Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Person Cabin Tent

June 2, 2023

By Nate


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Columbia has created a luxurious camping experience with their tent. Featuring straight cabin walls that maximize space and tub flooring designed to discourage rainwater drainage. In addition, there's a No-See-Um mesh floor vent for optimal ventilation.

This tent features a hinged door and removable room divider. Additionally, its windows feature pull out style windows that can remain open during light to moderate rain showers.


This spacious family tent is an ideal solution for multi-day camping trips, thanks to its straight walls that maximize internal space while creating a high ceiling that makes moving around inside easier. Easy to pitch with its handy carry bag, the tent features removable divider panels for organization as well as plenty of mesh windows for ventilation – durable materials can even withstand rainstorms!

The Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Person Cabin Tent is an excellent option for campers looking for a spacious cabin tent that provides both privacy and safety. Designed to comfortably hold 10 people, it features plenty of mesh windows for ventilation as well as large doors with rounded entrances for easier entry/exit as well as detachable rainflys and privacy dividers when necessary.

This tent is built for comfort and protection, featuring a waterproof rainfly with an airflow-enhancing mesh roof to maximize airflow. The fabric used to construct it is fast-drying, flameproof, flammability-resistant, with an Omni-Shield coating designed to help resist leaks and tears. Furthermore, its construction provides added resistance against harsh weather conditions, with 75 denier polyester body construction, heavy 2,000mm coating to ward off rain, crunch-free polyester floors and SBS zippers which do not snag when opening and closing them up when closing them up again after every use!

Another excellent feature of this tent are its windows, which feature extra-large pull-out designs to enable you to keep them open even during rain showers. There is also a ground vent which provides ventilation when not raining; however, strong winds cannot be blocked out completely by it.

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The Columbia Mammoth Creek tent features an easy setup process thanks to its cabin style tent design and comprehensive instruction manual. Once you gain enough practice, assembly should take no time at all! Featuring vertical walls which maximize floor space while eliminating angled poles that waste precious real estate or create leaky areas; as well as a removable divider to divide its interior into two rooms for privacy, setup can take place quickly and smoothly.

The Columbia Mammoth Creek tent features windows designed to bring in natural light even during inclement weather, offering ample natural lighting to illuminate your daytime activities. Each window can be pulled-out for ease of use even while it rains; furthermore, its ground vent offers additional ventilation; additionally there's mesh covering the ceiling that could help minimize condensation issues.

Durable and Waterproof

One feature I really loved about this tent was its bathtub flooring made with 150D polyester with 2,000mm water resistance, tested out in my yard during moderate rain storms for hours – not one drop leaked through after being caught by seam tape or SBS zippers! Additionally, its seam tape and SBS zippers should ensure snag-free operation.

The Columbia Mammoth Creek tent features an attractive hinged door designed to emulate those in homes for easier entrance and exit from its tent. This improvement over fabric doors that often become stuck can save both time and effort when camping!

The Columbia Mammoth Creek tent features 2 adjustable ground vents to maximize airflow and minimize humidity and moisture, as well as a gear loft and lantern hook to organize all of your camping supplies off of the floor. Ideal for warm-weather camping conditions; not suitable for cold or snowy conditions due to being not designed to withstand strong winds; therefore best avoided high elevation campsites unless wind protection measures are in place; making this an excellent choice if camping with friends or family members.

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This tent weighs only 29 pounds when packed into its carry bag, making it easy to pack and unpack for family camping trips. While not as portable or lightweight as backpacking tents, this cabin-style tent still outshines many others on this front.

This tent boasts a room divider to divide its interior into two separate sleeping rooms, making it suitable for families or friends who prefer sleeping separately. Furthermore, its large vestibule allows for dry entry and exit during wet weather and its durable waterproof coating protects you from rain or snowfall. Finally, there's even an utility port so that your electronic devices can get power.

Another excellent feature of this tent is that it is quick and simple to set up. Perfect for those who don't enjoy spending hours setting up their shelter, it can be ready in just half an hour so you can start enjoying your campsite sooner.


The Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Person Cabin Tent is a spacious 2-room tent designed to comfortably house eight people. Featuring straight walls and tall design that create more internal space than traditional dome-style tents. Furthermore, the open front vestibule makes an excellent place for equipment storage; additionally it's designed to withstand strong winds.

It is constructed of strong polyester fabric treated with the Omni-Shield fabric coating to repel water and dry 3-5 times faster than untreated fabrics. Furthermore, this durable product can withstand both wind and snowfall with no sign of wear and tear.

It features a tub floor and fiberglass poles for extra strength and reliability. Able to withstand snowfall up to 40mph winds and winds of 40 mph wind gusts, it makes camping in most outdoor conditions comfortable. Furthermore, it comes equipped with ground vent and No-See-Um mesh for enhanced comfort while being an affordable tent ideal for anyone wanting to experience nature without breaking the bank!


This large cabin tent is an excellent way to help families escape modern conveniences. Setup is simple, providing plenty of room for everyone to sleep comfortably. Additionally, this tent comes equipped with a battery-operated overhead light and convenient electrical cord port; adjustable ground vents with no-see-um mesh windows/doors/roof to optimize airflow inside; no-see-um mesh windows and doors maximize ventilation within.

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At first glance, what stands out about this tent is its quality of construction. I've only encountered one other tent with all its seams fully taped – making it waterproof without needing a rainfly! Plus, its bathtub flooring made of high-grade 150D polyester feels much thicker than my other tents of this size! Furthermore, its Columbia Mammoth Creek 8 Person Cabin Tent offers convenient storage pockets that won't snag or pull out zippers, giving this model its name: SBS zippers won't snag or pull out either!

Closing Thoughts

Another outstanding feature of this tent is its capacity to withstand heavy rain. While not 100% waterproof, its fabric features an Omni-shield coating designed to repel water and UV rays; this coating also helps the tent dry 3-5 times faster than traditional fabrics – something especially helpful when it's pouring outside!

This tent is not only waterproof, but also wind-resistant – an invaluable quality when camping in windy climates. Featuring an aerodynamic ridgeline to reduce wind's effect on its structure and buckled pole sleeves to secure them in place, setup only takes most people approximately 30 minutes!

This tent features a room divider and two doorways, making it an excellent option for family camping trips. The divider can be zipped shut to create a second living space large enough to hold either a queen-sized mattress or five sleeping pads; and its round entryway features a doormat flap and pocket to store shoes. Plus, there's also a mesh skylight ceiling and detachable rain fly to provide additional protection; making this tent suitable for warm-weather camping but adaptable enough for cold-weather camping too!


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