Kids Camping Tent Review & Benefits

July 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for a durable and reliable kids camping tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

Kids Camping Tents provide children and teenagers an ideal way to experience nature. Although camping may become challenging at times – when hungry stomachs arise or the tent gets too warm – persisting through difficult challenges will build resilience and character.

Plan ahead by having some games and activities planned that will keep them entertained during their stay at your campsite. Reading before bed is always popular; alternatively you could try organizing a scavenger hunt!

1. Easy to set up and take down

Tents offer children their own special space; it's like having their own cave, tree house or secret base! Tents can help stimulate imaginations while inspiring a love for camping!

Kids tents are specifically designed to be simple to set up and take down. While lightweight, they're sturdy enough for different weather conditions. Some tents can even be used in the backcountry while others might work better for backyard or indoor camping – selecting one for your kid will depend on his/her needs as well as any sense of adventure they want to pursue.

No matter if it's camping in your own backyard or backpacking across multiple nights, having a children tent will save both time and effort when setting up camp. Aim for one with a pop-up design for easier assembly without needing an assembly guide; additionally, reading reviews of any tent you buy gives an indication of its ease and speed of set-up.

When camping with babies or toddlers, make sure you pack a portable white noise machine. This can help them remain calm during the night while sleeping soundly through their restful slumbers. Furthermore, create a consistent bedtime routine so they will know what they can expect come bedtime.

This 3-season tent from Alps mountaineering is lightweight enough to easily be carried on your child's back pack and is an excellent investment for new backpacking kids. With two or three child sleeping spaces and being budget friendly, it makes an excellent addition for hiking trips across various climates. Furthermore, its affordable price point makes this an excellent addition for novice backpackers!

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2. Lightweight

A kid-sized tent should be lightweight so it can easily be carried by children, yet durable enough to withstand weather conditions in which you're camping. Furthermore, fabric should be thick enough so the tent remains waterproof yet sturdy while keeping kids warm during sleepovers.

If you plan on taking your children backpacking, it's essential that they select a tent with appropriate weight and packability requirements. Although backpacking tents tend to be lighter than car camping tents, they still must withstand harsh elements while fitting easily in their packs.

Kelty Discovery 4 Tent is one of the best tents for kids, as its compact size makes it easy to transport. Additionally, this tent features a rainfly that keeps wind and rain at bay while providing ventilation via its mesh top panel and is constructed of polyester for increased durability.

REI Wonderland 6 tent is another fantastic backpacking tent option, which may cost slightly more but offers superior livability and larger footprint. Plus, this model features more pockets as well as a center divider to divide sleeping and daytime areas more easily.

If you plan on camping with your children, investing in a quality sleeping bag is also essential. A quality bag will keep them warm and cozy during their camping experience while helping to keep them awake throughout the night – while keeping their mat intact! One excellent sleeping bag you should consider purchasing for them is NEMO Sleeping Bag – lightweight yet super comfy with its closed cell foam construction designed not to get punctured by sharp objects!


3. Easy to clean

Kids can be messy, so having extra space to keep everything clean can be invaluable. A simple hand and foot washing station can go a long way towards making camping trips less of a struggle for everyone involved. A double water jug with an open and close spout works effectively to regulate flow between clean and dirty water; these can usually be found at big box stores as well as groceries stores. Don't forget non-toxic soap (not hand sanitizer – which goes straight into bloodstream) as well as baby wipes (not hand sanitizer – which goes straight into bloodstream). Bring along non-toxic soap (never use hand sanitizer as this directly enters bloodstream). Also bring non-toxic soap (no hand sanitizer goes straight into bloodstream).

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When it comes to cleaning a tent thoroughly, an enzyme cleaner like Simple Green can be your go-to choice. Be sure to follow all instructions exactly, since oversoaking may result in hydrolysis which breaks down waterproof polyurethane coatings and requires replacement. A broom is an invaluable addition for camping enthusiasts looking for interior tent cleaning.

Another easy way to keep your Kids Camping Tent clean is with the help of a groundcloth, which will prevent dirt and mud from getting inside the tent. Furthermore, whenever possible it would be wise to position it under shade; UV rays from the sun can damage fabric that protects it.

If you don't already have one, making a kids play tent can be fun DIY project that kids will adore! Sewing will require some skill but is generally straightforward.

4. Portable

Introduce children to the outdoors early and tents are an excellent way to do just that! From backyard tent games and family camping trips, to playing with toys in their personal space – there's an affordable kids tent out there just right for them – featuring tons of exciting features they're sure to enjoy their time outside in.

Your type of camping will play a critical role in choosing a tent to purchase. When car camping, packability and weight won't matter nearly as much; but when backpacking you need something lightweight that will withstand harsh environments.

Are You Searching for a Kids Tent to Bring Backpacking Adventures? Look no further than the Alps Koda 4. Designed as a 3-season tent with a rugged rainfly and mesh canopy windows to allow airflow while keeping bugs at bay, this tent makes an excellent option for younger campers since it comfortably seats four.

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Kids can sleep, play games and tell stories in this spacious tent with its roomy vestibule at the front. Plus, there's enough storage space for toys!

While many kids tents include vestibules, few come equipped with one as large as that found on the Marmot Wonderland Mudroom. With 22 storage pockets included in this tent, its spacious vestibule provides enough room for chairs, card tables and even sleeping pads!

5. Comfortable

Sleeping outside can be daunting for children and teenagers, as tent walls don't block out sound the same way a home does and most camping mats and pads don't compare to mattresses at home in terms of comfort levels. To help ease transition, bring along pillow, blanket or stuffed animal to cuddle. Also be sure to pack a first aid kit with supplies to address common outdoor injuries!

Mallory Paige, Gear Editor for REI and an avid camper herself, knows first-hand the value of having an ideal sleeping space while camping. She recommends this family-friendly tent which sleeps six.

An investment in a premium tent can pay dividends. This three-season model from Outwell delivers excellent livability and features such as an extended vestibule to store gear, an upgraded rainfly to protect it against wet conditions, and a divider which separates sleeping from daytime activities – perfect for car camping or backpacking trips alike!

The Wonderland 6 tent may come at a higher cost, but its price point compares favorably with comparable designs with more bells and whistles. To maximize value for your purchase, join REI's membership program ($30 lifetime membership fee) so you'll get 10% back when purchasing it.

For those on a tight budget looking for something simple yet effective, consider the Coleman Sundome 6. Made without fancy fabrics but designed to do its job, this tent makes an affordable and reliable option for camping a few times each summer in moderate climates – available on Amazon for less than $100. However, for longer backpacking or hiking excursions it would be wiser to invest in more durable tents as these will endure much greater wear-and-tear than its counterpart.


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