Kings Rooftop Tent Benefits

September 16, 2023

By Nate


Are you searching for more details about the kings rooftop tent ? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this overview post will be helpful to you.

Roof Top Tents from Kings are an increasingly popular option, accommodating up to six people while offering exceptional weather protection.

The Grand Tourer is constructed of durable and breathable 320gsm canvas material that can withstand heavy rain without letting water in, though for optimal results it should be season before use.


The Kings Kwiky pop-up roof top tent is an excellent option for anyone seeking an easy-to-assemble and high-quality rooftop tent. As one of the premier rooftop tents available today, this tent offers multiple features that make camping trips both pleasurable and secure; plus plenty of storage space to store all your gear!

The Kwiky is available in multiple sizes to fit any vehicle, allowing you to find one that perfectly meets your needs. Featuring multiple windows and a door for ventilation purposes as well as an anti-bug fly to protect you against insects or pests, you're sure to find your ideal Kwiky.

This tent is easy to set up, with its sturdy transit bag keeping everything dry during transport. Suitable for most ute tray trucks and easily installed using its mounting kit, its mattress provides comfortable restful nights after long days on the road.

Another great feature of this tent is that it can easily attach to any vehicle, making it perfect for those who own multiple cars. Even better, its waterproof nature means it won't be affected by inclement weather conditions!

Kings roof top tents come in various styles and sizes to meet the needs of different individuals and couples alike. Our Grand Tourer model, for instance, boasts a 50mm foam mattress which measures over 2.5 meters in length by 1300mm wide with an ideal head height of 930mm for couples.

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Roof top tents provide an ideal way to explore the countryside while relaxing after a long drive. Furthermore, you can use one to store belongings safely during travel without fear of them getting misplaced on your journey – and cutting fuel costs by eliminating the need for separate tent trailers!


For any long trip, investing in a rooftop tent that provides excellent ventilation may be worthwhile. The Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent is an excellent option as it comes equipped with large canvas windows and flyscreens to keep insects away. Plus, opening them allows fresh air into the tent, helping prevent condensation. Plus, its waterproof 320gsm ripstop canvas fabric resists rain.

Not only is this tent designed for ventilation, it is also easy to assemble. Equipped with a waterproof Oxford rainfly that can be mounted using 4mm spring steel poles, as well as an access ladder built-in ladder providing access to your vehicle cabin's cabin via its built-in ladder that telescopes for easier up and down movement, and being lightweight it won't add undue weight to your ride.

Perfect for 2

This rooftop tent features a king-size mattress, perfect for two people to sleep comfortably on. Constructed of breathable canvas material that reduces condensation and keeps interior temperature low, several pockets offer storage solutions and are dirt resistant making this easy to keep clean and maintain.

Another advantage of this rooftop tent is its versatility in all weather conditions, providing warmth in colder environments while keeping cool in warmer environments. Furthermore, its insulated design keeps you warm when temperatures drop while providing adequate cooling during hotter spells. Furthermore, this tent features a zip-up door to protect it from rain or wind; plus there's even an optional mesh canopy over each window for easy opening or closing!

Though the King Kwiky roof top tent is an excellent choice for occasional campers, it does present certain disadvantages. First of all, access can be challenging without using a ladder and it may not be safe for pets or children climbing onto your car's roof. In addition, packing up the tent for travel could take extra time.


If you're in search of an easy, durable, and budget-friendly roof top tent option, the Kings Tourer X may be ideal. Offering ample ventilation with its spacious sleeping area and comfortable padded mattress – however the 35mm mattress may feel too thin for some individuals; additionally it may experience leakage that is hard to resolve so before purchasing this tent be sure to read through its warranty information before committing.

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Adventure Kings' aluminium hard shell roof top tent is constructed of high-tenacity 320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas and 5052 grade aluminium for optimal strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. Additionally, this tent features an attached ladder for easier access. Its shell can be quite bulky when closed but is designed for taller campers; built-in ladder allows them to gain entry.

The tent's roof is made with weather-resistant poly-cotton canvas that's water-repellant and breathable to reduce condensation. Additionally, its strong aluminum frame and sturdy poles ensure it can support three people comfortably inside, and come equipped with large windows and skylight for plenty of natural lighting. There's even an easily accessible storage pocket to hold all your gear.


Be mindful that this roof top tent was not designed for offroad use. If your plans include taking your vehicle offroad, then opting for another model would be best.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing the Grand Tourer rooftop tent is its weight; its heavy design can make it difficult to maneuver when traversing uneven terrain and is therefore unsuited for longer journeys.

Although the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer X rooftop tent is an entry-level model, it makes an excellent choice for overlanding and 4WD camping. Relatively inexpensive with excellent post-sales support and 12-month warranty coverage, its comfort doesn't compare with some other models on the market; moreover, insulation or waterproofing properties may leave your back stiff in the morning.


Roof top tents from Adventure Kings provide an affordable camping experience without breaking the bank. Constructed from high-grade materials and designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, it also includes a heavy duty transit bag to ensure safe transport between uses. Easy setup makes this tent great value.

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The roof of this tent is constructed from high-quality canvas with stitched and taped seams to prevent water leakage. Constructed using 320gsm poly cotton ripstop fabric that's both strong and breathable for maximum ventilation, waterproof protection is guaranteed even during rainstorms! Additionally, this rooftop tent comes equipped with an awning providing added sun/wind protection.

Though the Adventure Kings rooftop tent offers comfortable sleeping arrangements while traveling, its design has some shortcomings that make packing up cumbersome and unlatching the telescoping ladder tricky. Furthermore, it doesn't feel as sturdy as some of its counterparts available on the market.

No matter the length or frequency of your journeys, this rooftop tent allows you to take in the view while staying comfortably on board your car. Boasting various options that make it suitable for road trips or outdoor adventures as well as being ideal for camping trips with pets or children!

If you're in the market for an upgrade on your rooftop tent, consider installing the Camp King Aluminum Rooftop Tent from Australia. With premium build quality and fully insulated construction as well as memory foam mattress insulation for additional peace of mind. Furthermore, shipping will take place directly to a freight terminal near you, or residential address delivery for an additional fee.

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