Gazelle Tent T4 Plus Review

September 8, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the gazelle tent t4 plus tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this overview post will be of assistance to you.

Gazelle claims their tent can be set up quickly – in just under one minute! While it takes some practice to master how it folds down and up, once mastered it can be set up quickly.

I love this tent's large windows and how you can adjust airflow with multiple zippers on each side, but that also creates visual clutter inside of it.


One of the main selling points of this tent is that it can be set up quickly – approximately 90 seconds to be exact – which makes it incredibly convenient for overland travelers who often arrive late to their campsites.

However, it should be noted that setting up the rain fly takes several minutes, which negates its main advantage in wet climates. While this might not be an issue if you don't overland in wet environments often, it should certainly be kept in mind if that is your plan.

The T4 Plus Hub Tent features both a gear loft and hook in its central ceiling to provide plenty of storage and hanging options. The gear loft provides extra camping supplies or can even serve as an effective source of illumination at nighttime, lighting the way inside.

Gazelle's T4 Plus tent stands apart from the competition by not using collapsible poles; rather it uses their “hub” system – top and sides feature aluminum hubs which stay put, while walls and ceiling pop out at hinge points when you pull on its strap. This makes set up quick and effortless; just adding guy lines will do!

The T4 Plus Hub Tent does not pack down small and is quite heavy when empty, measuring approximately 8 inches wide by 68 inches long when set up. As it will not fit into most compact car trunks or SUVs, however, truck beds offer better space to store it and it can even be mounted to roof racks for offroad travel.


The Gazelle tent 22272 T4 Plus Pop up Portable Camping Hub Tent stands out as an impressive structure on the market, thanks to its patent-pending design which provides for quick setup and an expansive interior with ample headroom – not to mention 2 doors and 6 windows – at semi-instantaneous speed. Furthermore, its light weight design makes it ideal for overland adventures!

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It features a hub system that makes deployment quick and simple; simply pull on the hub straps to deploy all walls and ceiling, thus cutting setup time down to 90 seconds! However, its disadvantage lies in collapse if not secured adequately against strong winds; base grommets and four lengths of cord may not provide sufficient hold during strong gusts of wind.

Another downside is its size; fully expanded it's very large and may prove challenging to fit into a vehicle trunk. While it comes with its own storage bag that slightly larger than itself, none of its seams have seam taping for water leaking in, which could lead to leakage into the tent itself.

The Gazelle tent 22272 T4 Hub Tent Overland Edition is an excellent option for overlanders who require an easily deployable tent with plenty of headroom and sleeping space. However, for severe weather regions it may be wiser to opt for something longer that packs down more compactly so it fits better on top of their truck or SUV.


One of the main selling points of Gazelle tents is their lightning-fast setup time, claiming an astonishing 90 second setup (though that doesn't include attaching rainfly or connecting poles). For campers on their way or driving straight there, that can be an invaluable advantage.

This hub tent comes equipped with features designed to make life more convenient and protect you from the elements. Both its shell and rain fly are constructed of durable 210 denier Oxford polyester fabric for strength and waterproof protection; both feature 2000mm waterproof ratings while offering awnings to prevent rainwater running up and over windows and doors.

The hub tent features large windows and mesh door for ample ventilation, plus an eye-catching ceiling made completely from mesh that enables stargazers to see through to the night sky without being cold or exposed to rain and wind. Perfect for stargazing enthusiasts,

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Additional Perks

Alongside its windows, this tent's insulated floor also helps keep it warm and dry. Though heavier than some competitors, this durable piece is quite effective at keeping moisture at bay without compromising your sleeping bag's insulation properties. Unfortunately, though, there's no vapor barrier to further keep moisture at bay.

One unique feature of this tent is its rain fly, which doubles as an advertisement for Gazelle with its large logo. Installed easily using four short poles that snap into slots on each corner of the tent and quickly snapping into place with roof sections down or back up again, installing can easily use four short poles that snap into slots on each corner – simply pop down roof sections down, put up fly and use roof sections down for easy setup & take down! Attachment points for guylines on front and rear are not quite secure enough, potentially letting some blowing rain through and potentially letting in raindrops into tent.


Are you in search of an effortless tent setup and protection against the elements? Look no further! This Gazelle Hub tent may be perfect. With its innovative design allowing setup to occur in less than two minutes thanks to metal hubs and fiberglass poles that create strong yet flexible structures; plus its YKK zippers to prevent jamming or snagging issues; this may just be what's necessary!

These tents are also convenient to carry and store, featuring an oversized duffle bag for effortless transport and storage. Constructed with high-grade materials that last long.

These weatherproof tents are built to withstand any type of precipitation. Equipped with a rain fly that can be secured over roof panels for additional protection from rain and sun, and coated with 2000mm waterproof rating material both inside and out for optimum weatherproofness.

Not only is the Gazelle Tent T4 Plus waterproofed, it is also insulated to protect against cold temperatures. Each window and door is fitted with mesh screens to keep out insects while its second room features a leisure area protected from the elements. Furthermore, this tent includes a gear loft as well as hooks on its ceiling to hang a light for additional security at night – all features which make this tent an excellent option for car campers looking for comfort when in nature.

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The Gazelle tent T4 Plus stands out as it offers both a second room and screened-in area to provide protection from insects while camping, with plenty of storage features including zippered pockets on both the sidewalls and walls, as well as a gear loft on its ceiling. Furthermore, high-quality YKK zippers that won't jam or snag as well as metal hubs and fiberglass poles ensure sturdy support – accommodating up to 8 people comfortably while weighing 47 pounds is what sets this tent apart from its competition!

The T4 Plus tent features built-in guy lines at each exterior hub point to keep your tent secure from stormy weather and ensure proper placement. In addition, an oversized rain fly provides additional protection and the large main entrance allows easy load in. Furthermore, this tent comes complete with its own water resistant carry bag to make transport simpler.

Closing Thoughts

The T4 Plus Overland tent is an ideal option for those who prefer ground tents over RTTs, with all its unique hub technology making set up and take down a breeze, plus extra durability with durable footprint floor protection, upgraded all-terrain stakes capable of penetrating hard soil conditions, water-resistant carry bag storage capability and plenty of floor space at 110 square feet with peak height of 78 inches allowing plenty of room for sleeping and gear.

Setup can take under 90 seconds with 110 square feet floor area providing plenty of sleeping and gear storage capacity for sleeping and gear alike! Sleep up to eight people comfortably and it can all be set up within 90 seconds! Sleep up to eight people comfortably; fully assembled set up time takes under 90 seconds with plenty of floor space providing 110 square feet floor area to give plenty of sleeping and gear room.

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