Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


Looking for more details about the core 10 person straight wall cabin tent? With its screen room and dark-resistant design, this tent makes an excellent summertime camping solution. While assembling it might require multiple people working together to do it quickly and accurately, with practice one person should only need 15 minutes or so.

Straight-wall cabin designs provide 50% more interior space than dome tents. There are ample windows and doors, plus an optional room divider to offer more privacy.

Sleeps 10

This cabin-style tent with straight walls provides more space than dome-style alternatives, and can fit 4 queen-sized camping mattresses along with 2 standard-sized cots comfortably for an enjoyable camping experience. Furthermore, its numerous windows and doors allow for topnotch ventilation on those warm summer nights.

This cabin tent is an ideal option for families or groups of friends embarking on camping trips together. Featuring two doors, a divider, and plenty of sleeping space for everyone inside, it provides enough shelter during a camping adventure. Plus, its zipper can be left zipped up if the cool air needs to stay inside!

This tent divider divides each tent room into two separate areas with windows and doors for easy ventilation and privacy. Constructed of heavy-duty polyester, the divider can easily be cut with sharp scissors to adjust its size as necessary; additionally it features multiple storage pockets to hold personal items as well as two electrical ports to power camping gear within its boundaries.


The rainfly can be unzipped during warmer weather to expose its mesh ceiling and allow stargazing on clear summer nights. Made with waterproof taped seams and equipped with an adjustable intake vent system for temperature regulation inside, its water resistance ensures peace of mind while its water resistant 115gsm polyethylene floor protects campers from ground moisture accumulation.

Core has integrated their H20 Block Technology into this tent to ensure its fabric will withstand wet weather conditions, offering plenty of ventilation options in this tent with its screened windows and doors, mesh ceiling, adjustable intake vents and color-coded pole sleeves across the top – not forgetting 18 stakes included as an emergency measure in case of windy conditions! Setup is quick and simple using color-coded pole sleeves across its top as well as six steel poles inserted vertically from each corner – while 18 stakes provide further security against windy conditions!

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Room Divider

This large tent's room divider feature makes it easy for you to divide the living and sleeping spaces of your tent into separate compartments for increased privacy when camping with family or friends, as well as providing better ventilation during hot summer nights by opening up windows and doors without disturbing everyone in your tent.

This tent's divider connects to one side and is held up by poles connected via pin-and-ring connections to its main frame; these then form part of its pin and ring connections to provide added wind protection for this divider. Furthermore, its bathtub-style floor keeps moisture out from underneath your sleeping area, helping prevent dampness or humidity which is sometimes an issue in large tents.

This tent comes complete with a fully taped rain fly to provide excellent protection in wet conditions. Additionally, its mesh ceiling and vents make the tent much more comfortable for camping trips with family or friends.

This large tent features a front screen room for additional sleeping space or gear storage, with an entrance into it via a door on its exterior that makes entry and exit easy without disturbing anyone else in your tent.

One of the greatest assets of this large tent is its lightning fast setup process. A single person can set it up in just over two minutes, making this tent an invaluable asset for busy campers and families. Core's H20 Block Technology uses water-resistant fabrics and sealed seams to keep rainwater out, while its rainfly can easily be attached or detached in warmer climates for ventilation.

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Gear Loft

Core's instant cabin family camping line stands out with special features that set it apart, like their gear loft and LED strip built into its ceiling – two features which really set this tent apart. Both features allow easy access and prevent items from getting dirty or wet during camping trips. Another cool feature is an LED strip built into its ceiling which helps illuminate its contents more clearly in low lighting situations.

Ventilation is key when sleeping with multiple people in one tent, making the sleeping experience more comfortable for all involved. A room divider is great for those wanting additional privacy; it fits two queen-sized beds comfortably. Furthermore, each side of the divider features zippered panels to create separate areas for sleeping and living purposes.

This tent is an ideal option for families and groups of friends camping together, providing ample space and durability. Core's H20 Block technology renders it water-resistant and waterproof – meaning you can rest easy knowing it will stand up against rain. With its bathtub-style floor made of sturdy 115-gsm polyethylene material, this tent also protects campers from ground moisture that leads to condensation issues.

Set-up of this model is fast and straightforward, while it won't weigh you down during travel. Plus, its freestanding nature means it can be secured if windy conditions arise – plus, its affordability makes it an excellent option for those on tight budgets.

One drawback of this tent is its very bright interior, which can make sleeping hard in the morning for those who tend to wake early. While this may not be an issue if camping with young children who wake early, it can be frustrating if you like sleeping in later.

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At times, large tents can struggle with ventilation – this being one reason they may not be ideal for family camping, especially if sleeping close to each other is essential. But not the Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent; its excellent ventilation comes from having mesh covering each opening (including on its ceiling!) as well as two ground vents.

These tents are specifically designed to push out hot air that causes condensation within, making the tent much more comfortable and preventing any form of ground moisture entering it and creating problems with sleeping gear. Another great feature of this tent is its bathtub floor which works to protect sleeping gear against damp conditions outside.

In addition to offering ample sleeping space, the Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent also boasts plenty of storage. There is a gear loft where all your camping equipment can be stored safely; while its room divider can provide some separation when sharing with children or friends. Unfortunately there is no vestibule so any gear left outside could become wet in case it rains.

Core's H20 Block Technology ensures this tent is water resistant and tough. In addition, fiberglass poles and steel stakes for additional durability make up its construction; additionally, its cover may be removed during warmer conditions to reveal its panoramic mesh ceiling.

The Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin tent is an excellent option if you need a large tent that can comfortably house 10 people, offering great value and features that make camping enjoyable. Plus, it can be set up quickly – ideal for family camping trips.


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