Hurley Paddle Boards Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Looking for the top Hurley paddle boards to consider investing in? Need a legitimate board to last you more than a few weeks? If so, I am glad you have made it here to Trad Climbers.

Hurley is one of the leading paddle board manufacturers worldwide, offering an expansive selection of inflatable stand up paddle boards. Shopping for a paddle board can be daunting with so many brands and models to choose from – Hurley makes it easy!

It can be challenging to determine whether a paddle board is worth purchasing due to the prevalence of fake reviews and recommendations from “influencers” who lack actual paddle boarding expertise.

Are Hurley Paddle Boards Any Good?

When searching for a top-notch paddle board, durability is key. Make sure your board can withstand being taken on an adventure over open water or through strong surf waves. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent options out there that are capable of the task at hand.

You'll want a board made from durable material so it can withstand the abuse of everyday use. However, this doesn't need to be expensive; there are plenty of budget alternatives on the market that will do an excellent job at an affordable cost.

It's essential to find a board that is lightweight and stable when paddling, as this makes controlling it more challenging if you're new at this sport. Furthermore, ensure that the board can support some weight so you can take it on vacation with family without fear of breaking it.

Can You Paddle Board at Hurley?

Hurley is a surfwear brand that creates clothing and accessories for beachgoers. It draws inspiration from subculture communities like skate, snow, music and art; its vibrant patterns and flattering cuts have been key factors in its success.

Hurley began as a surfwear brand but has since broadened its offering to include snowboarding, skateboards, wetsuits and more. Additionally, they sell board shorts, hats, and other items for both men and women.

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The company's most popular model is the Phantom Tour, a 10'6-foot paddle board ideal for beginner and intermediate stand up paddlers. It has an ergonomic grip deck and kick pad to facilitate quick turns, plus two fixed and one removable US standard fins with transparent fin boxes to provide stability and maneuverability.

The board also boasts a unique swallow tail which helps it connect to the wave, and its 4″ rails enable easy turning and carving along its face. Furthermore, it is incredibly stable and enjoyable to paddle around on.

How Much Does a Hurley Paddleboard Weigh?

When choosing paddle boards, weight is an essential factor to take into account. Boards that are too heavy may be difficult to balance and maneuver, making lighter paddles the preferred option when just beginning your journey.

When selecting a paddle board, you have two options: inflatable paddle boards or hard plastic or fiberglass paddle boards. Inflatable boards are ideal for beginners as they're simple to inflate and can be used on any type of water surface.

Experienced paddlers may want to invest in a rigid paddle board which is more expensive but provides greater stability when paddling open water or surfing strong surf waves. These boards also tend to be stronger and have better grip plates than inflatable paddle boards, making them the better option for long term use.

The Hurley Advantage 10′ Terrazzo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board can be easily packed away into a backpack, making it perfect for use on lakes, rivers, canals and the ocean. Inflated to 15-17 PSI, this sturdy board is suitable for beginners as well as heavier paddlers up to 110kg in weight.

Which Paddle Board is Best?

Hurley Surfboards offer fun designs that will stand out in the water. Perfect for beginners as well as those looking to enhance their fitness level and balance while surfing, Hurley boards offer endless possibilities.

When purchasing a paddle board, stability should be the top priority. This factor is essential for both new and experienced paddlers alike as you want to guarantee that the board can support your weight comfortably.

Stability is another good indication of how well a board tracks in the water. If it's too stiff, steering and navigating will be challenging.

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In general, the board should have enough width to provide stability under various conditions and for different riders. Furthermore, it must be long enough to cover an adequate distance.

The NIXY Newport 10'6 is an impressive inflatable paddle board that comes complete with a top-quality backpack, paddle, and pump. We've tested it to see which model was the most stable due to its integrated carbon tech rails. Plus, there are plenty of rigging points and D-rings for accessories or kayak seats.

Hurley Advantage Paddle Board Review

For quality paddle board that will last, this is your ideal option. It's an excellent entry-level board that can be inflate to high pressures to provide extra stability and rigidity in the water.

It is both durable and sturdy enough to carry a small child onboard. Plus, it fits into a bag with pump which makes transporting and storing easier.

Hurley offers The Advantage, a superb quality paddleboard. It is slightly thinner than most boards so it feels rigid in the water and it is also lightweight for portability.

I purchased this board at a great price and it arrived quickly. Pumping it up was effortless, making me very pleased with my purchase.

This board is constructed with fusion drop sew technology for an exceptionally smooth ride and superior grip on the water. It boasts a robust floor laminate that allows it to be inflated to high pressures. Furthermore, traction pads and triple fins help make this board extremely fast.

What's the Best Brand of Paddle Board?

If you're just beginning paddle boarding, selecting the appropriate board is essential. There are various types of boards available on the market today – inflatable and solid.

Inflatable boards typically feature a soft deck pad that's filled with air, similar to what bicycle tires do. This provides users with the advantage of walking on the deck without fear of stepping on sharp rocks or other hard objects.

Some inflatable boards also have fins beneath the board near the tail that help them track well in water and increase stability. Longer fins work best for deeper waters, while shorter ones are perfect for shallower lakes or rivers.

If you're just starting out and don't want to spend too much money, the iRocker Nautical 10'6″ paddle comes with a three-piece paddle, travel backpack, coiled leash, hand pump and other accessories for just $400 (plus shipping included) at time of publishing.

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Are Cheap Paddle Boards OK?

On the paddle board market, there is much misinformation. Believing a cheap board may end up costing more in the long run if it doesn't hold up, so shop within your price range for best results.

A suitable paddle board must be lightweight and strong enough to withstand the elements. Furthermore, it should be comfortable for riding with the appropriate length, width, and thickness for its primary user's weight.

Particularly, inflatable paddle boards that inflate with either a hand pump or electric pump are more cost-effective and convenient for people who don't have the time to manually inflate a hard-sided board.

Budget paddle boards offer plenty of choices, but it can be challenging to locate one that meets your standards. Some cheaper brands may contain misleading information and often appear on monetized rating sites and ‘Top 10' lists. When searching for a budget board, be wary!

Hurley One and Only Paddleboard

The Hurley One and Only Paddleboard is an ideal choice for beginner to intermediate paddlers looking to get their hands wet. At 10'6″ x 30″, this board can support up to 290 pounds, with its included branded pump inflating it within 15 minutes. Plus, its 120L waterproof backpack makes packing and transporting your new toy a breeze.

This inflatable paddleboard is one of the few we've seen that offers a dual fin system (two fixed side fins and an impressive removable center fin). The center fin stands out with its transparent fin box for improved glide through water. Other notable features include seven carry handles, an impressive coiled leash, and an eye-catching paddle sheath that doubles as fishing line storage compartment.

In short, this board can go anywhere you go; making it the ideal choice for paddleboarders looking to try something new or get back into the sport. Despite its price tag, investing in quality paddle boards such as this board will pay off in no time. I hope this Hurley paddle boards review has been helpful.

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