Ekster Wallet Review and Benefits

March 21, 2023

By Nate


Seeking more information and benefits of the ekster wallet? Looking to save some space in your back pocket? These minimalist wallets definitely are worth the investment. Welcome to Trad Climbers. I am glad you have made it here.

If you're searching for an easy-to-use smart wallet that protects your cards, Ekster may be just what the doctor ordered. These wallets feature RFID blocking technology which prevents skimmers from getting access to your card information.

Ekster also provides a tracker card that you can attach to your wallet, making it easier to locate if you ever misplace it.

Ekster Wallet Review

The wallet offers a selection of wallets designed with minimalism in mind, eliminating traditional card holders' bulk and clutter. Their sleek designs feature quick-release card slides. The wallet ejects up to six cards into a fanout mechanism for convenient access to your cards.

These wallets are RFID blocking, meaning they can shield thieves from scanning credit cards and other personal data. This makes them a great option if you travel frequently. Also, if you worry about the risks of having your card information stolen. For example, when using an ATM or entering a store.

They offer a smart tracker to help locate your wallet if it gets lost. It connects with an international lost and found network. Also, sends out of range alerts, and has voice activation support for added convenience.

For a minimalist wallet with maximum features, the Ekster Parliament is an excellent option. It boasts a smooth mechanism and premium leather material as well as an intuitive card slider system. Plus, it includes GPS tracking system, two-way call feature and solar charging capabilities for added convenience.

Does Ekster Wallet Work?

Ekster Wallet is a sleek card holder designed for the 21st century. It boasts an innovative card ejector mechanism that quickly fans out cards with just the push of a button.

The ejector can be operated with just your pinky finger. Thus, providing smooth and reliable operation that makes it simple to access cards quickly without fiddling around.

This slim and lightweight wallet can easily slip into your front pocket thanks to its ultra-thin design. Crafted with materials like space-grade aluminum and 3K carbon fiber, you'll get a wallet that looks and feels great.

This wallet also features an elastic cash strap that securely holds up to a stack of folded currency. This is an ideal option for someone who doesn't need to carry too much cash. That being said, but still wants the convenience of a smart wallet.

Ekster is a sustainable brand that sources leather from ECCO, an LWG Gold-Rated tannery dedicated to environmentally friendly business practices. This ensures that each Ekster Wallet is produced with environmental considerations in mind.

Can I Trust Ekster?

Ekster Wallet is an innovative wallet with plenty of useful features. Its slim design makes it lightweight and easy to carry, while RFID blocking technology protects your cards from identity theft.

Ekster offers an array of colors and styles, including their popular Parliament Wallet with premium American. Thus, hiding by ECCO as well as RFID blocking technology.

The company also provides a tracker card that can help locate your Ekster wallet in case of loss or theft. It works by pairing with the Chipolo app on your phone.

The Ekster Wallet is an excellent option for anyone seeking a secure wallet. However, it's susceptible to wear and tear over time. Its plastic mechanism and elastic band are less durable than metal or leather parts and may break or scratch easily.

Does the Ekster Wallet Scratch Easily?

The Ekster Wallet is an ingenious pop-up card holder that lets you grab up to six cards with just the press of a button. The wallets have an internal mechanism that fans out the cards into an elegant fan every time you push them down, plus cash can be stored inside for extra space for bills or receipts.

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For front pocket carry, the company also offers a leather-wrapped version of this classic bi-fold. Crafted from ECCO leather sourced from environmentally certified tanneries, it features an ergonomic bifold design perfect for front pocket use.

This wallet features a small elastic band for cash storage and features an elegant square piece of leather monogrammed with the Ekster logo sewn into the strap for an executive aesthetic.

The Ekster Wallet is an ideal option for anyone seeking a sleek and fashionable pop-up card holder. It has an attractive design and is user friendly, but may not be ideal if durability or robustness is your priority.

Is Ekster Made in China?

Ekster is an innovative Dutch start-up that creates stylish wallets for techies and travelers alike. Their product range extends from laptop and tablet sleeves to wallets that can hold your smart phone, turning it into a credit card. One standout product is the Ekster Airtag – an innovative device that turns your iPhone into an iPhone wallet with impressive features.

The company strives to be eco-friendly by using recycled materials in their products. Notably, their leather wrapped box shaped wallets are renowned for being highly sought-after, but they've gone further by creating an array of sleek and fashionable mobile device accessories like an airtag for your phone and a sleek laptop sleeve for Macbooks or Pros.

Ekster isn't the first company to use a triangular-shaped box for credit card storage, but they certainly top it. Additionally, they've gone above and beyond by employing space-grade aluminum in their latest creations.

Can You Keep Cash in an Ekster Wallet?

If you're in search of a slim wallet to hold all your cards and cash, there are several options to consider. Some are made with more durable materials like space-grade aluminum or 3K carbon fiber; on the other hand, some prefer an even more minimalist aesthetic like Ekster's classic leather wallet.

Both wallets make excellent front pocket carries, keeping your essentials organized and accessible. But before committing to one option over the other, take time to consider which one best meets your requirements.

When travelling, smart wallets are preferable as they automatically eject all cards when pressed. Furthermore, these wallets come equipped with RFID blocking technology so your radio-transmitting cards won't get stolen.

Both the Ekster Senate and Parliament Wallets feature an excellent card ejection system. They come in 7 shades of premium leather, are incredibly slim, with a minimalist design, and boast excellent card security.

Who Owns Ekster?

Ekster was created by two Dutch students who were tired of traditional wallets and wanted to do something special. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they unveiled their line of slim, leather smart wallets.

They've since expanded their business into 14 distinct everyday carry items, from phone cases to key trackers. All of their products boast modern design and the newest tech features.

Olivier Momma and Rick Scharnigg, the founders of Ekster, believe that taking risks is key to success. This was especially true when they started their company with little experience and a limited budget.

Their first product, the Parliament Wallet, became an instant hit and catapulted their startup to fame. Crafted from premium, environmentally friendly leather with a card pop-up feature for convenient card access, this wallet quickly became one of their best-selling items.

Their latest offering, the Ekster 3.0, is both the world's slimmest and first voice-activated smart wallet. Measuring about the size of a credit card, this solar-powered tracker connects to an international lost and found network so you can call, ping or use Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri to locate it.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Ekster Wallet?

Ekster wallets are an excellent option for those who want to protect their cards and cash. They use RFID technology that blocks out skimmers who may steal your information when you swipe your card at a store or ATM.

Choose from an array of colors to find a wallet that perfectly reflects your style. Additionally, the company provides various leather materials to choose from.

No matter if you prefer a classic leather or aluminum design, an Ekster wallet will do the trick. Crafted from durable materials, these wallets will last months or years with proper care.

Ekster wallets come in space-grade aluminum or 3K carbon fiber, so you can find one that works best for you. Plus, you can upgrade to include a solar-powered tracking device which helps locate it if lost.

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The Ekster Parliament and Senate make great front pocket carries, but you may prefer Vachetta or Fortuna models instead. These wallets boast higher quality leather in a range of colors to suit any personality.

Ekster is a minimalist leather wallet created by two Dutch students with the goal of creating intuitive everyday products to make our lives simpler. Their product design inspires us to live more fully.

Their patented card ejector mechanism makes it simple to pull out cards with the push of a button. Plus, its solar powered tracker add-on lets you keep tabs on your wallet anytime!

How Many Cards Can Ekster Wallets Hold?

Ekster Wallets are sleek pop-up cardholders that store up to 6 cards inside an RFID protected aluminum case. A button at the bottom presses in and ejects your cards into a staggered fan for convenient access.

These wallets are ideal for front pocket carries and come in a range of colors and materials. Plus, they feature an anti-theft tracker card that you can add to any Ekster Wallet to help locate it if stolen.

Ekster and Ridge are renowned for their sleek designs and superior functionality. These wallets are perfect for minimalists who don't like bulky bifold wallets but want to simplify their daily carry.

Both cards are extremely durable, featuring tough cases that withstand regular abuse. Plus, both come equipped with tear-resistant elastics to securely hold your cards in place.

Ekster and Ridge offer a variety of color options for their wallets. Both brands have become favorites among minimalists, boasting an enthusiastic following on social media channels.

How Far Can You Track your Ekster Wallet?

The Ekster Parliament slim wallet is a minimalist card holder that converts into a GPS wallet with an optional solar-powered tracker. It's ideal for those who need their cards and cash organized and secure but don't require fancy design features.

The optional tracker is a solar-powered Chipolo Bluetooth smart card that fits in the back card pocket of an Ekster Parliament wallet. You can use its free app to ring when within range (about 200 feet), or find it with Community Search worldwide.

Though this tracker has some nice features, there are a few drawbacks. For one thing, it's not very wide (only slightly over an inch), so you may struggle to fit some standard US bills without folding them twice or finding extra space within the pouch to insert them.

Another potential drawback is that the elastic band for holding cash or extra cards against your wallet is too narrow to comfortably accommodate an entire stack of bills. While this might not be a major concern for most people, those who prefer not to carry too much cash might find this an issue.

Does Ekster Have Lifetime Warranty?

Ekster Wallet is an innovative brand that blends the timeless aesthetic of a wallet with contemporary functionality. They use the now renowned pop-up card mechanism, which has gained worldwide acclaim.

These wallets boast a host of extra features that make them ideal for travelers or people who want to keep their information secure. Most models include hidden RFID blocking technology that will thwart thieves at gas pumps and other machines from accessing your personal data.

Ekster offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers most defects in design and manufacturing. However, this isn't as comprehensive as The Ridge's lifetime guarantee.

If you're in search of a minimalist wallet that's durable and offers great value, The Ridge should definitely be taken into consideration. They provide lifetime warranties on their wallets for peace of mind that your investment will last decades. Plus, they boast fast shipping and frequent discounts so you can rest easy knowing you're buying from an established company.

What Should I Not Keep in My Wallet?

Wallets are useful for storing cash, cards and IDs; however, there should never be kept in them. These items could potentially become a target for identity thieves who could use them to siphon off your funds and personal data.

Social security and Medicare cards, passports, receipts, gift cards, and scraps of paper with passwords should all be stored safely. When traveling abroad, it's wise to keep a photocopy of your passport in your hotel safe so that if it gets lost or stolen you can easily get a new one without exposing yourself to potential danger.

Ekster makes flip-out wallets that are designed for convenience and accessibility. Their fan base continues to grow, and they also have other products that go along with their core wallets such as laptop sleeves and phone cases. What's more, Ekster provides an anti-theft tracking card which can be integrated into their wallets – this smart addition helps save you time in replacing a lost wallet.

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Can Ekster Wallet Hold Metal Cards?

If you're searching for a slim, stylish and durable wallet that can hold all of your cards, an Ekster Wallet might be the perfect fit. These wallets boast an innovative card ejector mechanism that lets you access your cards instantly with the press of a button.

The Ekster Wallet is made with top-notch materials and designed to last. They offer a range of different styles and colors to match your style perfectly.

They also make wallets with RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from fraudulent skimmers who read the information on credit and debit cards that have embedded RFID or NFC technology.

This makes it nearly impossible for a criminal to steal your personal information without your knowledge. If your Ekster Wallet is stolen, you can track its whereabouts with the included Ekster Tracker Card.

The Ekster Parliament Wallet is one of the best smart wallets I've ever used. It features an efficient card ejector that effortlessly pops up 6 cards into a perfect fan every time you press its button.

How Do You Ring an Ekster Wallet?

If you need a wallet that holds cards and bills without adding bulk to your pocket, Ekster is one of the best options available. Their flip-out wallets are user friendly with a patented card ejection mechanism that fan out contents like a switchblade.

They feature secure banded options for cards and cash. In some models, you can even get a money clip – making them ideal for traveling.

The Ekster Wallet is one of the most sought-after smart wallets, and for good reason. Their sleek, minimalist design sets them apart from traditional leather bi-folds.

Their patented card ejection mechanism works seamlessly, whether you are carrying two or twelve cards. Plus, the expandable metal backplate allows for additional card storage.

Ekster Wallets can be found at a number of retailers both online and in store, such as Macy's. Plus, they come in various color options for added convenience.

How Do You Get Cards Out of Ekster Wallet?

If your Ekster wallet has some cards stuck inside, there's an easy solution to take them out. Start by inspecting the cardholder mechanism of the wallet; it should have an integrated friction mechanism that securely holds cards when inserted.

Once your cards have been removed, simply push the slider button at the bottom of the case to release them into a fan shape and make it easy for you to locate them again!

Another option is to open the front flap. You'll notice two slots inside for cards; they may not fit perfectly but they can each support up to six cards.

For those who need more than just a few cards, but don't want to use a traditional bifold, Ekster is an ideal option. You can even add a tracker card to your Ekster which works in tandem with the app to help locate your wallet if it ever gets lost. This tracker card is solar-powered and utilizes a worldwide lost and found network for guaranteed global traceability.

Does Ekster Block RFID?

One of the primary concerns travelers have with RFID technology is that criminals could potentially use it to steal their personal data. But, fortunately, Ekster Wallet can help prevent this from occurring!

Aluminum cardholders block out RFID signals that could transmit to your cards, safeguarding them against skimmers and data thieves alike.

Ekster Wallets not only prevent these issues, but they also shield your cards from various security risks.

Recent credit and debit cards issued with RFID technology that can be activated and duplicated remotely raise significant concerns, as it could potentially expose your private financial and banking information.

The Ekster Wallet's advanced card access mechanism enables you to quickly pull out your desired card without opening the wallet – an impressive improvement over traditional card holders and even better than some of the more expensive options on the market. With just a click, you'll have instant access to whatever card you need without ever needing to open up the wallet again!

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