Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Looking for more details about the core 11 person family cabin tent with screen room? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room is a spacious camping tent designed for up to 11 persons, featuring a room divider that is detachable, gear pockets, lantern hook, and electrical access port.

Its 7 ft center height provides ample interior cabin space, while its rainfly and H2O Block technology offer protection from light rainfall showers. However, one potential drawback of this tent may be condensation build-up on its front screen porch.

Sleeps Up to 11 People

Family cabin tents with screen rooms provide the ideal way for camping families and groups of 11 people to remain cozy while outside. Not only can it sleep up to 11 people comfortably, it features an enclosed screen porch for privacy as well as an additional divider to provide separation – making this tent the ideal solution in warm weather camping conditions.

The Core Equipment 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room features a spacious front screen porch that can double as either an additional sleeping or sitting area, and its 86-inch center height makes it easier for campers to stand up easily and move around their tent. Furthermore, advanced venting helps maintain cool air flow throughout the tent; its H20 Block Technology features water repellent fabric combined with fully taped rainfly to repel rain and wind.

This tent is easy to set up with its color-coded poles. While one person could erect it alone, two is best so as not to damage any roof poles during assembly. Once base poles have been secured, attach the awning poles and begin building up your tent structure; eventually adding in your screened room and roof poles as well.

This tent's only flaw is its lack of an umbrella-covered rainfly in the front screen room, leaving it exposed to heavy rainfall. Light showers should pose no difficulty; but bear this in mind if camping during wet conditions. Otherwise, its sturdy frame features aluminum poles and zippers; additionally, an awning is included that can extend for additional seating space.

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Roomy Interior

If you're in search of an 11-person family tent with plenty of sleeping space for all of its inhabitants, this cabin-style option might just be ideal. It comes equipped with an expansive screen room that acts as a sheltered porch; most dome or extended dome tents in this capacity use dome designs; however this one stands out with its cabin design which provides plenty of air circulation through multiple windows and doors while its roof has partial rainfly protection to shield against showers.

This tent is constructed of thick 68D polyester that's sturdy against wear and tear, providing plenty of room to stand up or move around while its straight wall design and 86-inch center height provide plenty of standing up and moving around space. Furthermore, H20 Block Technology works to protect campers against rain through water-repellent fabrics with sealed seams to repel it while its doors and windows come equipped with mesh covers designed to keep out mosquitoes, flies and other pests.

Another wonderful feature of this tent is its adjustable ventilation system. Lower air intake vents draw cool air from below while its mesh ceiling lets excess hot air escape, helping keep you comfortable no matter the climate conditions. This tent will keep your family protected in all kinds of weather.

This tent can accommodate three queen air mattresses or camping cots with ease and also includes a gear loft, electrical port access and lantern hook for quick setup and quick use. Setup takes only minutes with snap-in poles that make setup effortless; plus there's even mud mats included to keep things dry!


Roomy Screen Room

The Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room is one of the few large enough screened tents for eleven campers to comfortably rest inside at once. Its spacious front porch offers fully closable window panels for privacy while full tent floor coverage keeps your gear organized and the 7-ft center ceiling height and straight wall design provides enough space for easy movement inside its interior cabin cabin. Plus, adjustable air vents help regulate temperature while gear loft with lantern hook keeps smaller items organized!

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However, unlike some screened tents, this porch of this tent is not protected by its rainfly – which allows water to seep into both the front screen room and main sleeping area. If this poses an issue for you, a different water-resistant or full coverage rainfly tent might be more suitable to prevent leakage into the main sleeping area.

Another drawback of this tent is its lengthy set-up time. Two people will need to work together in order to assemble its poles; once assembled though, setting it up should be relatively effortless.

As most screened tents do not provide sufficient weather protection, this can be a major issue. Most tents don't effectively repel rainwater; consequently, inside of your screened area will become wet quickly. Luckily, some screened tents have been designed with water resistance in mind; these will protect you from rainwater while keeping the interior of your screened area dry.

Sturdy screen porch

When it comes to outdoor fun without bugs getting in your way, a screen room tent can be the ideal solution. Offering a spacious front porch with fully closable window panels and full coverage tent floor to accommodate campers and gear alike. Its 86-inch center ceiling height and straight wall design give this cabin maximum space; additionally its roof has H20 blocking technology installed as weather protection; also there's a gear loft featuring lantern hooks and organizer pockets so equipment is kept off of the floor of your tent.

Screen rooms can be great options for camping in mild conditions; however, in rainier environments they may not be optimal sleeping spaces. Their floors are flat rather than tubbed which makes cleaning easier but limits waterproofing capabilities. Coleman also left part of their porch floor uncovered which could allow water seepage into their tent during heavy downpours.

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The Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room can fit three queen-size airbeds easily, making it the ideal tent for couples or small families. Its simple dome shape makes setup effortless, while its spacious entryway features a zippered privacy panel for privacy and protection from bugs. Plus, there are numerous vent openings near the ground to increase cross ventilation – ideal for summer camping trips but even suitable in slightly colder temperatures with its rainfly covering its top and all mesh openings being closed from within!

Gear loft

This tent is an excellent option for families who enjoy spending time outside. Sleeping up to 11 people, this tent includes a gear loft for keeping belongings off of the ground and also boasts a 7-foot tall center ceiling as well as a front “porch” area with screened walls – plus it includes rainfly, stakes, poles and carry bag – for outdoor fun!

This instant tent is easy and quick to set up, constructed of strong materials such as high-denier polyester with an anti-leak coating and plenty of windows for plenty of sunlight. Plus, its spacious living area makes this perfect for family members of all ages to spread out!

This tent's rainfly covers both its entrance to the screen room and mesh openings at the bottom, making it suitable for camping in moderate or warmer conditions. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't cover those at the bottom – which could allow water in during heavy showers; although tarps or other protective coverings might alleviate this concern.

This 6-person tent may be slightly heavier than some of its counterparts on this list, but is still within an acceptable weight range for such tents. Due to extra poles supporting its screened room and color-coded poles making assembly relatively straightforward – however with practice taking only 15 minutes per assembly.


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