Hiking vs Trekking Tips | 2023 Review

February 26, 2023

By Nate


What is the difference between hiking vs trekking?

Hiking and Trekking is one of the best ways to enjoy and explore nature. Away from any polluted air, bothering sounds of the city, and any kind of disturbing things, hiking or trekking gives us a calm and relaxing feeling to our mind and body. Most of the people around the world do hiking or trekking, just to enjoy the pure pollution free air and to enjoy the natural environment.

Trekking and hiking both have the same concept of working but they're some small things that make them differ from each other. Some or most people think that Trekking is a synonym for hiking, but it's actually not. Both have almost the same concept but different ways of working.

So, if you want to know what is the difference between trekking vs hiking, below we've written a complete article. We hope that at the end of the article you'll understand what they are and how they work and which one is best for you. So let's get onto it!


Hiking is an activity of walking on a mountain or any hiking trail. Furthermore, It is considered a walking activity in a natural environment. It is usually for a short period like no more than 1-2 days. In addition, hiking is done for enjoyment to enjoy the beauty of nature and to enjoy fresh unpolluted air. It is used to calm the mind by spending some time in a natural environment. Hiking is done in a controlled natural environment followed by trails and footpaths. If your hiking plan is around 4-50 km then it'll be considered as a Hiking route, but longer than 50 km will be no more count in the hike.

There Are two types of hiking: a day hike and a night hike. As the name suggests, a day hike is done in the daytime and ends before sunset, and a night hike is done after sunset and ends before sunrise. For a daytime hike, you'll need to pick a food, water bottle, a hammock for resting, and other accommodation things depending on your needs.

For a nighttime hike, you'll need a tent, food for dinner, oaks for a bonfire (in the winter season, a water bottle, and other important items depending on your needs. A hike requires much stamina and you should be able to walk for at least 4 hours non-stop otherwise it's not for you.

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Trekking is the activity of walking for typically more than two days. It is completely a form of walking with a specific purpose like to explore and enjoy nature. The purpose behind most of the trekking is to make a journey or to do for a social gathering. Trekking can be done for friends gathering or could be for a journey. It usually doesn't require any trail, road, or footpath. Trekking can be done in any kind of area without any roads or paths. It lasts for multiple days, weeks, or months, usually between 50-25,000 km and so on. For trekking, you'll need to pick at least 60-70 liters of the bag back.

Your bag pack must contain medication like a first aid kit, food according to your requirement. Better to pick an instant water filter instead of taking a large water bottle of 70-100 liter. This way you will not have to carry a heavy water bottle with you.

For trekking, you must have good mental and physical fitness and should be able to walk for at least 6 hours non-stop. Trekking is strictly forbidden for those who are not in good mental and physical condition, otherwise, you may face difficulties during trekking which will eventually turn into the worst condition. Trekking poles are a huge help for maintaining balance while hiking too.

Hiking vs Trekking | Which is good for Health?

Generally speaking, both Hiking and Trekking both have a positive impact on our fitness and both are good for our mental and physical health. They are extremely good for our heart and especially for cardiac patients. A study proves that we should walk for at least thirty minutes a day. Walking is the best exercise for our heart. In addition, it reduces the chances of heart stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and cholesterol.

Trekking or Hiking is all about walking.

You have to walk 3-4 hours non-stop in these activities which eventually leaves an extremely good impact on your heart. Walking is good for our skin and removes any blemishes from our faces. In addition, walking increases blood flow and provides more oxygen to our body. Which activity suits you the best is the key question.

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Which People Are Best for Hiking?

Hiking is an ideal walking activity if you're looking for a short but beneficial activity for your body and mind. As hiking usually contains small routes or trails which could last for 12 hours or a maximum of 24 hours.

It's especially good for those who want to walk during their holidays or weekends. Hiking requires at least 3-4 hours of walking which is enough for your body, mind, and heart as well. Furthermore, once a week is enough to make your blood flow healthy and will keep any type of heart disease away from you.

Hiking is the best way to enjoy a natural environment. There are some online apps and websites which you can use to find different hiking trails easily in your nearby areas. Trekking is much more complicated and longer than hiking, you should first practice it through hiking.

Which People Are Best for Trekking?

Trekking is best if you've got a vacation because trekking can last up to 4-7 days or longer then it depends on your route. Trekking is usually done to accomplish a specific task, such as traveling or hanging out with friends. It is more complex than hiking. As in trekking, there are no such permanent or guided paths or trails. In some cases, there is not even a proper road or sidewalk. So, you'll most likely to walk on uneven paths and muds. Trekking may require professionals who have good survival skills. You will probably have no way of a guide like using trails when it comes to trekking. So, you may need to guide yourself via a map or compass.

Trekking may require 7-8 hours of non-stop walking which isn't possible for a normal person. So if you can walk at least 7-8 hours non-stop and you have enough time (4-10 days) then trekking is right for you. During trekking, keep food in your bag for a few days longer than you are expected So in case of any emergency you'll have extra food with you to survive until an emergency comes. It is strictly not recommended for those who aren't in good physical and mental condition. Because it squeezes all your stamina and endurance so if you're not physically or mentally fit, then trekking isn't recommended for you. Otherwise, it's much more adventurous and thrilling compared to hiking.

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Hiking vs Trekking | Which is Easier?

When it comes to simplicity then, of course, hiking is way easier than trekking. As hiking is only done in a guided and decided route. You don't have to choose or change the route by yourself and there's already a well-built track built for hikers. Hence, usually, hikers don't face any kind of difficulty or complicity while hiking. It's a good and easiest way to experience and become a Bear Grylls lite. Nowadays you can use some online apps or websites to hover over your hiking route (if the service supports your chosen path) through the aerial view.

Whereas trekking is a bit complicated and complex than hiking. Trekking doesn't include any guided routes or paths. You have to walk on uneven surfaces, mud, without any proper trails or guide. Trekking is much longer than hiking, so there are no proper routes like online apps or websites which will guide you about the selected routes. However, the relevant government may suggest a tracking location near you. Trekking is more dynamic and adventurous than hiking. Because there is no suitable path or guide for you, all you have to do is decide by compass or map. In trekking, you must have good survival skills and knowledge and you must be able to understand the compass for your direction.

Closing Thoughts

Hiking vs Trekking? Well, both are adventurous and are made for different types of people. However, their main concept is the same and both are intended to walk and let you enjoy real nature's beauty. Nowadays, just for profit, people are destroying the blessings of nature that are polluting the air which damages our lungs.

In that case, hiking or trekking is the best activity to get lost in real beauty and breathe pure unpolluted air. However, there are some misconceptions regarding Hiking and Trekking and most people think that Trekking is a synonym for Hiking. But that is not true, both have different definitions and different ways of working. Below we've mentioned the main difference between Hiking Vs Trekking and which suits you.

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