Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent | 2023 Review

February 28, 2023

By Nate


Are you searching for more details about the homestead super dome 4 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am glad you have made it here. There is something here for you whether you are a hiker, camper outdoor enthusiast.

Are you searching for a large tent that can accommodate your whole family? Look no further than the Homestead Super Dome 4. This tent boasts plenty of features and makes an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys camping.

This tent features a full mesh ceiling and floor for stargazing, plus dual vent design to keep the interior air fresh and cool. Plus, there are large storage pockets and ample vestibule space.

Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent Review

The Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent is a standout tent that provides plenty of room and portability. It packs down into an 18 x 68 cm sack weighing 6 kg, making it lightweight and convenient to transport.

The dome shape provides plenty of headroom and living area, making it perfect for family camping trips. Plus, two rear doors provide easy access and a roomy vestibule is provided to store dry gear.

Stargazing is made easier with this large mesh ceiling panel. In clear weather, you can leave the open mesh roof uncovered to get a full view of the night sky.

This tent features a dual-vent design to keep air moving and prevent condensation. There are plenty of large storage pockets to store your essential items, while the 13 square feet front vestibule provides protected external space.

How Much Does the North Face Tent Weigh?

The North Face Homestead Super Dome 4 tent weighs in at 6 pounds, making it a lightweight choice for families. Furthermore, the tent packs down into an easy-to-transport 30 cm x 68 cm duffel bag – making storage and transportation a breeze.

The Storm Break 2 is an outstanding backpacking tent that provides superior weather protection, durability, and features at a reasonable price. We've tested it extensively to find that it's one of the best budget tents out there – making it a great choice for entry-level backpackers on a tight budget.

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This basecamp-style 4-season tent prioritizes weatherworthiness, space and features over weight. While it may not be the lightest 4-season tent available on the market, its minimum trail weight of 9 pounds makes it more than competitive with other basecamp-style models like Black Diamond Eldorado or Hilleberg Jannu.

This tent's 40-denier nylon fly and fully taped 70-denier polyester bathtub floor are the ideal combination of lightweight comfort and strength. Plus, its PU window for weather or northern lights checks is equipped with cold crack testing up to -60F.


Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent Dimensions

The Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent is a spacious tent that can accommodate up to four people and comes with its own duffel-style storage bag. Measuring 30 cm x 68 cm in size, this lightweight tent weighs in at 6 kg.

This tent is built to last, featuring a sturdy pole architecture with integrated sleeves for a taut pitch. It also has a rainfly that will keep you dry during heavy downpours, and two zippered panels in the front vestibule allow for convenient entry and exit.

The Homestead Super Dome 4 is a true three-season tent, capable of withstanding 30 mph winds. Featuring double walls of insulation and 1500 Mm PU coating, you'll stay comfortable no matter the conditions. Integrated high and low vents keep your camp smelling fresh and dry, while its large mesh ceiling allows you to enjoy stargazing without leaving your tent.

What Size Tent is Best for Family of 4?

When planning a family camping trip, it's essential to choose a tent that accommodates everyone's size. This way, everyone has enough room to move around comfortably, stay warm and dry, as well as have comfort when rain or wind comes up.

One of the best ways to determine the ideal size for your tent is by considering how many people will be sleeping inside it. A general guideline is 20 square feet per person, though this can vary depending on whether you use a sleeping bag or air mattress.

Another factor to take into account when planning your floor space for your family is each member's height. Kids typically take up more room than adults do, so make sure there's enough room for their sleeping pads.

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If you're worried that there won't be enough room for everyone, a multi-room tent with removable partitions may be your ideal solution. These can be taken off as your kids grow older, giving them their own space inside while providing some privacy for you and your partner.

Can a 4 Person Tent Fit 4 People?

When selecting the ideal tent size, it is essential to factor in how many people will sleep inside it. Furthermore, remember how much space you will require inside for storage of all gear and food items.

If you need to fit two queen sized mattresses into your tent, make sure it has ample room. Some camping tents even come with vestibule areas – enclosed spaces on either sides or front of the tent that provide additional room.

This space is usually outside the tent's interior but under a rainfly. Here you can store additional equipment, cook or use sleeping cots.

Most camping tents come with a suggested occupancy of two occupants, but that doesn't guarantee maximum comfort during your backcountry adventure. If you have a family of four and want maximum space and comfort while out in the backcountry, then opt for a tent that can accommodate three occupants.

Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent Price

The Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent is an affordable camping tent that has all the essential features you're searching for. It's large enough to fit a queen-sized mattress inside, has plenty of headroom, and features two rear doors for convenient entry/exit access.

No matter if you're camping with friends or the whole family, this tent has everything you need for an enjoyable camping trip. The large doors allow easy access to everyone inside while the high-low ventilation system keeps everyone cool and dry.

This tent also has a large mesh ceiling so you can stargaze at night without leaving the tent, and a front vestibule to keep your gear dry in case of rain. Plus, there are plenty of storage pockets for all your necessities.

The Homestead Super Dome 4 packs down to the size of a duffel bag, making it convenient to transport. Compatible with an optional footprint (sold separately), this tent provides additional moisture protection while its thick and sturdy poles should withstand many seasons of windy days.

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North Face Homestead Super Dome 4 Footprint

The North Face Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent is an ideal option for family campers. It offers plenty of room and a large front door that can store gear. Furthermore, two rear doors provide easy access to other parts of your campsite.

The tent packs down to the size of a duffle bag, offering convenience when not in use. No longer do you have to deal with bulky carry cases for camping equipment transportation – simply fold flat when not needed and you're good to go!

Its unassuming plastic exterior does nothing to diminish the ambience of this airy and lightweight beauty, which stands as a testament to The North Face's commitment to quality construction and imaginative design.

Many tents are available, but this one stands out. Its clever design features a lightweight floor and high-quality hardware while still offering ample headroom even when all occupants are inside. Spending time in this comfortable, spacious, yet oh-so-tall structure is truly enjoyable – an absolute pleasure to behold!

The North Face Brand

For over fifty years, The North Face has been one of the leading suppliers of outdoor equipment and clothing. What began as a provider of climbing gear has evolved into an iconic lifestyle brand offering footwear, apparel, tents, sleeping bags and various sporting accessories.

The North Face's iconic ‘Half Dome' logo, inspired by Yosemite National Park's Half Dome peak, has become synonymous with their outdoor brand. In the late 1990s The North Face began reaching beyond outdoor enthusiasts by collaborating with streetwear brands like Timberland and Vans.

This was important for The North Face as it provided them with exposure to an entirely different audience – that of urban New York City's rapper scene. Rap was a hot trend back then, so it only made sense that The North Face should take advantage of it.

The North Face quickly earned a reputation for its cutting-edge designs and was an early adopter of Gore-Tex, the waterproof fabric still used today to protect products against elements. Through it all, The North Face managed to maintain their core customer base and built strong connections with rap artists.


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