Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person Cabin Tent

June 2, 2023

By Nate


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Ideal for family camping trips, the Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person Cabin Tent provides roomy comfort in nature. Equipped with water repellent coating and straight walls to maximize space utilization, as well as an adjustable removable divider to create additional rooms, this tent makes outdoor adventures enjoyable and comfortable.

Two pull-out windows with tilted pull-out screens and a ground vent keep air moving freely inside this tent, and it passed the one hour rain test without leaking through any of its doors or taped seams.


Many families prefer cabin-style tents for the added livability they provide. Unlike dome tents, cabin tents feature straight walls and tall ceilings to make standing or walking around easier and can often accommodate multiple air mattresses at once – some even feature separate front screen rooms specifically for stargazing!

This Columbia model tent is an excellent example. With 112 square feet of floor space and a high peak height, there is ample room for two queen mattresses as well as a gear loft to help organize belongings. In addition, its insulation and weatherproof features ensure comfort even in low temperatures.

Another key advantage of this cabin tent is its easy set up process. Thanks to its pre-attached pole and hub design, setting this tent up only takes 20 minutes – giving you time to spend exploring instead.

This tent provides protection from rain with its waterproof rainfly and inverted seams which prevent water seepage from the ground into its core. Made from sturdy materials and featuring tub flooring with taped seams for optimal protection.

This tent may be heavier than others, as it comes packaged in a four-foot fabric bag weighing 32 pounds and requires assembly of color-coded steel and shock corded fiberglass poles – however once set up it offers amazing stability and rigidity that's also easy to clean and store away when not needed; making this tent an excellent option for families that enjoy camping in mountainous terrain.

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The Columbia Mammoth Creek 6 Person Cabin Tent is designed to keep families comfortable on weekend camping trips. Its straight walls maximize space while its higher ceiling makes movement easier; additionally, there is an optional removable divider if desired to divide up a second room if desired. Plus, water repellant coating and bathtub flooring keep moisture at bay, while windows and a roll-up door let in light and fresh air when weather conditions permit.

This tent comes in an easy-to-transport four-foot fabric carrying bag that makes setting it up quick and simple. Constructed using steel poles for upright support and flexible fiberglass poles for roof sections, its rainfly simply encases everything and is secured using shock cords to the steel poles – even its large size makes set-up relatively straightforward – it works best if one person sets up while another prepares food or gear.

This tent features fascinating two-layer windows made up of mesh on the outside and zippered panels on the inside, creating an appealing two-tone look. Furthermore, its ventilation system is top notch: no-see-um mesh is installed in both roof and door areas with an adjustable ground vent providing optimal airflow throughout.

Features that set this tent apart include a welcome mat attached below its front door for keeping muddy boots and wet packs off of the ground, sturdy SBS zippers that don't snag easily and crunch-free polyester flooring that dries faster than other fabrics. Furthermore, it features a built-in utility port as well as multiple storage pockets. Furthermore, it passed a one hour rain test without fail, with seam taped seams further improving waterproofness.



This beautiful cabin-style tent boasts 3 windows and a floor vent (see the image above), making it tall enough for most people to stand up straight inside – though, as with other tents this size, peak height maxes out nearer the center than on its outer edges.

This tent was impressively water resistant during my 1-hour rain test, only leaking slightly in certain corners over many hours of moderate to heavy rainfall. Additionally, its bathtub-style flooring helps prevent groundwater seepage into its fabric, and Columbia has equipped this product with their Omni-Shield technology for additional waterproofing and repellency.

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This tent features numerous thoughtful details, like this zipper pouch on its door and extra fabric on its T-door to collect any rain that might leak in from outside. Furthermore, there are two pull-out windows which can remain open so there is plenty of ventilation even during rain showers.

This tent is constructed of 150D polyester and DAC MX aluminum poles for maximum strength. Easily pitched thanks to its bulletproof rainfly, and featuring thicker crunch-free polyester flooring – making this tent heavier than similar sizes but much sturdier and more durable – its adjustable awning makes this ideal for keeping out sun or rain, and mesh walls provide added ventilation in hot conditions; perfect for camping trips with the family!


With numerous storage solutions and an expansive interior, this tent provides ample comfort in any weather. Its straight wall design maximizes space while creating a higher ceiling to improve ventilation, with removable dividers to separate into 2 rooms if more room is necessary. Plus, a no-see-um mesh roof, windows, and doors all help maximize airflow throughout the tent for maximum airflow efficiency.

To protect this cabin tent against the elements, it utilises waterproof materials and an advanced rainfly design. The body is constructed from 75-denier polyester with an 800-mm coating while its rainfly boasts an impressive 2,000mm coat to channel water away from it and ensure that this tent remains dry during heavy rainfall.

Contrary to most tents of its size, this tent stands out by featuring tilted pull-out windows that can be left open even during heavy rainfall, 1 ground vent for extra ventilation options, fast-drying Omni-Shield fabric which resists leaks even under moderate to heavy rainfall, fast dry times and leak resistance – an impressive feature I tested in a yard full of water myself without leakage through seams or fabric even after several hours of moderate to heavy downpour.

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Another advantage of this tent is how easy it is to set up. Complete with a cloth carrying bag and all necessary poles, assembly should take less than 20 minutes. However, due to its size, a car or truck will likely be necessary in order to transport this tent to its campsite; but nonetheless this makes an ideal option for beach camping or any location easily accessible by vehicle.


Even though its size and weight make this tent too big for backpacking trips, it will still make an excellent addition to car camping trips. Plus, its light design means that multiple people can carry it without strain.

The spacious interior of this cabin style tent easily accommodates two queen air mattresses, and the pre-attached room divider makes dividing into two rooms easy. Plus, its hinged door mimics what would be found at home – eliminating annoying fabric that catches zippers or chains!

As with other Columbia products, this tent offers quality craftsmanship and provides the deluxe experience expected by users. The straight wall design provides more internal space and height than traditional dome styles while fiberglass reinforced poles and tub floor provide extra leak protection. An adjustable ground vent ensures optimal airflow while No-See-Um mesh panels let you take in views while keeping out warm air and bugs.

One of the main attractions of this tent is its simplicity of setup. Attaching the awnings and pole-supported rainfly/vestibule is relatively straightforward, while finding appropriate places for tent stakes shouldn't be an issue either. Fiberglass poles may be easier to bend than aluminum ones but lack steel's strength.

This tent is ideal for family camping trips and features plenty of convenient features, such as large windows that make stargazing easy and mosquito protection screened vents in the roof to ward off insects. Perfect for families searching for comfortable yet spacious tents at an affordable price point.


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