Helinox Ground Chair Review (2023)

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Welcome to our Helinox ground chair review. We hope that you find it useful. The Helinox Ground Chair is one of the best outdoor chairs in the market. Let us have a look at some of its' quirks and features.


  • Easy to use.
  • Great quality.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Great packed size.
  • Very lightweight.


  • Too low.
  • Expensive.

Are Helinox Chairs Worth It?

It has been possible to obtain a well-balanced combination of light weight, comfort, and functionality. It raises you off the ground while keeping you near enough to the ground to be useful in a tent or vestibule. The foundation of the stable will not sink into soft soil. Extra insulation may be required for use in cold weather or to keep the tent floor in good condition. Yes, Helinox chairs are worth it. They are basically the best camping chairs in the marketplace.

Because of the existence of specific landforms, natural seating can be found at some wilderness campsites. While a rock or a log can be used as a seat, I like something I can lean against, such as a giant tree with beautiful bends into its roots or a boulder or ledge that dips into the ground at a comfortable angle. However, in many places, finding a comfortable posture for a short afternoon meditation or cooking the evening meal can be challenging. Under these conditions, even the most basic of chairs can be a great civilizer.

The current generation of sling chairs admirably satisfies this need, with its lightweight aluminium frame and sling chairs, and the Helinox Ground Chair is my favourite of the group. Because my previous Helinox Chair Zero was lighter than this one, I was delighted with the weight-to-function tradeoff.

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How Long Do Helinox Chairs Last?

There are many that can last over 10 years depending on how well you take care of them. The durability the Helinox brings is one of the perks of this Helinox ground chair review.

It's been in my backpack for every hiking trip I've taken in the year since I bought it, primarily during a year-long stay in the southwestern United States, and it's also seen some use while vehicle camping on road trips. It is tiny and light enough to bring along on short adventures of up to four or five nights in the bush, weighing 636 g (22 oz) when packed. It folds down to a modest 30 x 10 cm dimension when not in use (12 x 4 inches).

A folding, closed cell foam butt pad can be added inside the stuff sack to increase its diameter to around 12 cm (or 5 inches) and weight to 675 g. (24 oz). It lives inside and on top of my existing carrying system, ready to be dragged out for lunch, but it could also be attached to the outside or placed into a water bottle pocket if necessary.

Square Robust Base

In comparison to some of the alternatives, one advantage of the Ground Chair is that it has a square, robust base that rests more or less squarely on the ground, ensuring that it will not sink more than a few centimetres into soft ground.

Because the frame pieces are all shock-corded together as a single unit, there is no need to sort them or give them much thought during installation, other than to ensure that all of the frame parts are fully inserted into their respective sockets. The solid aluminium upright tubes of this chair provide support for the sling seat, which lifts to the centre of my long back and provides support where it is most needed.

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My reading chair is comfortable enough for an hour or more of reading, with the occasional leg movement to ensure that blood flow is not hindered. Because of its proximity to the ground, it also functions well as a master chef's stool: before settling into my chair, I prefer to gather all of my cooking utensils and position them on one side of the chair to allow me to move comfortably and without getting up from my seat.

It can be difficult to get up because you are so close to the ground, especially if you are tall and stiff like me, but this can be accomplished by pushing with your hands from the middle of the sling on either side; once again, the solid base provided by the square foundation is an advantage in this manoeuvre.

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Unlike some of its longer-legged competitors, which are too high to sit in, the Ground Chair is low enough to be utilised within a tent or vestibule in the event of inclement weather or an attack by swarms of biting insects. Because of my height, I must arrange myself so that my head is below the tallest point, but I've done it before and have even cooked a meal in the big vestibule of my winter tent when the weather is chilly.

I was hesitant to utilise it totally inside because I was afraid about harming the tent floor. A square of closed cell foam, on the other hand, would help to spread the weight and could also act as butt insulation if I wanted to use the chair outside in the severe cold. Peg-legged chairs tend to be more likely than other types of chairs to cause floor damage.

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The durability of any piece of equipment is an issue, and this is no exception. The frame, which includes the plastic hubs, is strong and has held up well in its first year of use, with no symptoms of wear or weariness. Helinox may have saved a few grams by selecting a lighter fabric for the sling, but the heavy-duty nylon appears to have outlasted the lighter fabric and appears to have been the better overall choice.

Even though the pockets where the frame is placed into the sling are potential weak points, they have been thoroughly reinforced with additional layers of fabric and have shown to be durable in their use thus far. Time and usage will decide how well the chair holds up over time and with use.


Sling chairs offer various disadvantages as compared to older camp chair models such as Crazy Creek and Therm-a-Rest, the most notable of which is a lack of thermal insulation. A cold seat is not a pleasant seat, which is why, when temperatures approach and plunge below freezing, a square of closed-cell foam under the buttocks and back becomes important. A seat warmer accessory for this chair and others is available from Helinox, although I have not tested it.

We hope this Helinox ground chair review has been helpful to you and wish you the best in you outdoor camping journeys,

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