CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more detailed information about the core 12 person instant cabin tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an instant cabin tent designed for up to 12 people that is easy and fast to assemble with built-in LED lights for illumination.

Its large size makes this chair suitable even for tall people, while two detachable room dividers ensure everyone can claim their own space.

Easy to Assemble

One of the key advantages of tents like these is how easy they are to set up. Particularly with large cabin-style tents, pitching them by yourself can be difficult; an “instant tent” solution such as this is invaluable – its poles come pre-attached so it simply needs unfolding and extending for setup time of under two minutes; an impressive feat when considering such a large structure!

Another key feature of this tent is its multiple windows and mesh door to provide plenty of ventilation, an essential feature for a 12 person tent as too many people will be sharing one space and lacking proper air circulation can cause overheating or condensation issues. Furthermore, this tent features two ground vents that can be opened or closed depending on weather conditions.

This tent's materials are also very tough and sturdy. Both walls and roof are constructed from tough 68 denier polyester fabric that resists damage better than most fabrics; its floor is composed of polyethylene, which offers added strength against punctures or tears.

A unique aspect of this tent is its integrated LED lighting system, making navigating its interior in low light conditions much simpler. You can set this lighting to either high or low brightness levels depending on your personal needs and brightness preferences.

If you need extra protection from the elements, this tent comes equipped with a removable rainfly. When rain is forecasted, this roof of your tent will keep it from seeping into its interior and getting your belongings wet – not to mention its bathtub floor which prevents any water seepage at its base!

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Plenty of Room

With 198 square feet for every person sleeping comfortably in this tent, all can find enough room to rest their heads without crowding on each other's space. There's also enough room for all of your gear without it getting cluttered up on the floor of the tent; extra sleeping bags or camping gear that need stowing away can use an attachable room divider to create separate compartments within it.

This fabric is constructed of high-denier polyester that's both comfortable and durable, featuring its denier rating of 100 making it thicker and tougher than many other fabrics; making it the ideal choice for family camping trips in rainy conditions. Also featuring H20 Block technology to keep you dry when storm clouds roll in – as well as fully taped rainfly protection – making the fabric waterproof.

This tent's front awning provides ample seating space, perfect for relaxing in nature. When closed tight it also creates a room protected from both sunlight and rain – perfect if using this area as additional sleeping or living space.

Spacious Tent

Unpacking, unfolding and extending poles quickly make for an impressive tent in less than two minutes. Thanks to pre-attached poles that don't require fiddling with loose parts, the tent's well-designed features such as its color-coded poles are easy to spot when setting it up.

Ventilation is of utmost importance in any tent, especially one designed to shelter 12 people. This tent comes equipped with large ground vents that draw in cool air while simultaneously releasing any hot air that builds up inside, to keep everyone inside feeling more at ease all season long.

It features two windows which bring light into the interior. This can be invaluable if your group spends long hours inside their tent, and it allows natural sunlight in during your adventures. Furthermore, there are electrical ports to accommodate electronics.

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The CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is one of the most acclaimed tents on the market for large families and groups, boasting high-grade materials to ensure durability over long camping trips. Equipped with an advanced venting system to keep cool temperatures at bay while camping trips continue, room dividers help separate living from sleeping spaces and keep gear organized during journeys.

This polyester 68D tent has an impressive waterproof rating of 600 mm. Featuring a bathtub floor to keep groundwater out, sealed seams, rain-resistant zippers and additional fabric reinforcement on its roof for extra strength and protection, as well as mesh doors and windows featuring waterproof polyester panels, this tent comes equipped with everything necessary for comfortable camping adventures.

The tent door features two zippers that you can open from either inside or outside; you may experience some resistance if there is too much gear in front of it; nonetheless, they remain easy to operate. Furthermore, windows with screen covers make opening them an effective way of letting airflow into your tent without inviting bugs or mosquitoes inside.

Easy Set Up

As with other instant cabin tents on this list, this model is easy to set up. Its patented design allows for quick folding and unfolding; plus its telescopic poles click securely into place – you could set this tent up within 15 minutes with some practice!

This model features an unusual door setup consisting of a T-door in the center and full panel side D-doors on either end – accommodating three queen mattresses comfortably! Furthermore, closing off one side allows you to block out light from outside as a privacy screen or keep out light altogether.

Another distinct advantage of this tent is its generous headroom, measuring 6'4″ at its peak. This figure compares favorably with Limestone 6P and NEMO Wagontop 6 headroom; however, it still falls behind that of Core Skydome 8 and Coleman Skydome XL models.


The CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an ideal tent for families camping together. With enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably and windows and doors made of mesh to promote airflow and take advantage of breezes, as well as roof vents to help you remain cool even during hot summer nights, this tent makes camping fun!

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This tent's frame is already attached, making assembly quick and simple. Simply unfold and extend its telescoping poles – something which takes less than 2 minutes when compared with other cabin-type tents!

Keep in mind when selecting this tent that it does not feature vestibules, meaning your gear must be stored inside it. While this could prove inconvenient if you plan to bring along lots of gear, it should not be an impediment to purchasing this model.

Closing Thoughts

This tent was specifically created as a family camping tent that is very easy to setup and use, and lightweight enough for easier transportation and maneuvering. Not only that, but its waterproof exterior provides you with protection from rainstorms or other adverse weather conditions while its flame retardant material ensures safety if children will accompany you on your camping adventure.

This tent is one of the best-selling family tents available on the market. At an extremely reasonable price point and offering numerous features and qualities for an exceptional camping experience, it has quickly become one of the go-to choices for family camping trips. While rough weather camping might require purchasing an additional ground cloth for extra protection against harsh winds, otherwise this tent makes a wonderful option for any camping adventure with family.

However, be careful when rolling up its poles; otherwise they could cause abrasion to fabric when stored rolled up causing potential abrasion damage abrasion due to accidental contact between these components; however this issue can be avoided by being very careful when rolling up this tent versus another tent with its poles being in contact with each other when stored rolled up and avoidable by being careful in how carefully this tent can be stored – this can only happen once.


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