La Sportiva Akyra Tips and Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more details about the la sportiva akyra trail running shoes? Do you want a shoe that is going to withstand anything you throw at it and not fall apart? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

La Sportiva Akyra is an advanced mountain running shoe designed with trail running in mind. In addition, boasting trail-specific features as well as long-haul comfort, easy flexing and plenty of breathability.

The outsole is designed to grip a variety of tough and technical conditions. Also, featuring aggressive lugs that dig into mud, snow and loose dirt. These lugs wrap around the toe box. In addition, rear of the heel for extra grip on loose terrain such as rocks.

How Much Do La Sportiva Shoes Weigh?

The Akyra is the ideal shoe for long days on the trails. It can handle steep climbs while still allowing you to run flat and downhill sections when conditions allow.

The Akyra's outsole is built around deep lugs that puncture the trail surface. Also, providing excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. It's also suitable for rocky, grungy or steep off-trail terrain such as talus hopping.

Another advantage of the Akyra's outsole is its Frixion rubber construction, which offers exceptional grip and durability. This makes it suitable for all kinds of trails the Akyra is meant to tackle, particularly off-trail or muddy situations.

One wear-tester commented that the TPU overlays on the uppers “gave the mesh some structure and worked perfectly with the lacing system to give an even distribution of pressure.” Although somewhat thin and cheap-looking, these laces do work just fine.

How much do the Akasha Shoes Weigh?

If you're searching for a trail shoe that provides superior protection and comfort, La Sportiva Akyra is an ideal option. This shoe boasts plenty of cushioning to make it suitable for long distance running and ultra races.

The shoe's outsole utilizes FriXion XT technology for durability and excellent traction and shock absorption. Plus, its injected EVA midsole protects and cushions your feet even after miles of use.

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Another essential element of the shoe is its upper, constructed with PU leather and featuring Dynamic ProTechTion for extra structure at the toes. This combination provides durability while still remaining flexible so they can be moved around with ease.

Though slightly heavier than some shoes, the Akyra is worth every gram for its exceptional durability and performance. It's ideal for trail runners seeking a sturdy yet comfortable shoe that can withstand rough terrain for hundreds of miles.

Akyra vs Ultra Raptor

La Sportiva Akyra is a lightweight shoe. Also is. highly grippable mountain running shoe designed to handle long distance off-road runs or extended training sessions. It's comfortable and easy to put on and take off. In addition, features a secure heel that offers good impact absorption while decreasing blister risk.

Akyra's Frixion XF outsole provides excellent grip on a range of trail surfaces. For example, packed dirt, loose gravel, sand and pebbles, and mud. The aggressive in-cut lugs on the outsole are designed for braking performance. Also, relatively deep and well-spaced lugs that prioritize grip in wet conditions more than smooth rock. Of course, we have found these shoes to be equally adept at both.

The Akyra is an ideal shoe for long distance hikers and trail runners who require stability and cushion. Also, durability of a mountain running shoe. They may not replace something like the Saucony Xodus ISO for hiking or approach work. That being said, they can serve as an alternative if you prefer something more runnable and less protective.

La Sportiva Akyra GTX Women's

La Sportiva Akyra GTX women's shoe is designed for rugged trails. With its breathable Gore-Tex lining that keeps feet dry and its Trail Rocker 2 outsole featuring sticky rubber for stability and grip, these shoes are built to last.

La Sportiva shoes feature FriXion rubber on the outsole, which is a dual compound mix. This provides grip and durability with minimal wear in high traffic areas. This combination has proven to be successful, which is why I keep coming back for more shoes in this lineup.

A unique lug pattern provides superior grip on rocky, jagged paths. Additionally, the Impact Brake System helps keep the shoe from breaking down during challenging descents.

The sole is engineered to offer superior grip and traction on both soft and hard ground. With its deep Trail Bite lugs, this sole can take on anything from snow and ice (in suitable conditions), loose dirt, steep off trail trails or talus hopping.

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La Sportiva Akyra GTX Men's

The La Sportiva Akyra GTX is an advanced trail running shoe designed with extra cushioning in mind. Boasting a breathable AirMesh welded TPU upper, Gore-Tex lining and rugged Trail Rocker2 outsole, you can take on even the toughest trails with confidence.

This shoe is ideal for those wanting to train hard in cold and snowy conditions. It features a high, waterproof zippered gaiter as well as FriXion Blue rubber outsole with large, widely spaced lugs designed specifically for snowy and cold conditions.

One great aspect of the Akyra is its flexibility; La Sportiva even calls it their “most flexible athletic Gore-Tex footwear ever”.

They feature an injection shock absorbing MemLex EVA midsole that is firm and slightly stiff. This feature makes them great for long days on your feet without adding too much weight to the shoe overall.

Akyra shoes feature a dual compound outsole that utilizes sticky rubber where needed and higher abrasion rubber in high wear areas. This system, called FriXion, is created from their grippy “White” and more durable “Blue” compounds for improved durability.

La Sportiva Mutant

For long distance trail running, the La Sportiva Mutant shoe is your ideal shoe. While it may be heavier than their other trail runners, its robust construction allows it to tackle tougher terrain and tough conditions over extended distances.

La Sportiva's Frixion rubber outsole provides excellent grip and durability in different areas of the shoe. The heel and toe areas use a softer, stickier compound while center part features higher abrasion rubber designed for more challenging trails and conditions.

Furthermore, the outsole features a rockered design that promotes natural outer-heel to inner-toe transitions while running. This trait makes this shoe ideal for all terrains and one of the main reasons we suggest it to our readers.

The upper of the Mutant is constructed with breathable, cushy air mesh enclosed in MicroLite exoskeleton for an incredibly secure, snug fit. Plus, it has a fusion gate lacing system that locks your foot in place – helping the shoe maintain its lightweight feel.

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How Much Does La Sportiva Karacal Weigh?

La Sportiva's Karacal running shoe is designed for long distance running and offers maximum comfort and mobility. Breathable and stable on longer mountain runs, the shoe offers excellent support.

The midsole is constructed with compression-molded EVA cushioning and a 1.5 mm dual density rock plate for protection and energy return. These features are combined with La Sportiva's “blue cross” rubber outsole, which is durable yet sticky enough to handle most trail surfaces.

La Sportiva typically prioritizes durability and protection over weight, so the Karacal isn't going to be as lightweight as some minimalist shoes that offer similar protection. Nonetheless, it does a good job of dispersing its weight throughout the rest of the shoe so that on foot it feels much lighter than its weight suggests on paper.

I have run with the Karacal a couple of times now, and it has proven to be an incredibly comfortable and stable shoe that can handle long mountain days. If you need protection while running over varied mountain terrain, I highly recommend it!

How Much Do La Sportiva Helios Weigh?

La Sportiva Helios trail running shoe weighs in at 8 ounces, making it an incredibly light and swift option. Furthermore, its versatility allows it to handle a range of speeds and distances with ease.

La Sportiva may not be a household name, but their mountaineering heritage has enabled them to craft some of the highest quality trail shoes available. Their latest offering – the Helios SR – proves no exception.

One of the standout features of the Helios SR is its MorphoDynamic midsole. This technology boasts a wave design which allows it to contour itself around trail obstacles for improved cushioning and traction.

The Helos SR stands out from other minimalist trail shoes thanks to its unique feature of morphing the midsole, which enhances energy transfer from heel to forefoot while decreasing weight on hard, technical terrain.

The Helios SR boasts an innovative outsole traction design, featuring sticky Frixion XT rubber placed throughout the sole with strategically positioned lugs in both heel and forefoot. This arrangement is virtually identical to that of the original Helios, but adds extra depth at these ridges – sometimes up to 6mm.

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