Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent Review

July 2, 2023

By Nate


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Priced to appeal to cost-conscious backpackers and campers, the Kelty Grand Mesa 2, 2-person tent provides great value and performance over three seasons for use by two campers. Features such as Quick Corners, Shark Mouth carry bag and aluminum poles make this 2-person tent stand out as one of its finest offerings.

However, due to the thick materials used to construct this tent, condensation issues may arise. Furthermore, due to having only half-opening doors and vestibules can create an oppressive feeling and cause anxiety for those who may feel enclosed by this space.

Weather Protection

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 tent offers performance and value to budget-minded backpackers and campers, making it the ideal solution for three season use. Though lacking some of the bells and whistles of higher priced tents, this model still boasts excellent waterproofing and ventilation features as well as lightweight aluminum poles and an innovative Shark Mouth stuff sack – offering plenty of protection.

The Grand Mesa 2 tent's 68D polyester walls boast No-See-Um mesh upper panels for excellent ventilation, while its PU-coated polyester floor and rainfly provide protection from wind and rain. Fully taped seams help seal off this waterproof space; plus there's an 1800 mm waterproof coating to help ensure everything stays dry inside! Additionally, its custom footprint offers further groundwater defense against dirt, roots and groundwater flooding.

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Though the Grand Mesa 2 tent is suitable for one person and offers adequate weather resistance, its single door makes entering and exiting tricky; also note its half-zip vestibule which only opens partially. Furthermore, you will be responsible for purchasing poles and guy lines separately which could add up in cost over time.

At Kelty Grand Mesa 2, their tent is an affordable option for camping. However, for backpacking trips it would be far better to invest in something with superior waterproofing and ventilation – one which will also be lighter and simpler to set up. Furthermore, Kelty also produces sleeping bags, pads and tarps so you're fully equipped for any trip you take – we suggest exploring their full selection online or by visiting your nearest outdoor store for more information and product demos; you won't regret making that investment – happy backpacking!

Effortless Setup

Kelty has earned itself a stellar reputation for creating tents that are simple to set up and take down, such as the Grand Mesa 2. This tent boasts an ergonomic design without complex poles or struts; aluminum poles snap easily into place for quick and effortless pitching; plus there's a large vestibule for gear storage that saves you from having to crawl over fellow campers to access gear storage!

The Grand Mesa 2 tent is an economical solution that will keep backpackers dry in any environment. Lightweight yet sturdy, its mesh windows and roof vents offer ample airflow to reduce condensation. In addition, its durable 68D polyester rainfly protects you from harsh weather conditions.

This tent's only disadvantages are its single door and rainfly touching the inside when pitching, breaking surface tension and allowing water to seep in through leaks in its fabric material. These issues can be addressed by adding extra guy lines.

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If you're new to backpacking or require an additional tent for car camping trips, the Grand Mesa 2 tent may be just what you're looking for. Additionally, its lightweight design weighs 6 pounds while still including tent, stakes, fly and stuff sack.

The Grand Mesa 2 comes in two sizes for 2-person and 4-person camping experiences, featuring Kelty Quick Corner technology and Shark Mouth stuff sack. For added comfort, add the Kelty Grand Mesa 2 footprint (sold separately), which extends its lifespan by protecting against ground water intrusion or any rough or abrasive surfaces that could impact its floor surface.



Kelty offers one of the more budget-friendly tents on their lineup and this tent provides excellent value for budget backpackers. With durable construction and weather protection features that deliver excellent bang for the buck. However, this tent may feel cramped for two people at times as well as heavier than desired for lightweight backpacking purposes.

This tent comes complete with 2 aluminum DAC press fit poles and color-coded clips for effortless assembly, featuring 68D polyester walls with No-See-Um mesh for ventilation, as well as a ventilated rainfly that connects via side release buckles; its 1800 mm waterproof coating keeps you dry and comfortable!

As for convenience, the Grand Mesa 2 comes equipped with gear loft loops and a half-zip vestibule door for dry entry/exit. In addition, it includes a stuff sack and 12 aluminum “J” tent stakes measuring 8 in (20.3 cm each. These stakes feel flimsy so it would be wise to upgrade as soon as possible with better ones.

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Overall, the Grand Mesa 2 backpacking tent is an affordable budget tent that can be upgraded with additional investments to enhance its comfort. A footprint, new tent stakes and additional guy lines will further increase durability and comfort; its only drawback may be its inability to withstand strong winds; though this shouldn't pose too many problems for most backpackers.


Cost-conscious backpackers and campers will appreciate the two-person Kelty Grand Mesa 2 tent's economical yet attractive price point for 3-season use. While sacrificing some features found in more costly tents, it still boasts solid construction, easy setup, and functional design that make for an exceptional value at its cost.

This free-standing tent comes complete with a carry bag, DAC press-fit poles and gear loft loops for storage. With Quick Corners technology and lightweight aluminum poles for hassle-free setup, so that your focus remains solely on enjoying camping adventure instead of its setup process.

Grand Mesa 2 tent is ideal for backpacking trips due to its ample living space and roomy vestibule, convenient gear pocket, footprint groundsheet protection against dirt and rocks during camping trips and includes convenient footprint groundsheet storage – though you may need additional stakes or guy lines. At less than 5 pounds overall weight and an easy setup procedure this budget-friendly backpacking tent makes an investment that will pay dividends over time.


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