Indoor Bouldering Tips for Climbers

December 16, 2020

By Nate


Seeking indoor bouldering tips to improve your technical skills? If so, welcome to We're glad you have made it here.

There are several hobbies which you may like to enjoy spending time in. Out of all these, usually, there is one such hobby which you may dream to pursue as your future career. The same is the case with me. I loved to do bouldering in my childhood and now as a grown-up adult, I am thinking to take it more seriously.

If you have sufficient knowledge about the indoor bouldering tips, no one can stop you from moving forward! Indoor bouldering might not sound very fascinating but you must give it a try. I am sure you will enjoy your first experience if you give it a try.

What is bouldering?

The first thing you need to know is bouldering itself. Bouldering is a type of sport which can be played outdoor as well as indoors. You need a proper setup for indoor playing. The exact definition of bouldering can be understood by the fact that it's a type of climbing activity.

You have to climb a rock without the use of ropes or any supportive straps. Yes, that is the challenging part of it. You have no means of help other than your own hands!

Difference between bouldering and climbing

The main difference which you need to know before you jump into this sport is that climbing and bouldering are not the same. In climbing any rock, mountain, or hill, you have many protective measures. These protective gears are there on your back to prevent you from falling right onto the ground. Get the most legitimate shoe for proper grip.

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While during bouldering, it is just your handgrip that will help you stay safe. Therefore, for bouldering, proper techniques and a lot of practice is the key to success.

Tips and tricks to be kept in mind

Let me tell you a few tips and tricks which can save you from falling! Of course, there are particular techniques for indoor rock climbing for beginners. First of all, free your body and mind from any anxiety or nervousness. Just relax and try to enjoy your adventurous sport!

  • Work out before you start climbing!

You need to be patient with this kind of sport. There is no chance that you suddenly start climbing up the rock in the name of bouldering! It can be dangerous for you as your body is not used to this activity daily.

Warm-up your body before the final climbing. Do some running, cycling, or jogging to increase your breathing rate as well as your blood flow. Once you feel energetic after a short session of warm-up, you will be good to go on a climbing task!

  • Watch out before you make your first move

When the initial workout is done and you feel that now your body is ready for the climbing challenge, hit the rock! Oh, but wait! You should not start your adventurous ride just out of the blue. First look at the mountain or the rock where you want to try your luck.

You should first watch the steps given on the mountain or the rock and then plan in your mind. Make up your mind how would you initially proceed with your first steps. What would your strategy be? Observe and make a plan in your mind.

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There is no season for indoor bouldering

Keep in mind that outdoor bouldering would always need you to be cautious about the weather outside. But indoor climbing surely does not require it. You can enjoy your task whenever you want!

It is an excellent option for people practicing indoor bouldering basics. You can also train children easily under such controlled circumstances.

Making yourself as strong as a rock

Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open. You must observe your colleagues and seniors. Do not repeat the mistakes they did in their turn. Therefore, you must look at each of their steps carefully.

Each time you practice, you become stronger. Do not let yourself down if you fail to reach your goal in your first attempt. Keep on practicing! Watch your balance in the first place. Once your balance is set as under your control, no one can stop you from reaching the rock top!

Do not choose what looks easy

It is human nature that you will always choose what looks easier to you. But keep in mind that if you follow the same trend, you will not be able to improve your weak points. For example, if you are unable to keep a hold of the smallholdings on the rocks, make sure you practice more!

Do not always choose those areas for bouldering where you already have big spots to catch. Make yourself strong enough to accept the difficult levels of challenges. Invest in the right gear too.

No compromise on safety

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There should be no compromise made by you on your and others' safety. Always make sure to check the landing site before you jump from a height to land on it. There should not be any other participant or player in the area who can get potentially injured by you.

Also, never walk on the sides of the landing site for no reason. It could prove to be dangerous for you and even for others. One of the most important indoor bouldering tips.

Be patient

Bouldering is a sport that requires a lot of patience from everyone. Always keep yourself calm and relaxed. Do not become anxious if you are unable to succeed as quickly as others are. There should be a positive comparison rather than being more towards the negative side.

It is one of the most important bouldering tips which you should keep in mind. The calmer you are, the better will be your performance.


Alas! You and I have made it to the end of the article. I loved writing this article because I am a big fan of bouldering! I'm sure many of you would be giving it a try soon later on. I wish all these indoor bouldering tips would prove to be beneficial for you while you go on your adventurous play. Let me know the progress in the feedback secti

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