Cool Climbing Chalk Bags for 2022

December 6, 2020

By Nate


There are many cool climbing chalk bags to choose from for outdoor and indoor climbing enthusiasts.

When it comes to climbing, you need a lot of preparatory gear. One usually goes for helmets, ropes, shoes, and such devices. However, what one fails to pay attention to is small details like climbing chalk.

I mean, just pick out just any bag of chalk and go along with it right? Wrong. Climbing chalk bags have way more impact on your climb than it seems. They not only provide grip but also add to the weight and balance of your body.

A high-quality chalk bag is one that is compact enough to carry upon your climb yet spacious enough to accommodate all that it needs to. It has to be upright since it will be a hassle to put your hand in lousy bags when up climbing.

They should be built from tough material that is super durable since climbing is a rough sport and you cannot have chalk spilling out mid-air. Also, it should not be plain and boring to match the rest of your kit.

To help you find such cool climbing chalk bags, here is a list of the best ones I could find to make your search easier.


  1. Sukoa Bouldering Chalk Bag

The first item that made it to my list today is none other than the Sukoa bouldering chalk bag. Sukoa makes the best products for people raging with adrenaline and adventure junkies. From travel gear to skiing poles, everything can be found in their little collection.

Their chalk bag has my heart because of its simple design and highly functional construction. Wait till you see how large its pockets are and you will surely be drawn towards it too!

Compact yet spacious design

What I face the most issues with is the depth of a chalk bag. I love compact chalk bags because they’re easier to carry and are lightweight but when inspected from the insides, they’re equally small and cramped.

What I love about the Sukoa chalk bag is that is deep and soft on the inside while being compact and small on the outside despite having large pockets. The depth of the bag prevents the chalk from spilling out mid-journey when you fetch it. It stays inside successfully.

Large pockets

Since while climbing, you do not get the chance to have much on you due to the lack of holding pockets, it is indeed bliss to have large pockets in this chalk holder. The bag has not one but two zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe throughout the journey.

These pockets enable you to carry your jewelry, purse, phone, keys, or such essentials close to you while climbing. You can even store snacks for later!

Locking System

The sealing arrangement is pretty simple and secure. The bag has a large opening for your hand to easily scoop in to get some chalk. The opening cinches up tightly to prevent leakages. One thing that I must say lets me down a little is that the string does not hold the bag upright.

Adjustable belt

To securely place the bag in place to prevent it from falling, it has an adjustable belt. You can wear it independently from your harness. If you prefer a harness hanger, remove the belt and attach the bag to the clip of your harness. Hinging it on the harness gives you more mobility as you don’t have to be cautious of the bag all the time.


Made with excellent quality materials and top construction, the Sukoa chalk bag is bound to last you years without any damage. When compared quality-wise it is as good as organic chalk bags that cause zero-damage and last for a long time.


  • Excellent price
  • Large pockets
  • Long-term durability


  • Comes only in 1 color

Valley Climbing Bag

Are you looking for something sturdy and durable but has a classic design too? Chalk bags with innumerous features are rarely found. Since it is just a side accessory, makers don’t put much thought into it. But that is so not the case with the Valley climbing chalk bag.

Keep reading to find out more!

High-quality construction

The chalk bag is made from high-quality materials that provide excellent performance. The durable nylon has a water-resistant coating for wet days when you don’t want to get your chalk wet. Nylon helps the interior stay lightweight yet strong. The inside also has a soft fleece lining for comfort. It also helps retain the chalk.

Unique design

When contemplating between chalk bucket vs bag, I would surely go for a chalk bag since buckets are rounder and much more inconvenient. However, they have a sturdy upright rim. To match that, the rim of this chalk bag has been stiffened and designed to keep the bag open while you climb.

Additional Accessories

Who here doesn’t love freebies? Well, I certainly do and was delighted to find out that a chalk ball is included along with the kit. The ball arrives ready for use in a clean and separate bag. A brush loop and a much stronger buckle are also included. A mini carabiner is also featured along with an adjustable waist belt.

Pockets and strings

The bag has 2 large zipper pockets that are capable of holding multiple items at once. The bag itself is spacious and the pockets are large and roomy as well. The adjustable drawstring opens and closes tightly to avoid spillage.

Affordable price

It is indeed hard to believe that such an amazing high-quality bag would be worth so less, but yes it is. The bag hardly costs anything and won’t be a strain on your pocket amidst the other climbing accessories.


  • Upgraded design for comfort
  • Waterproof construction
  • Easily accessible mouth when climbing


  • Low-quality chalk ball

Closing Thoughts

Climbing is a happy and relieving experience, and nothing should hinder it. To gain the most relaxing experience, here are the top chalk bags that you could use when climbing. Although chalk bags do seem like an accessory that does not require much thought, be sure to research thoroughly before getting one.

I hope this post on our top two picks for cool climbing chalk bags was helpful to you.

Till next time, happy climbing!

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