Hampton 6 Nightfall Family Tent Review

September 18, 2023

By Nate


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No matter if it is for weekend camping with the children or an epic hike, a tent that can comfortably house all family members is an absolute necessity – the Hampton 6 Nightfall from Hi-Gear fits this bill beautifully!

Domed design offers superior living comfort, and features two blackout ‘Nightfall' sleeping areas with toggled dividers for flexible arrangements. Additional highlights include a large covered porch for dumping muddy wellies, as well as organiser pockets and lantern points.

Darkened Nightfall Bedrooms

With ample sleeping space and ample living area, this tent will meet the needs of families with young children (or even teenagers who enjoy camping out with their own glamping tent). It features two spacious bedrooms that each come complete with darkened Nightfall fabric – great if your youngsters tend to wake at the crack of dawn!

With toggled bedroom dividers, this tent allows you to tailor sleeping areas specifically to your family – be it creating two separate sleeping areas for adults and one separate for children, or merging the two together into a master bed with travel cot on either side. Furthermore, its large windows boast rollaway curtains so that natural light can easily fill each sleeping area, or they can remain closed to maintain privacy. Plus, cable access points, storage pockets and an organizer pocket offer plenty of room to store essential camping gear!


This tent is fully waterproof, featuring a sewn-in groundsheet to keep out any drafts, mesh doors and ventilation panels for enhanced airflow in its living area, providing comfort on long camping trips.

This tent offers fantastic value at its price point. Easy to setup and roomy enough for all members of your family to sleep comfortably with plenty of head height clearance, it also surprised us by remaining surprisingly breathable throughout the night; no sauna-esque heat was generated here at all during sleep time; condensation-preventing polyester prevents condensation build-up while bedrooms feature insulation to increase warmth too.

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There's enough room in the main living area for a camping table and chairs, providing enough room to enjoy meals or play together. Cook in comfort thanks to large front and rear doors with mesh-covered zipped sections that can be opened or closed depending on weather. These doors also make cooking much easier! You'll appreciate having ample storage pockets as well as an organiser pocket for keeping everything organised – particularly useful for storing electronic home comforts like TVs!

Removable Dividers

At festivals or camping weekends with children, having a tent that accommodates everyone comfortably is key. Hi-Gear's budget-friendly offering fits this bill perfectly: two darkened sleeping pods at the back provide sleeping spaces; while its full-height living space and porch offer enough room to store shoes muddied while out walking!

Like any decent-sized tent, this model comes equipped with numerous practical features to make life easier, including a double-skin layer to reduce condensation, rollaway bedroom doors and removable divider curtains that let you divide up living spaces as necessary. Plus, its many windows and cable access points let light fill its interior while keeping out unwanted critters or children!

If you have lots of camping furniture or children who like to spread out, this tent provides enough room to do both thanks to its full-height living area. There's enough space for chairs, tables, camping mattresses or cots – as well as enough elbowroom!

Easy to Assemble

With its pleasing dome shape and color-coded poles, this tent is easy to assemble – and with only 23kg to carry home after a day at the beach, carrying it home won't be an issue either!

We were impressed with the high-quality construction and thoughtful details in this tent, particularly given its tunnel shape. There are access points on both sides for electrical hook up, while its central beam features velcro cable routing to keep wires tidy. Finally, an over-door rain brow prevents run off from pooling inside.

Notably impressive was how breathable the tent was; we often find cheap tunnel tents can become stuffy and hot, but not this one! Constructed of 185T polyester with mesh inner to allow airflow. Equipped with darkened Nightfall bedrooms to avoid those pesky 4am wakeup calls! Additionally, this tent comes complete with heavy-duty groundsheet to stop any water seepage beneath its structure as well as several handy pockets and an organiser to store camping gear!

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Large Windows

Big Agnes is known for creating high-quality camping gear, and this instant tent from them certainly fits that reputation. Setup is effortless and provides ample head height across your living space with large windows to provide natural light while keeping condensation at bay; bedroom fabric has been darkened for peaceful sleeping environments. In addition, this tent boasts ample storage pockets, useful hooks, and cable access points for charging home comforts such as electronic gadgets.

This unique-looking tent is an ideal home base for families thanks to its pre-assembled bedrooms and vast living area. Blow-up tubes enveloping its outer fabric create a futuristic aesthetic and impressive wind resistance; inflating is only required once using the included hand pump and you can zip off sleeping areas to meet any family need.


As each door has two parts, entering and leaving the tent is simple even with room dividers up. Unfortunately, however, the hinge is in the center rather than at either end for easier movement between rooms when using room dividers. It comfortably fits a queen air mattress while also featuring blinds you can roll up for added privacy.

The front porch offers enough room to set up camping furniture and has double rows of storage pockets to keep all your essential items out of sight. Furthermore, there are cable access points and multiple lantern attachment points to charge electronics devices while access points exist for charging lanterns as well.

This modified dome tent is an ideal option for families that enjoy spending their summer outdoors. Easy to set up, with plenty of ventilation and comfortable materials – it makes outdoor camping effortless! However, rainy conditions might prove challenging as its bathtub floor provides limited protection and the roof vents feature fabric flaps which don't seal properly against wind or rain – however an REI Wonderland 6 dome tent with full coverage rainfly may provide better shelter in such conditions.

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Cable Access Points

From beach camping weekends with kids to music festival fun or family hiking adventures in the mountains, this family tent packs down into an easy carry bag and fits easily in the boot of your car. Boasting cavernous interior space for sleeping comfortably all together plus extra storage pockets and organiser points to help keep things neat and tidy, bedroom dividers can be removed so as to create twin room for parents while providing privacy; large windows with roll-away toggled curtains let in light while maintaining privacy; there are cable entry points for power access and even lantern attachment points!

Tenting can often take up to two hours; but this tent makes set-up faster with its easy setup system of colour-coded pegs for no-hassle setup and pre-shaped air tubes that snap together easily. Once inflated, its inner tent and flysheet clip onto its frame and can be secured by storm straps around its edge.

Closing Thoughts

Awning-style designs make the home easy for children as well as adults to access without needing to duck or step over any obstructions, making this home perfect for families with young kids as well as adults. Furthermore, its Quick & Quiet Entry system for main bedroom doors uses magnets embedded within fabric to soundlessly pull apart and rejoin in order to seal off its entrance at night.

Parent's looking to persuade their teenagers to join the camping adventure will find this luxury tent irresistible with its glamping vibe. It features a tall living space that's big enough for stand up, plus an ample porch that provides space to store bags, muddy shoes and the kids' camping chair. There is even an integrated groundsheet to keep sleeping area dry during rain showers while there are organiser pockets and hooks for hanging lighting and other items; when rolled up curtains allow natural light while providing privacy while maintaining privacy.

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