Gazelle Pop Up Tent Review

July 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the gazelle pop up tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

This tent's design makes assembly and takedown extremely straightforward, while keeping critters out and providing lots of ventilation. Additionally, its floor is attached using Velcro tape which can be removed for cleaning purposes while its suspension off of the ground keeps away dirt and mud from reaching it.

Easy to Set Up

The Gazelle T4 Hub Tent is one of the easiest tents to erect. Unlike other more difficult to set up tents, the T4 Hub tent comes completely assembled and ready to use – you can set it up within 90 seconds and it comes equipped with upgraded all-terrain stakes that keep it from moving around campsite. Plus it comes complete with a rain fly to help provide shelter from inclement weather!

This 3 season cabin-style pop-up tent can comfortably house four people. With a spacious floor that easily fits sleeping bags and camping gear, its walls combine mesh with windows for ventilation purposes and double layer external doors on either side for easy access to the tent. Furthermore, its roof consists of tight-weave mesh to help keep insects at bay and provide sufficient ventilation.


This tent is perfect for warm-weather camping trips and backpacking adventures, making family trips or solo treks simple and comfortable. Boasting an impressive waterproof rating of 2000MM on both its shell and floor surfaces, rain or groundwater won't cause issues here. Additionally, its floor is removable to make clean-up after hikes easier and to avoid dirt accumulation on its interior walls.

Another excellent feature of this tent is the spacious storage pockets and gear loft. There are pockets on either side for your keys, wallet and other small items; on top walls are large “catch-all” areas to hold things like lightweight sweaters or beanies; plus there's even an overhead gear loft where a light can be stored safely!

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The tent weighs 47 lb (21.3 kg). When packed up, its dimensions measure 63 inches by 11 inches (163 cm by 28 cm). Though this tent may seem heavy and bulky when in storage, its features make it suitable for summer camping trips if set-up time is quick and simple. Amazon and Walmart sell this pop-up tent.


Camping presents many options; selecting the ideal tent will depend on your personal needs and outdoor activities you intend to engage in. When camping with friends or family members, selecting an accommodating tent should be top of mind; there are various tent options designed to comfortably house larger groups and some even come equipped with an attached screened room for relief from nature's elements.

The Gazelle T4 pop-up hub tent stands out among the competition due to its instant setup and spacious interior, ideal for four people and featuring plenty of windows for taking in views. Setup and take down are both completed within 90 seconds with 12 upgraded all-terrain stakes included for stability on any terrain surface, all easily stored away into an oversized duffle bag for convenient transport and storage.

Easy to Use

This tent stands out in terms of design, with an intuitive pole system that is easy to use. All poles are integrated directly into the tent itself – no separate attachment needed! Taking some practice will become second nature as soon as you get used to its processes – plus this tent offers plenty of room, as you can fit a queen-sized bed inside!

There are some features we wish this tent had, but overall it is an excellent option for families. One suggestion would be larger doors to make entering and exiting easier. Furthermore, during hotter summer nights more ventilation would help.

The Gazelle pop up tent is an excellent option for families in search of an easily set up and durable tent that won't break the bank. Crafted with heavy-duty materials for maximum durability, yet quick and simple assembly make this tent an excellent value. Additionally, taking down and packing up this tent are effortless – perfect for busy households seeking affordable tent solutions quickly and easily.

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Water Resistant

Camping requires water resistant tents in order to remain comfortable in any climate; this Gazelle pop up tent from Coleman provides great features that keep you dry – its 2000mm waterproof rating means there is no chance for rainwater leakage, while taped seams prevent any moisture seepage inside your tent.

The tent's walls are constructed of 210D Oxford-weave fabric, making it very strong and able to withstand all weather. Plus, with tight weave patterns and no rain-gathering at the seams, its interior stays dry preventing drippy raindrops. Easy clean-up ensures multiple camping trips!

Another essential feature is its waterproof materials floor, featuring tight weave weave to prevent leakage and sit a few inches off of the ground to make cleaning out dirt and debris easier, and keep critters out. Plus, with Velcro attachment it can easily be taken up or down and cleaned off before being placed back down again!


This tent boasts an ample gear loft, perfect for storing camping supplies. With four pockets that provide enough room to hold plenty of gear and an additional light hook that illuminates your tent at nighttime – you won't want to forget anything with this tent!

Tent setup and takedown are fast, making camping quick and effortless. Simply pull it out of its carrying bag, set up in under two minutes, pull out its wall hubs and stakes, secure them firmly into place – it takes mere moments so you can focus on enjoying your camping trip instead of worrying about unexpected rain!

The Gazelle T4 stands out in the market with its instant setup and fantastic waterproof rating, making it a hit among campers. Its patent-pending design also makes this tent easy to pitch without taking forever to set up! Perfect for anyone who just wants a cozy sleeping experience without spending hours setting up their tent each time they want to sleep outdoors!

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Gazelle tents are extremely durable, easily withstanding even harsh weather conditions. Their windows allow airflow while mesh roof panels help keep insects at bay. Furthermore, both door and window screens can be rolled back for extra ventilation when necessary – providing additional breathing room when camping with family! With four spacious sleeping compartments inside this spacious tent can comfortably fit four adults – an excellent way to spend quality family camping time together!

Tent durability can also be enhanced through its freestanding hub design, where fiberglass poles are preconnected to metal hubs for extra support, creating a strong frame which bends in windy conditions without snapping. Staking down your tent during windy weather is critical as otherwise it could collapse quickly!

Closing Thoughts

This unique tent design also affords it ample interior storage space, including pockets on the walls, a gear loft, and an attached hook in the middle of its ceiling for hanging lamps. Sleeping bags, lightweight jackets and flashlights can all be stored conveniently here; additionally it also comes equipped with a large mesh gear pocket on its back wall for additional storage needs.

The tent is designed for three seasons use and should work well in most climates. However, extreme cold or snowy areas should be avoided as well as strong side winds as its pop-out walls may collapse under pressure from them.

This tent is simple to set up, taking just 90 seconds from start to finish. With an extremely high waterproof rating and constructed from thick polyester fabric, its waterproof rating is outstanding. Additionally, its YKK zippers eliminate jamming or snagging and its design keeps water out while air stays in. Furthermore, cleaning this tent is effortless making it a great choice for people seeking shelter from the elements in wilderness environments.


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