La Sportiva Boulder X Hiking Shoe Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Searching for more in-depth details and information about the la sportiva boulder x hiking shoe? Find out more information in this post. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

Are you searching for a comfortable and functional approach shoe that can handle technical terrain? If so, the La Sportiva Boulder X is one to consider. Built specifically with extra padding underfoot, these shoes have sticky rubber that provides luxurious performance and comfort on long approaches.

These shoes boast a robust leather upper and toe rand, designed for durability. The shoes are great for trail running. That being said, they also feature an Impact Brake System outsole. The outsole reduces impact forces on your feet and legs when walking over rough surfaces.

Are La Sportiva Boulder X Waterproof?

La Sportiva Boulder X is a waterproof approach shoe with a Vibram Idro-Grip sole. The sole is ideal for scrambling over talus slabs. Additionally, this shoe provides plenty of cushioning and support underfoot – ideal for long approaches.

This upper is made with Roughout leather, making it durable and resistant to wear. Furthermore, the double-stitched construction ensures your shoe stays in great condition even after extended hiking excursions.

Vibram Idro-Grip V-Smear with Impact Brake System outsole provides excellent grip when climbing or scrambling over rocky terrain. It has a flat section under the toes for light climbing tasks. In addition, is rounded at the front to make it stickier on slippery rocks.

The Boulder X is slightly stiffer than other approach shoes, which may reduce comfort on long climbs. On the upside, it provides stability when climbing with crampons and its sole helps protect your feet from fatigue.

How Much Does La Sportiva Weigh?

La Sportiva's Boulder X approach shoe is made with top-grade suede leather and reinforced with a thick rubber rand. Each pair weighs 14 ounces, which makes them slightly lighter than Scarpa Zen but heavier than FiveTen Guide Tennie (see FiveTen Dome review).

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The Boulder X is confident and secure on rough, rocky approaches. It also adeptly traverses moderately technical terrain.

This form-fitting shoe fits your foot snugly, while its Vibram(r) Idro-Grip V-Smear(tm) sole provides exceptional grip when scrambling or hopping over rock. The shallow lugs under the forefoot are rounded for increased surface area.

Vibram(r) Idro-Grip(tm) sole is designed with an Impact Brake System to provide secure grip on steep descents and in dirt and mud. Its sticky nature prevents slipperiness even in slippery conditions, while its lugs are surprisingly durable.

How Much Do La Sportiva Boulder X Weigh?

La Sportiva Boulder X approach shoes are heavier than most, providing additional support and durability. However, its bulk can be an issue when carrying it up steep pitches or clipping it to the back of your harness.

This approach shoe features a breathable mesh lining and padded collar for all-day comfort, as well as 2mm polypropylene insole and Micropore EVA midsole cushioning. Vibram's Idro-Grip V-Smear outsole coupled with Impact Brake System lugs provide exceptional traction on granite/sandstone rocks, mud, and loose sand.

Its narrow toe box design and flat climbing platform come into play when navigating small edges and cracks, offering excellent abrasion protection thanks to its sticky rubber rand. Furthermore, the La Sportiva Mythos climbing shoe's patented to-the-toe lacing system takes inspiration from this shoe for a secure fit with plenty of room to adjust.

What is the difference between La Sportiva TX4 and

La Sportiva Boulder X is an ideal approach shoe for rock climbers seeking an all-around performance shoe. It provides plenty of padding on long approaches and features a sticky Vibram Idro-Grip rubber outsole that offers grip on various rocks even when wet.

This shoe features a molded shape that contours perfectly to your foot, as well as a form-fitting collar and wrap-around ankle lacing for secure closure.

This upper is made from durable suede leather that resists wear and abrasion. There are also TPU edges around the entire shoe to shield your foot from rubbing against rocks.

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Vibram Idro-Grip and Impact Brake System (IBS) combine to make this shoe super sticky for traversing steep descents and scrambling. It has a flat underfoot profile to maximize surface area, along with shallow lugs under the forefoot which offer excellent grip on various rock types.

What Are Approach Shoes in Rock Climbing?

Approach shoes are an ideal choice for climbers who require lightweight, versatile footwear that can handle everything from climbing on slippery rocks to hiking with heavy packs. They combine the sticky rubber of a climbing shoe with the comfort and support of hiking boots or trail-running shoes.

Approach footwear primarily caters to climbing, but they can also be used for hiking and light scrambling. Generally lightweight and supportive, these shoes provide ample comfort so you can wear them all day without getting uncomfortable.

Many of them feature a rubber rand that wraps around the front, sides and top of the toe box, mimicking that of climbing shoes. This provides better grip and precision when smear or edge climbing and is often combined with a smooth patch on the sole to increase sensitivity.

Leather uppers tend to be preferred due to their greater durability than synthetic options, though leather can stretch a bit with use; if your goal is for heavier duty duty applications, synthetic options might be preferable.

La Sportiva Boulder X Mid GTX

If you're in search of a more robust, waterproof version of La Sportiva's Boulder X approach shoe, the mid GTX model is your perfect option. This shoe boasts Gore-Tex lining and an ergonomic form-fitted design that snugly wraps around your foot while offering slightly more protection than standard footwear.

The Boulder X Mid GTX is the ideal shoe for technical climbers who require comfort while remaining technically advanced. It has a Vibram outsole with a climbing zone to provide extra grip when scrambling or moving across rock surfaces.

It boasts a thick leather structure and form-fitted design for extra abrasion protection and support in the heel area, especially when navigating small cracks or edges. Plus, its patented to-the-toe lacing system inspired by Mythos climbing shoes provides an aggressive feel that lets you move confidently and quickly over even challenging terrain.

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The upper is made of tough suede leather that resists abrasion. Meanwhile, the Vibram outsole provides superior grip when moving around on rocks, scree and dirt. Furthermore, this sole is equipped with an Impact Brake System to give you improved latching power during downhill traverses.

Is La Sportiva made in China?

La Sportiva is a well-known manufacturer of climbing, mountaineering and skiing gear with headquarters located in Italy. For over 100 years they have been crafting shoes specifically tailored to climbers' needs.

The Boulder X is a heavy-duty approach shoe designed to offer maximum protection and support on even the toughest terrain. This shoe boasts a stiff exterior with rubber toe rand and thick leather upper that provide durability when taking long approaches.

This approach shoe also boasts a mesh lining, making it one of the comfiest on the market. The leather outer is stiff and durable, but its lining helps reduce any rubbing you may feel on rough terrain.

The Solution is an iconic high-performance shoe designed for steep sport routes and aggressive bouldering. Its innovative velcro closure system quickly locks most foot shapes into a secure position, allowing climbers to climb with comfort and precision.

Are La Sportiva Wide or Narrow?

As is the case with any climbing shoe, size and widths are not standard across brands. Some shoes tend to be wider-footed than others, but the shoe last is the primary factor in determining its width.

La Sportiva often stays on the narrow side, and their Boulder X offers a customizable and comfort-oriented fit. It locks your heel and toe together for reduced lift in the rear of the shoe.

This shoe also boasts a rigid shank which offers excellent support in the heel and ball of the foot. It flexes smoothly with each step, making it comfortable even for approach hikers.

This shoe excels on wet rock, muddy or root covered slopes and forest trails. Its sticky Vibram sole provides grip, stability and confidence-inspiring tread while its mid-height adds stiffness for crampon walking.

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