Gazelle Tent T4 Review and Benefits

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking out more details and the added benefits of the gazelle tent t4? Welcome to Trad Climbers.

The Gazelle T4 tent is the ultimate pop-up tent for ground camping and overlanding, featuring an innovative patent-pending design that makes setup quick and simple while boasting an exceptional waterproof rating. Plus, there's even room for storage within its gear loft and two doors!

This tent features an easy setup time and comfortable sleep environment, making it a great choice for families that camp frequently but lack sufficient storage space in their car or truck.

Easy to Set Up

Gazelle tents stand out from traditional tents with their distinctive design, featuring a hub and pole system that stays put while allowing the sides to “pop out”, enabling rapid set-up time in under a minute. Furthermore, these durable polyester structures feature tight-weave mesh windows for ventilation as well as a removable gear loft; plus four tight-weave mesh windows designed specifically for sleeping four comfortably within. Easily transportable as well!

The Gazelle T4 tent is an excellent choice for overland travelers who require quick and simple setups. Setup can take under 90 seconds with 12 upgraded all-terrain stakes ensuring secure placement; additionally, its built-in rainfly provides essential protection in wet climates.

Unfortunately, the Gazelle T4 tent does not come without its flaws. While its waterproof rating is impressive, it isn't completely windproof; in strong winds it could become dislodged from its anchoring and cause harm by blowing inward into your sleeping bag causing head bashing or body landing onto it. Furthermore, there are some minor drawbacks, including no floor vent which would provide useful drainage in wet weather.

Another major drawback of tent camping is that its size does not pack down very small when using all stakes, meaning a large storage bag or roof rack might be needed for transporting. Though not an immediate concern, this factor must be considered when dealing with short bed trucks or SUVs.

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The T4 tent is an effective option, but there are other models with more desirable features on the market that might better meet your needs. I suggest looking for one with floor vent and lower cost; spending extra on something that makes setup and takedown easy is worth every penny compared to paying extra for something difficult or time consuming to use.

Easy to pack up

The Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop up Portable Camping Hub Tent stands out in the market with its instant setup and exceptional waterproof rating. Its patent-pending design can be set up within 90 seconds for quick off-road adventures; accommodating four people comfortably; offering privacy panels and roof canopies as added features; it is lightweight making transport and storage much simpler.

This tent is constructed of durable polyester material and boasts six tight-weave mesh windows with removable screens to facilitate cleaning after an outing. Furthermore, its removable floor makes cleaning much simpler, and its generous dimensions of 61 square feet and standing 78 inches mean that four people can sleep comfortably inside comfortably while offering plenty of storage space for gear.

A tent designed to keep you cool and comfortable also boasts ample ventilation, with roof panels made of screens that can be opened to let hot air escape without inviting insects inside, plus doors with screens that can also open to increase airflow within the tent.


This tent is also impressively lightweight for its size and weight, making it easier to transport on your truck or SUV. Insulated walls keep you cool at night while warm air seeps in during the morning, while its tarp cover shields it from rain or snow.

Another advantage of the tent is its versatility in being setup on both rocky or sandy ground, thanks to its hub design which allows it to be secured with upgraded stakes. Included with each tent are six basic L-shaped bent steel stakes as well as 12 upgraded all-terrain stakes, as well as four lengths of cord with adjuster clips for tie down purposes.

One drawback of the tent is its inability to pack away as easily, taking up more room in your vehicle's trunk than expected and necessitating additional attachments like roof racks for transporting.

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Comfortable to sleep in

This Gazelle Tent T4 tent is an excellent option for anyone seeking an effortless camping experience with multiple people. While designed for four, more can easily fit with still enough room left over for gear. Comfort is ensured with features like large doors and windows for ample ventilation as well as built-in room dividers to maintain privacy and ensure privacy – ideal for family camping trips and gatherings of friends alike! It makes a fantastic camping choice!

This tent features high-quality YKK zippers to prevent jamming and snagging, tight-weave mesh windows and doors with tight weave design to keep insects out, as well as an airflow through. A rainfly helps keep water and snow away, and the tent's spacious design comfortably holds two cots; additionally, there is a gear loft and hanging organizers included to help organize belongings inside it.


Though this tent offers comfortable sleep, it does have several drawbacks that should be taken into account before purchasing. First of all, its door does not fit standard shaped doors – making entry and exit more challenging with larger items in your way like cots or bags – while its many windows create visual clutter within its walls – though this won't stop anyone camping out there, some campers might find this an issue.

One major downside of this tent is its poor wind resistance, making it unsuitable for use in areas with strong winds. The pop-out walls do not stand up well under lots of pressure, and its roof consists almost entirely of mesh material. Furthermore, it weighs quite heavily and will take up space in your car.

The Gazelle T4 Hub tent is an excellent tent for camping, though not suitable for backpacking or hiking. Its primary advantage lies in its quick setup time – perfect for warm-weather camping trips; however, in cold or wet environments you will have to fiddle around with its rainfly, adding additional minutes to setup time.

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Easy to transport

Camping with a tent requires that it is easy to set up and take down, which this tent does in under 90 seconds. In addition, it features upgraded all-terrain stakes which provide secure ground anchorage on rough terrain as well as a large duffle bag for storage purposes.

The T4 tent is an enclosed pop-up tent with a peak height of 78 inches. It boasts an excellent waterproof rating and two doors with windows; making it very affordable compared to other 4-person tents on the market. Unfortunately, however, this model doesn't come equipped with an umbrella rainfly which adds several minutes of extra setup time.

Closing Thoughts

The T4 tent differs from most pop-up tents by having framing rods that are integrated directly into its fabric, eliminating any need to adjust after setting up is complete. This makes setting it up much faster than other four-person tents with traditional poles, as well as lightweight and compact when folded up – ideal for overland travel!

This tent may not be ideal for overlanders who intend to camp in humid environments due to its ability to trap moisture and mildew, and its size prevents it from fitting on most pickup truck roof racks – particularly those with long beds – although it makes an ideal option for campers in dry, warm climates with access to an extension bed truck.

This tent boasts many desirable qualities for overlanding, such as quick deployment and ample interior space. Unfortunately, its only drawback lies in being less durable in harsh weather conditions; although quick to deploy and set up quickly, installing its rainfly takes more time than anticipated; also its unique shape can make getting in and out difficult when wearing boots; furthermore its aluminum stakes were not meant for driving in rough terrain and may get damaged easily by rocks or gravel.


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