with ease.

Microfibre and suede unlined uppers provide flexibility, comfort, and customization of volumes with a double opposing strap closure system. A new heel integrated into the sole provides grip, increased protection, sensitivity, and elasticity for an all-around performance.

Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber offers superior edging performance for smaller climbers. Additionally, its soft compound improves durability, making the Kubo an ideal choice even for novice and beginner climbers alike.

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The Kubo is an ideal shoe for both outdoor and indoor climbing, boasting a moderate downturn that encourages foot jamming while its resoleable construction allows you to change the sole without sacrificing performance.

La Sportiva Kubo Men's Shoes

The La Sportiva Kubo is an all-purpose shoe designed for bouldering and lead climbing. It has a new heel integrated into the sole for increased grip, protection, elasticity and sensitivity.

The Kubo has a split sole that can be resoled, providing extra durability to your shoes. Perfect for climbers who require an indoor shoe with maximum grip, the Kubo is an excellent option to consider.

One of the features that makes La Sportiva shoes unique is their soft rubber heel. While most shoes feature stiff rubber in the heel, La Sportiva uses a softer material for greater flexibility and support.

This feature gives you a good feel for the rock while climbing and helps prevent shoes from getting holes. Furthermore, the Kubo has an integrated toe patch in its sole which further increases durability.

Is La Sportiva Made in China?

La Sportiva is one of the last climbing shoe companies still manufacturing in Europe, and their products are no strangers to craftsmanship. In today's age of assembly line production, you might be surprised that most of their items are still handcrafted in Ziano di Fiemme, Italy.

The company has shown no sign of complacency in their pursuit to keep their product lines innovative and customers contented. Their patented P3 system is one of the most efficient and creative ways to accomplish this objective.

La Sportiva has earned a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding provider of outdoor gear, and their products certainly live up to this expectation. From top-of-the-line alpine boots to the latest UIAA and ICF climbing shoes, La Sportiva constantly strives to improve upon already innovative solutions. Even better? Their team is eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

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