Klymit Maxfield 1 Review | Tent Overview

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about an klymit maxfield 1 review? Looking for a legitimate, reliable and waterproof tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

Klymit set up their Maxfield 2 tent without instructions just as rain clouds began accumulating, taking their time with setting up their shelter as quickly and effortlessly as possible. While they briefly struggled with setting up the rainfly direction, overall Klymit found the shelter easy to erect.

The unique roll-style stuff sack makes packing up the tent, fly and stakes simple while the large vestibules provide adequate exterior equipment storage space. This lightweight three-season tent also supports fast fly capabilities!


An ultralight backpacking tent offering ample living space, smart storage solutions and other intelligent features. Its clever design saves weight while making assembly simpler – though initial assembly might prove challenging due to a single pole assembly method unfamiliar to you. There's ample vestibule space for gear and an airy interior for ultimate comfort.

Klymit is an innovative outdoor gear manufacturer founded in Utah that pushes traditional approaches to design and production in outdoor gear production. They test all their products for durability, usability and outstanding value before release for sale to customers. This tent from them showcases this approach.

The Maxfield 1 Tunnel Tent is constructed of aluminum and quality fabrics for long-term outdoor camping use. Perfect for two people and designed specifically to be set up as a base camp in desert settings, its spacious 44″ peak height ensures plenty of headroom while fitting two people plus gear comfortably inside – it even comes equipped with its own rainfly and stakes. I hope this klymit maxfield 1 review is helpful in giving you more details about the tent.

At just 4 pounds and 3 ounces, this tent is lightweight enough for hiking or backpacking trips. Plus, with a large vestibule to store all of your shoes and gear easily. Wind stability is ensured thanks to smooth-running zippers; plus its full length door provides privacy as you sleep soundly in peace!

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The Klymit Maxfield tent is an excellent lightweight solution for hikers and backpackers looking to reduce weight on their next camping trip. At just 3.3 kg it offers plenty of room for two, has good ventilation, features a slanted roof to protect against rain entering through windows, is easy to set up in darkness as well as rolling up and packing into its own small stuff sack for transporting convenience.


Klymit is an outdoor gear and apparel solutions company that innovates by challenging traditional approaches to designing and producing outdoor gear and apparel. Their approach produces quantifiably superior products that enhance outdoor experience while helping people meet adventure goals. Klymit has long been known for their sleeping pads; now they are expanding to tents aimed at backpackers and campers who appreciate nature like backpacking trips – for instance the Maxfield tent!

Klymit's first tent ever, designed specifically with ease of set-up in mind. Featuring tunnel construction that is lightweight yet sturdy and reliable. Equipped with rainfly for protection from harsh weather conditions. Fast Fly Compatible which means set up can take mere minutes using footprint, pole set, and tent stakes.

Make camping even simpler with an innovative stuff sack that lies flat; this allows for easier packing of tent, fly, and poles into your pack on morning departure day! A feature like this will save time when getting on your journey quickly.

Additional Features

This tent features several pockets to store backpacking gear, as well as a three port ventilation system to optimize airflow and minimize condensation, making your camping experience far more comfortable. Ideal for people who enjoy backpacking and camping.

Setting up our tent was relatively painless for our testers, though it took them some time to figure out exactly how everything fit together at first. While they initially struggled with rainfly direction issues, overall they found this tent very straightforward and user-friendly.

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This tent's rainfly is one of its greatest assets, as it can be adjusted past the tent body to create large vestibules and features an easy zipper for quick and convenient access to backpacks and other gear. Not to mention its exceptional stability that will allow you to fully appreciate camping experiences!



What klymit maxfield 1 review is any good without discussing durability. Klymit has set the standard in sleeping pads by employing body mapping technology to accurately capture warmth and enhance comfort, all at a light weight and compact size for backpacking use. They've recently introduced their Maxfield 2 tent as well, featuring lightweight yet reliable 2-person shelter technology that's ideal for weekend camping trips.

This tent is constructed of sil-nylon fabrics and aluminum poles for strength without adding additional weight, featuring a tapered design to increase living space and an ample vestibule for gear storage. Furthermore, its three-port ventilation system optimizes airflow while decreasing condensation; and setup is quick and straightforward even for first-time campers.

The unique stuff sack of this tent makes breaking down camp easier in the morning, by enabling you to layer fly, tent body and poles before rolling them up like a backcountry burrito for efficient packing up that makes getting back onto the trail much simpler.

The Klymit Maxfield 2 tent is an excellent lightweight option for hikers looking for ample sleeping space while remaining lightweight and durable. At just 4.2 pounds, its durable materials will last years while fast-fly compatibility allows it to set up quickly with just footprint, poles and rainfly. Check out Outdoor Prolink today if this tent interests you as its price is very reasonable and you will save both time and effort while exploring nature with it.


Klymit set out to design an ultralight tent that provided comfortable interior space, revolutionary packability and intelligent storage features in an ultralight package – without sacrificing any usable interior space or pack weight. Their two-person 3-season tent achieves this and more: featuring tapered structure to maximize living area without increasing pack weight; sil-nylon fabrics provide strength and durability in an ultralight package while large vestibules maximize exterior equipment storage for more usable interior space inside the tent.

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The Maxfield 2 tent is not only superlightweight, but its set up process is remarkably user-friendly as well. While initial set up may prove challenging, there are plenty of color-coded attachment points designed to make setup much simpler than ever before. Be wary, though; rainfly directions may still get misdirected from time to time! Once you get used to setting up this tent you won't find it any difficult at all!

Closing Thoughts

This tent is an excellent choice for backpackers and outdoor adventurers, thanks to its lightweight design, making it suitable for long hikes or multi-day backcountry excursions. Additionally, its innovative ventilation system ensures plenty of headroom. Although not the optimal choice for extreme conditions in the backcountry, this tent should stand up nicely in most circumstances.

The Klymit Maxfield 2 tent is part of a mini series for four people that weighs only 4.2 pounds, has plenty of space for two people, and features fast fly capability that allows it to be set up without additional equipment such as tent pole sets or stakes.

This tent's only drawback is its absence of a pole bag; therefore you will have to purchase it separately at an additional cost. Though on the expensive side, its lightweight design and straightforward setup process more than make up for this expense. Made from high quality materials with an outstanding warranty guarantee; storage system included along with vestibules that fit hiking boots or packs perfectly. I hope that this klymit maxfield 1 review has been of assistance to you.


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