How to Hang a Hammock between Two Trees

December 6, 2020

By Nate


Wondering how to hang a hammock between two trees? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. We hope this post will be of help.

Preparing and using a hammock in the right way is one of the trickiest and important things after buying it. There's a lot of confusion in finding the proper tools and items for suspending and using your hammock. For some people, it takes about hours but if you know the correct technique it shouldn’t take that long. Here we will discuss some of the important things to be kept in mind and we’ll explain them to you for setting up a hammock. We've written a complete guide on how you can use hammocks properly. So let's get into it!

What are Hammocks and How we can use them?

Hammocks are one of the most popular outdoor items these days. It is mostly used while camping or hiking and for some people, camping isn't possible without a hammock. With a hammock, you can easily take a comfortable sleep or take a rest even in the wild or forest. Not only that, they can be used in the backyard or lawn to enjoy the sunlight in the winter season, and in summer you can suspend your hammock under the trees to enjoy the lovely natural cool breezes. To make a long story short, hammocks are one of the most useful item in this world and is specifically useful when you're on an outdoor activity.

Because of their multiple uses and the manufacturers target different types of audiences. Therefore, they come in different sizes and each hammock is specially made for different purposes and has different ways of using it. For example, in the market, you may find two major types of hammocks. The one is called an indoor hammock and the other is known as an outdoor hammock. Indoor hammocks are ideal for suspending them in your courtyard, balcony, or your room. Whereas, the outdoor hammocks are ideal for outdoor events like camping, hiking, or in any outdoor place.

Choose a Hammock which suits Your Needs

The first step in how to hang a hammock between two trees is you’ll need a hammock that is specifically made or compatible with your usage. Remember, you should not purchase a hammock that isn't designed for your needs. If you do an outdoor activity like hiking, camping, skiing, or anything like that, then you can't use an indoor hammock. The indoor hammock doesn’t have an option for carabiner or S-hook. Also, they are usually not foldable, hence you can’t move them from one place to another in your backpack or in camping van.

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If you’re looking for an indoor hammock, then go ahead with indoor hammocks, they’re usually more comfortable than outdoor hammocks and can easily be suspended with the walls or overhead beam. However, some manufacturers offer two in one hammock but we would not recommend those types. We don’t want you to waste your money on buying the wrong hammock. Therefore, purchase a hammock which is specially made for your need.

Choose your Desire Hooks

In hammocks, you can use different types of hooks, rings, and buckles to suspend your hammock from the subject. Different hammocks use different types of hooks to make them suspended with the subject (tree or wall). Carabineers are the most common type of hook which is used in outdoor hammocks to attach the strap with the hammock. They are easy and strong enough to hold your hammock without being break. Other hooks like D-shape are normally stitched with the ends of the strap so that a user can easily attach the carabiner and you don't have to tie a knot to connect the carabiner with the strap.

If you’re using an indoor hammock then you can’t use hammock straps, because they are designed to suspend the hammock with tree barks. In indoor hammocks, you can use J-shape hook wall nails that are typically drilled into walls so that you can suspend your hammock with it. You’ll need a J-shape wall nail to use your hammock indoors. A normal wall nail can't work in this case, because the rope of your hammock will come out of it. Therefore, in indoors you'll need a J-hook wall nail to suspend it with your wall.

Suspending Your Hammock

Now after you've chosen your desire hardware for the suspension. The next step in how to hang a hammock between two trees is to suspend your hammock properly with the subject. You will need some calculations and skills to properly suspend your hammock between the trees. You should find a suitable place to hang your hammock among the trees. Especially in outdoor events like hiking or camping, you’ll need to find a suitable placement of trees where you can easily prepare and use your hammock. Because nature will not always give you a perfect location for your resting.

Hammock straps play an important role in the suspension of your hammock with a tree. They are used as an anchor so that you can easily prepare your hammock with a tree outdoor. They are usually made from nylon or polyester material and are 80x stronger than a conventional rope. Unlike a rope, they spread the weight over a large area on the bark of a tree so that these straps don't hurt the tree barks. Also, hammock straps are weather-resistant, lighter than ropes, and provide good friction against tree barks.

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Distance Between the Trees

The distance between the two trees is a very important thing to consider when looking for a place for your hammock. Depending upon the size and type of hammock you have, the distance between the trees may vary upon it. If you have got a typical one-person outdoor hammock, then it may require a 13-15 feet distance between the two trees. Also, the tension depends on the distance. Hence, the tension is directly proportional to the distance.

The more tension you need in the hammock; the more distance you will have to create in the hammock ends. If your hammock is 15 feet long, then you’ll need to have at least 14 feet of distance between the trees but it may vary upon your desire tension. Some hammocks do come with a recommended distance on a user manual or may be written on the package of the hammock. When you use a hammock, remember one thing to choose a trees with perfect distance so that you'll get your desire to tension in the hammock. 

Height of the Anchor

The next step on how to hang a hammock between two trees is to anchor your straps with the tree at an ideal height. Height is an important measurement to consider while you’re anchoring the strap with the tree. If you tie the strap too high, you may have difficulty sitting and getting out of your hammock. You should lift your hammock according to the height you’re your foot to knee.

For example, if your height is 5 feet, the general rule of thumb says that the length of human legs is 50% of the total height and the length from our knee to the feet is 25% of our total height. In that case, lifting a hammock to 1.25 feet (25% of the height) above the ground is ideal and that person will not face any kind of difficulty while sitting and getting out of the hammock. You can tight or lose the hammock until you get your desire tension. Don't tight or lose too much, tight it until you feel comfortable. 

Which material should you use for anchoring with a tree?

If we talk about the anchoring material, then hammock straps are perfect and recommended by most organizations. You should not use rope and it's strictly not recommended by anyone. Use straps which are specifically designed for hamocks also known as hammock straps. They are usually made from incredibly durable and strengthen materials (usually strong nylon). They are more reliable and stronger than typical ropes. Ropes can cause friction, which can sometimes lead to a “rope scar” or weaken the bark. Either of these can make the tree more susceptible to disease. That's why hammock straps are designed in a way that they don't hurt tree's bark. The hammock straps come with a tighter so that a camper can easily tie and tighten the strap with a tree.

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Quick Go Through on How You Can Use Hammocks:

Here is a quick go highlight of the above headings of how to use a hammock properly:

  • Hammocks are one of the most useful camping items by which you can resolve all your resting and sleeping problems while you’re camping or hiking in the wild.
  • You should choose a hammock which suits your needs. Like if you need a hammock for an outdoor event. Then purchase a hammock that is specifically designed for the outdoors. You could find an indoor hammock as well.
  • You've to decide by which hardware you'll be going to suspend your hammock. Some multiple hooks and materials can be used to suspend your hammock with a subject.
  • You need to utilize your hook properly so that your hammock will work perfectly. Different hooks are made for different purposes, so you should know the purposes of different hooks.

Closing Tips

  • Distance between the two trees is the most important factor to consider while looking for the trees for your hammock. You should find trees that have an adequate distance in which you can use a hammock. If your hammock is 15 feet long, then you must need at least 15.7 feet of distance between the two trees.
  • Suspend your hammock at 25% of your total height, which is a length of your knee to foot (25%). In this way, you'll not find any difficulty while getting in or out of your hammock
  • If your suspending subject is a tree, then must use hammock straps. They are wide and don't harm the tree bark. Typical ropes harm the tree bark and may kill it. So it is strictly recommended to use hammock straps as they provide a better grip and don't harm the tree bark.

We hope this post on how to hang a hammock between two trees has been helpful to you. Continued success to you and your family.

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