Instafire Cross-fire Plasma Lighter for Outdoors

December 17, 2020

By Nate


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You don't need to worry about keeping your lighter warm and filled nowadays because the technology world is progressing rapidly. We have various ways to light a fire. The plasma lighter is one of the advanced ways to light a fire. It is considered modern because it uses the fourth state of matter, “Plasma”. 

The Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighter contains plasma instead of butane or fuel. You don't need to refill the fuel in it. It has a USB input slot through which a person can charge it easily. One charge lasts for several days, so you don't need frequent charging. A person can use it throughout the trip or tour if charged completely.

How to Use Instafire? 

It is heartedly liked by people just because of the easiness it provides to light a fire. The lighter is super easy to use. The size and shape of this fire lighter are also very suitable. 

It is a problem to use this lighter for those who don't know how to use it. Here is a simple and easy way to use it. You can understand it easily because it is not a time-consuming procedure. 

Now let's have a look at the process. 

  • First of all, you need to put off the cap of the lighter. The point from where the lights emerge is always covered under a safety cap in case of a cross-fire plasma lighter. 
  • You'll have to fill the filling compartment with the Instafire fire starter. 
  • Some products have the on/off (power) button at the bottom of the lighter. If your lighter has the same, you need to activate it first. Otherwise, some lighters do not have this button, and they do not require to push or move that power button. 
  • After activating the power button, you have to push the main child safety button once or thrice (upon the product's construction). 
  • Your lighter will establish the arc, and you will be able to get a struggle-free fire in no time. 
  • The lighter's light will be very effective and enough to light a fire for you to have warmness. 
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As mentioned above, the lighter is super easy and cool to use. Anyone who buys it will be attracted by its work. 

One can remain safe and away from the efforts to fill the lighter after some use. Moreover, the ordinary lighter (fluid lighter) also needs care because it contains butane in it that can be proved harmful in many conditions.

Are Plasma Lighters Safe?

Yes, plasma lighters are very easy and safe to use, especially the Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighter

The main reason why people should select this lighter is that it does not contain any toxic and harmful chemicals. On the other hand, normal butane lighters contain butane, which is very harmful and toxic to human health. 

They are simple to use, that's why they are in high demand nowadays. 

The effectiveness and easiness always attract the user toward itself and force him/her to make it an essential part of campings and trips. 

The technology used to create it sometimes confuses the men; they start to wonder, would it be fine and safe in rainy or stormy weather? 

The answer is “Yes”. It is completely safe and able to use in watery as well as windy situations. It has the ability to work in such types of extreme conditions. 

Can Plasma Lighter Shock You?

Well, it is not fun to touch a thing like this. Everyone should be careful in every case; it doesn't matter whether it is harmful or not. 

Any sudden or unexpected touch can give you the feel of a sharp bite. 

You may also feel like the shock you get from static electricity, but it would be ten times stronger than the static electricity.

If the arc touches the skin of a person, it will give him/ her a contracted feeling at the burnside. 

It is highly restricted to touch the light arcs. We do not recommend you to do this type of adventure at your own will. Be careful while using lightning instruments or equipment.

Some Benefits of Instafire Crossfire Plasma Lighter:

We have discussed the construction, components, and use of plasma lighter. Now, let's talk a little about the benefits of this unique equipment. 

  1. The Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighter is USB rechargeable.
  2. It is very easy to use and carry. 
  3. It will provide you an outstanding effortless fire instantly.
  4. If completely charged once, it could be used for the next three days constantly. 
  5. The lighter is designed with the water resisting property. 
  6. It has the ability to stand by the windy and stormy conditions. Plasma lighters are very effective even in rainy seasons and outside campings. 
  7. It is free of any harmful or toxic fuel like butane. 
  8. This product is lightweight; one can easily carry it in his/her pocket while traveling or hiking. 
  9. The product has a safe covering over it. It would not be wrong to say that it is shielded into a safety cover. 
  10. The Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighter is also very safe and has child safety features. 
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After knowing all these features, a person cannot take himself away from having this. The benefits that a plasma lighter provides take a person to the next level of ease during campings and trips. 

What Lighter Should I Buy? 

Plasma lighter has two types on the basis of the light arc they produce. 

One is the single arc producing lighter, which is very beneficial for smokers who use cigarettes. This is a good option because it provides a little bit less heat.

The second option is the double arc producing lighters. These lighters are very effective for camping uses. Moreover, these lighters can also be used by the people for starting or lighting the cigar. They provide more effective heat in a wider range. 

But collectively, both the lighters are good and appreciable to use. 

After telling you much information about the Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighter, we are going to share the advanced and top-rated Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighters.


1. InstaFire Crossfire Electric Plasma Lighter

This is the first product on our list that is going to leave immense marks on your mind because of its many appreciable characteristics. This Instafire cross-fire plasma lighter is a rechargeable electric lighter that can light your fire instantly in no time. Its one charge provides 500 lights.  

This lighter is not just useful to light a campfire; you can use it for other purposes. Along with this property, it has a storage space of 2.5 inches at the bottom side to store or keep some natural fire starters. Due to this, it becomes very handy and portable for every person. 

This lighter has an aluminum body containing a water-resistant property that makes it great to use even in a damp atmosphere. Just because of using this Instafire Cross-fire plasma lighter, any unexpected rain or snow will not become a hurdle in your way to light a fire.

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There is one more thing that can make a buyer happy. It comes with a pack of natural Instafire fire starters. You will not feel the need to buy a separate fire starter.


  • Free fire starter
  • Storage space
  • Rechargeable
  • Water-resistant

INSTAFIRE Plasma Lighter

Instafire Crossfire Dual-Arc Plasma Lighter

This is another product from Instafire that can become the best companion of yours during your camping or trips. It is a little bit more advanced than the first one. This plasma lighter is also rechargeable and provides 503 lights per charge. 

The lighter comes with five packets of Instafire fire starters. It looks like a huge amount of fire starter. Anyone can easily avail it with the lighter. The fire starter that comes with the lighter will surely make your process of lighting easy and quick. Through this lighter, you will be able to light a fire in a quick way without wasting time. 

This small gadget is water-resistant and can stand by watery as well as stormy weather. It has the ability to light a fire even in the rain or wind. You can have a quickfire in those types of situations in which people waste a lot of their time just lighting a fire.  

This product is super easy to use. There is nothing technical to keep in mind while using it. It is portable, super, durable, effective, easy to use, and very demanding. 


  • Lightweight
  • Provides 503 lights per charge
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with five packs of fire starters

Closing Thoughts

The difficulty of lighting a fire sometimes destroys the mood of a person. This type of situation was very common in the past, and even now, some people face problems in lighting a fire. However, some people know about plasma lighter, so they make their trips memorable. For those who don't know about a plasma lighter, there is nothing to worry about. This article has almost all the necessary information about the Instafire cross-fire plasma lighter. The operating process, benefits, and two products are discussed in the above section. You can make your outdoor trips successful by using these lighters.

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