La Sportiva Jackal Running Shoes

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for the very best la sportiva jackal running shoe to invest in? Find out more details and information in this post. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

If you need a mountain running shoe that can take on anything you throw at it, La Sportiva Jackal is an ideal option. It is firm enough to tackle rough terrain but still has an enjoyable bounce that will put a smile on your face.

Shoe Review

For a tough, wide foot-friendly mountain runner with superior grip and protection, La Sportiva's Jackal GTX is an ideal option. Waterproofed to handle most winter conditions, its rugged upper keeps your feet warm, dry, and secure.

The shoe's midsole features a dual-density compressed EVA rock plate and compression-molded base with soft PU inserts for extra cushioning and an energetic ride that helps prevent fatigue. Furthermore, the outsole boasts 3mm lugs and friction rubber for superior traction on various surfaces.

In addition to grip and durability, the upper features plenty of overlays for additional support with a solid toe bumper, continuous wrap around rand, and reinforced heel collar. A gusset tongue keeps debris out while soft flat laces provide comfort.

The Jackal is one of the most adaptable mountain shoes I've tested. It excels on steep loose dirt and duff, snow, dirty ice and wet rock surfaces alike. The traction on all trails is excellent, while its midsole offers great cushioning and protection during long technical runs. The Jackal also comes with an excellent warranty to back it up if anything goes wrong during your adventure.

How High is the Stack on the Shoe?

The Jackal is designed with a thicker midsole and rock plate to offer maximum rigidity on even the toughest trails. Plus, two PU inserts in the forefoot and heel soften impact from this hard ride. Furthermore, its staggered impact-braking lugs keep your feet out of harm's way while you navigate hills, cross streams, or navigate rocks and roots with ease.

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After testing the Jackal for several miles on various trails, we are confident in saying it deserves its spot among our annual rankings of the best trail runners available. It may not be for everyone but it does boast some nice features and innovations that make it worth consideration. Plus, at such an affordable price point you don't need to shell out for specialty shoes; rather you get quality trail running at an accessible price point. Plus you can get it in waterproof form too – ideal if you often run through mud and rocks!

How Do La Sportiva Running Shoes Fit?

The Jackal offers a secure foot to ground connection, thanks to its dual-density rock plate, FriXion 2.0 outsole and 3 mm chevron shaped lugs. It also has other high-tech features like full length EVA midsole and strategically placed PU inserts that keep your feet cool and dry under sunlight. In short: the Jackal deserves consideration as one of the top trail running shoes available today. Luckily for runners everywhere: your local shoe store likely has stock of these shoes ready for purchase; just remember to read reviews first! Before buying anything though, try them on first to find your size by reading reviews online, asking around or trying them on first!

How Deep Are the Lugs on a La Sportiva Jackal?

The La Sportiva Jackal features sharp, aggressive lugs that offer plenty of grip on most surfaces. Furthermore, their FriXion XT 2.0 rubber compound makes them highly durable – something I have yet to experience with other models from the brand.

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I've tested the Jackal on everything from steep loose dirt to snow, and have always found its grip to be excellent. While its lugs may not be as sticky in deep mud, they provide enough grip to get me out of trouble.

Another outstanding aspect of La Sportiva's outsole is its flexibility; this provides me with more give and flexibility when running on non-technical terrain.

These shoes are an ideal choice for long distance runners seeking cushion and comfort. Their innovative midsole incorporates compressed EVA with Infinitoo polyurethane inserts to provide superior cushioning without feeling overly soft. The upper is breathable and lightweight, while a dual-density rock guard in the outsole provides protection on technical trails.

Does La Sportiva Have a Wide Toe Box?

When testing the Jackal, we weren't impressed with its wide toe box. While they may be slightly wider than your average Sportiva shoe, they remain on the narrow side, making it difficult for us to achieve a comfortable fit and feel for our feet in these shoes.

The Jackal is a secure shoe with its wide width that will protect your feet from rocks while hiking or running long distances. This feature is especially essential if you plan on covering more ground during your workouts.

The Jackal's outsole is equipped with FriXion XT 2.0, a highly sticky rubber compound designed for superior grip on rugged terrain. Not only that, but this durable compound will hold up well against tough conditions.

The midsole of the Jackal is constructed with dual density compressed EVA with Infinitoo polyurethane inserts to provide extra cushioning without compromising stability or protection from its 1.5mm dual density rock plate. This combination makes the Jackal an ideal shoe for long distance mountain runs.

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What Are La Sportiva Most Expensive Shoes?

La Sportiva Jackal Trail Running Shoe is designed for long distance running. This shoe prioritizes comfort, providing excellent airflow to ensure that your feet stay cool during every stride.

The Jackal's outsole utilizes FriXion XT 2.0, a sticky rubber compound that's durable and suitable for most terrains. Additionally, its wide directional lugs provide grip on hardpack, rock surfaces and slightly loose or wet conditions.

In the midsole, you'll find a dual density compressed EVA foam combined with Infinitoo PU inserts for more cushioning than most Sportiva shoes without compromising protection.

The Jackal provides unparalleled protection on rocky trails thanks to its full length hardened EVA dual density 1.5mm rock plate.

The Jackal is an ideal choice for speedy hike-a-bikes, steep climbs and other technical mountain runs. It's comfortable, secure and firm in a good way that requires minimal break-in after opening the box.

Does La Sportiva Use Real Leather?

La Sportiva's Jackal mountain running shoe offers a wider fit and more cushioning without compromising their legendary support and protection. Built on an extended last, these shoes feature dual density compressed EVA midsole with Infinitoo PU (polyurethane) inserts for cushioning while still featuring a full length hardened EVA dual density 1.5mm rock plate for extra stability and protection.

La Sportiva's FriXion XT 2.0 rubber compound provides a robust outsole with wide, 3mm-deep directional lugs that grip well on hardpack, rock and slightly loose or wet terrain. This compound has been utilized in many of their mudshoe models for all-around performance.

Although not as light as other shoes in its category, the Jackal weighs 10 g / 0.3 oz more than shoes like Brooks Caldera 4 or Salomon S/Lab Ultra 3. Fortunately, for most runners, this difference won't have a major effect on performance.

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