Gazelle T4 Overland Tent Review

September 8, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the gazelle t4 overland tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that overview post will be of assistance to you.

Gazelle T4 Overland ground tent was specifically designed for overlanders who prefer not to set up their roof tent. It sets up in 90 seconds and packs down even faster, providing quick shelter during any outdoor adventure.

One of the greatest camping threats is wind. Without careful monitoring, those exterior hub walls could come tumbling inward upon you as you sleep – potentially shattering them violently onto your head and inducing an instantaneous wakeup.


The T4 Hub Tent Overland Edition is an ideal tent for overlanders camping in dry climates in their long-bed pickups. Quick to setup and provide ample interior space as well as plenty of headroom, it is quick to deploy quickly with its D-shaped doors providing entry/egress issues and installing its rainfly during stormy conditions may prove tricky for some overlanders. Unfortunately its bagged length of 68 inches may also make it too large to fit most overland trucks' beds.

Gazelle tents utilize a hub-design featuring aluminum hubs on both its walls and ceiling, which securely holds its poles under tension, for rapid setup times of under one minute compared to traditional tents. While actual set up takes slightly longer, Gazelle promises theirs can still be up within minutes!

This tent comes equipped with a 210 denier Oxford weave polyester shell and can withstand rainfall up to 2000MM HH rating, featuring plenty of windows and an elevation of 78 in. It can comfortably sleep four people and provides room for gear. Furthermore, it includes durable footprint floor protection, upgraded all terrain stakes, and water resistant duffle bag – making this an excellent camping or trailer accessory.

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For mounting on roofs it requires additional hardware & likely trimming of wings; while for towing behind vehicles e.g. camper or trailer you may require extra equipment e.g. cable connectors etc if that option exists; otherwise towing behind vehicles like campers/trailers it requires additional equipment & hardware (ie extra stakes required when towinging.


The Gazelle T4 Overland Edition tent is the ideal ground tent option for overlanders or anyone who prefers ground tents over roof-top options like RTTs. With its hub design, this tent sets up quickly in just 90 seconds with plenty of room inside for sleeping and gear storage – it even comes equipped with an oversized rain fly that protects from weather elements easily attached to its hub tent, making tarps obsolete in most conditions.

The T4's durable construction and 2000mm HH waterproof rating make it perfect for camping in wet climates. Featuring a fiberglass frame with reinforced corners for increased strength and support, as well as YKK zippers for secure closure, plus an integral storage pocket, the tent offers ample protection and space for camping gear.

One of the key advantages of the T4 tent is its quick setup time, even without its rainfly. Unfortunately, its quick deployment makes it susceptible to blowing inward during windy nights; to mitigate this possibility, each exterior hub point features guy lines for tying down and anchoring down your tent to prevent this from occurring.

Stake Kit

In addition to an oversized rain fly, this bundle includes an upgraded all-terrain stake kit for securing the tent in difficult terrain. These rugged stakes come equipped with threaded tips which can be either pounded into or screwed into the ground for increased stability. Also included is a heavy-duty duffle bag which offers water resistance in wet climates.

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Although the T4's quick setup and sturdy construction make it ideal for overlanding, its small size may pose some difficulties for some users. Entry and exit are limited due to D-shaped doors; and installing its rainfly in windy conditions may prove cumbersome and cumbersome.

The T4 Overland Edition bundle can be purchased independently or added onto any Gazelle tent at a discounted rate. It comes equipped with rugged footprint flooring protection, upgraded all-terrain stakes and heavy-duty duffle bag storage to handle wet climate camping environments. Ideally suited to overlanders and anyone camping in harsh weather conditions alike. Sleeps four people comfortably with peak height reaching up to 78″.


The Gazelle T4 Overland ground tent is one of the easiest ground tents to set up. With its hub design, which allows you to pop it open like a bed in under 90 seconds from bag to camp! High-quality YKK zippers have also been installed for hassle-free camping! Additionally, 4 large storage pockets help keep gear organized as well as an optional removable gear loft perfect for holding clothing items or field lights!

A tent designed with extra protection in mind. Featuring an oversized rain fly that offers additional weatherproofing, and easy hub design that facilitates its attachment. Rated 2000mmHH to keep storms at bay; sturdy frame construction featuring fiberglass poles will stand strong even under adverse weather conditions; plus guy lines at each exterior hub point so it won't collapse under windy conditions!

This tent's large windows make for an enjoyable camping experience. Crafted from tight-weave mesh that keeps bugs at bay while letting air through, they also come equipped with zippable lining to block out sunlight or keep in heat. Plus, this upgrade comes equipped with 12 upgraded all-terrain stakes for increased stability and durability over rough terrain surfaces.

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This tent is an ideal option for overlanders looking for an easily transportable sleeping solution that still sleeps four people comfortably. Setup time takes only 90 seconds and there is plenty of room for gear, making this tent the ideal companion on any adventure! Incredibly durable with waterproof flooring and an Oxford weave polyester shell 210 denier Oxford weave polyester shell; an oversized rainfly provides sufficient coverage over doors and windows; plus you also receive a duffle bag for easy storage when not in use!


Gazelle calls its tents “hub tents”, as their walls and ceiling all attach to aluminum hubs held under tension that enable an advertised set-up time of 90 seconds. Each hub also features straps to secure your rig to your tent. In addition, six basic L-shaped bent steel stakes with plastic molded tops and spiraled tips were included with my tent; I was confident these were strong enough to hold in moderate winds but would advise caution during stronger breezes.

This tent's 210 denier Oxford weave polyester shell can withstand rainfall of up to 2000MM HH rating and the large rainfly can be attached at roof panel junctions to further increase protection. When packed down into one bundle measuring 8″ by 8″ by 68″, transport will require a long bed pickup truck.

The T4 Overland tent is an excellent option for overlanders looking to stay off of the ground while having quick setup/takedown times. Ideal in mild weather conditions, when combined with quick deployment in dry conditions it makes an attractive package; its primary benefit being quick deployment times when overlanding with pickup trucks as a prime selling point in this market segment.

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