Eddie Bauer Olympic Air 12 Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the eddie bauer olympic air 12 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

Are you searching for a three season tent capable of accommodating 12 people comfortably? Look no further! Featuring instant pitch technology and air beams that all converge at one inflating point for effortless setup, this tent provides instantaneous satisfaction!

It features a tub floor and attached fly that help keep you dry, as well as six windows to facilitate airflow and stargazing.

Easy to Set Up

Are You New to Camping and Need an Easy Tent Setup Solution? This Eddie Bauer Olympic Air 12 Tent may be just what you're looking for! Featuring three season camping for up to 12 people and taking less than 10 minutes to assemble, its attached fly makes setup even simpler while its polyurethane Water-Armor Tub Floor helps ensure dry sleeping in any condition. Clean-up of this tent can also be made simple using just damp sponge and disinfectant solution!

Eddie Bauer Olympic Air 12 Tent features a tunnel-type design with an inflatable tunnel-type structure with an innovative feature: its beams converge at one point with separate valves for inflation and deflation, making raising and stabilizing on uneven terrain a quick process. Plus, this tent can easily be folded and stored away when not in use!

This tent's six windows can be opened for airflow and views – an invaluable feature if camping in areas with strong winds and rainy conditions. Plus, its rainfly will keep you protected against harsh weather conditions!

This tent may be slightly more costly than similar tents, but its value far outweighs its cost. It provides an exceptionally comfortable sleeping environment and easy setup process; plus there's lots of storage room and even an electric cable port to make camping trips even simpler!

Eddie Bauer launched his company in 1920, and since then it has become a household name among outdoor enthusiasts. Alongside camping gear, it also sells clothing and accessories specifically tailored for outdoor activities – with products designed to offer comfort, safety, style and variety – regardless of activity or season. Eddie Bauer also leads in eco-friendly technology innovation; boasting numerous innovative ideas designed to improve product performance.

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Easy to Carry

Most outdoor enthusiasts would agree that Eddie Bauer makes amazing gear, and this tent is no exception. Featuring a steep-wall design to maximize floor space and tub-style flooring for added waterproof protection even in rainstorms, as well as multiple interior pockets to keep all of your gear organized, Eddie Bauer tents make an excellent investment.

This tent is simple to assemble, with an included pump for inflating its air poles. Once set up, full pitching takes only 10 minutes or less and it can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably in three seasons!

This tent is constructed from waterproof polyester taffeta coated with polyurethane for an extremely durable performance and comes equipped with flame retardant materials. Rated at 2000mm waterproof protection and featuring a mesh ceiling to increase ventilation. Furthermore, a spacious front porch adds extra weather protection.

It is a tunnel-type tent equipped with six double-layered mesh/panel windows, providing you with a panoramic view of the stars. Furthermore, its partial coverage fly provides protection for the mesh ceiling while making setup simple.

This tent is ideal for camping in the mountains, accommodating four adults easily. Featuring an easy-clean bathtub floor and lightweight design with its carrying bag for convenient transport.

The Eddie Bauer Olympic Air Tent is an ideal choice for camping with friends or your family, offering plenty of room for two families while remaining lightweight and affordable. Additionally, it can be taken on any hiking adventure; just remember it doesn't come equipped with its own ground cloth!


Easy to Clean

Once back from a camping trip, it can be common to return home and find that your tent has become dusty or dirty. If the dirt doesn't come off immediately, it may cause unsightly stains or funky smells in your tent that require professional cleaning to rid itself. To maintain good condition of your tent and preserve its use for future trips, clean it after every use using warm water in a bucket along with tent cleaner and sponge/cloth to scrub down before rinsing completely and drying thoroughly before storing away for next use!

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Tents act as an intermediary between our bodies and the outside air, so it is only natural that they accumulate moisture. While sleeping, your body releases heat and humidity which clings to the fabric of the tent fabric and may lead to mold or other unpleasant odors.

To prevent such issues from arising, it's wise to clean your tent after each camping trip and store it somewhere cool and secure to protect it from insects that like nibbling away at camping gear.

Maintaining a clean tent is vital to increasing its lifespan. To do this effectively, use a sponge with mild soap free from bleach to scrub away at any dirt spots before using hot water to rinse thoroughly – particularly the seams! – so as not to damage its material.


Clean the zipper tracks regularly using a toothbrush; this can remove sand, dirt or saltwater residue that has become lodged between its teeth. If your zippers don't operate as smoothly anymore, now could be a good time to consider refreshing their waterproof coatings.

Cleaning your tent is also an opportunity to inspect it for any damaged areas, and address any that are found immediately. If a tear appears, patching it quickly is essential; alternatively use duct tape as this versatile form of tape can often provide instant fixes in emergency repairs like patching tears on tents.

Eddie Bauer was an American outdoorsman and inventor who founded his own company in 1920. At first, his focus was sports equipment such as tennis rackets and hand-made golf clubs but eventually his product line expanded to tents and other outdoor gear.

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Easy to Store

Eddie Bauer is one of the premier outdoor gear brands on today's market, known for their wide selection of tents, sleeping bags, and other camping essentials that meet outdoor enthusiasts' demands at an attractive price point. You are certain to find something suitable at Eddie Bauer that meets all of your camping equipment needs exactly.

The Quest Air 12 tent is an aesthetically pleasing and spacious air pole tent which comfortably fits three people. Featuring a tub-style floor and attached fly for keeping out wet conditions, 6 windows that can be opened or closed to control airflow and viewing opportunities and an easy set up design which quickly sets up. Furthermore, high quality dark fabrics help shield out weather elements, morning sunlight or other rays to provide comfortable sleeping environments.

The Olympic Air 12 Tent is extremely easy to keep clean. Though not machine-washable, simply wipe it down with damp sponge before rinsing with fresh water for optimal results. Allow it to air-dry thoroughly before storing.

No doubt this tent has numerous advantages, making it an incredibly popular product. But there have been a few complaints as well: customers have reported leakage while others say its dimensions do not measure up to expectations and its dividers can be seen through.

Overall, most would agree that the Eddie Bauer Olympic Air 12 Tent is an excellent option for camping trips in wet conditions. Its lightweight design makes assembly quick and simple while offering many features perfect for wet-weather camping adventures. Unfortunately, its limited storage space may make packing it away once you are finished will require careful consideration when leaving it behind.


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