Klymit Pillow X Tips for Outdoorsman

December 16, 2020

By Nate


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Uncomfortable nights while hiking is the worst. Hiking and camping already require so much effort and energy. If you cannot even have a quiet night’s comfortable sleep while relaxing after a tiring day, you will not have any fun on your adventure.

One of the best pillows available for such trips is the klymit pillow x. If you are looking for something comfortable, lightweight, smooth, and compact, then this is your pick. This enhances the quality of your sleep even when you are on the roughest forest patch. It also adds almost zero weight to your backpack.

The pillow is reasonably priced to prevent any strains on your pockets. The durable and reliable pillow is made of excellent materials with its ultra-clean innovative ‘x’ design for extra comfort.

With so many awesome features, grab your Klymit pillow now and get the most out of your trip!

Klymit Pillow

Klymit Pillow X

This is a creative take on the regular inflatable pillows. The Klymit x's ‘x' design is made to cradle the neck and head. However, this is only suitable for when you are sleeping on your back.

The pillow does lack a little when it comes to absolute comfort and versatility. But it is compensated by its durable material and lightweight. It is the perfect affordable pillow for short trips that keeps you well-rested.


While backpack, every little ounce weighs like a pound. Having to carry a lot on your back certainly seems like a nightmare no matter how fit you are. This is why Klymit pillows are the best choice.

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The pillow is incredibly lightweight, weighing nothing more than 1.9 pounds. It is the lightest pillow that is available for such a low price range. Other lightweight pillows are expensive and it seems kind of useless to spend so much on just a pillow.

The lightweight feature comes due to the 30D polyester material. This sheds grams while maintaining the required durability. This lightweight pillow measures 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch which makes the pillow compact and light as a feather which will be easily adjustable in your already crowded camping bag. This is the best space-saving backpacking pillow.


The Klymit X inflates in sections which help to produce a dent that keeps your head well cradled when sleeping. There is a single inflation valve for all 4 triangle sections of the pillow so each section blows out one by one.

This does seem like a tiring process and it does pose a few problems like one part is more inflated than the others, but the result is a well-inflated pillow that provides quality sleep.

Fabric durability

One thing that Klymit X doesn't lack in quality and durability. Proud of its construction, the pillow features a 30-denier polyester top and a 75-denier polyester bottom. This makes it highly durable with moderate slipperiness while sleeping. The material is made to last even if you sleep on pins and needles. This is perhaps the best feature of this camping pillow.


In my opinion, a backpacking pillow should be small and compact to fit amongst the contents of your camping bag. A monstrous sized pillow does nothing but pose problems. The Klymit X does not pose any issues though; it is small and compact and fits in your bag easily without taking up much space.

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The small pillow even managed to comprise an X design that keeps your head secure. It can easily be tucked inside your sleeping bag to prevent slipping too!


One spec where this little pillow lacks is versatility. People prefer taking such small pillows on different journeys like planes and trains however the Klymit pillow isn’t meant for such journeys. Neither is it meant for side or tummy sleepers.

However, this product is durable enough to be used as a seat cushion in cars and such places. The pillow successfully works as a seat pillow for even the healthiest person which in my opinion is pretty great quality.

This will be the perfect choice for old or young enthusiasts that love hunting and fishing, sitting in seats all day long. Note that it is more comfortable to use sitting on the ground or in a sleeping bag than on a chair.


Unless you sleep on your back, the Klymit X might not be the best-suited pillow for you. Besides the X that cradles your nack, the design is pretty average. The soft and smooth fabric is its redeeming qualities however the polyester does get a little crinkly. This is a plain no-no for light sleepers but if you're a heavy sleeper or an average sleeper, this pillow would work well for you.


Now, a detailed review of the star feature of the Klymit X – the ‘X' design. This feature self-centers your head and keeps it stable on the pillow. It helps provide superior comfort for your nights in the wild.

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The valve, as I mentioned before, securely blows out all pockets and keeps the pillow firm. It helps when you are sitting on the ground for a long. This provides maximum support. This is the best pillow for patients with joint pains when used as a neck pillow.


  • Very compact and portable
  • Inflates in seconds
  • Rugged material resists water and abrasion
  • Super lightweight
  • X-pattern helps position head perfectly


  • Slightly slippery material
  • Makes noise when repositioning the head
  • Slightly uncomfortable


The Klymit pillow x checks almost all the boxes. From durability to comfort, everything has been taken care of to provide you with the best possible experience.

It is indeed true that travel pillows, inflatable ones, are essential to almost any trip. The Klymit pillow x is suitable for almost all kinds of trips and is bound to give you a very relaxing experience.

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