Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Person Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


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A 10-person tent must accommodate several people at once while withstanding wind and rainstorms – and be easy to set up and take down. The Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Person Tent fits this criteria perfectly.

This tent was constructed to withstand moisture, featuring crunch-free 150D polyester material and an extensive waterproof coating of 2,000mm thickness. Additionally, bathtub flooring helps keep any liquid out of the tent.

Weather-Repellent Coating

An investment like a tent should only be built with high-grade materials, and to last through all weather and camping conditions. When camping with multiple people, having a sturdy structure that can withstand adverse conditions is of utmost importance – and Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Person Tent features strong fiberglass poles made for durability that are resistant to corrosion as well as straight cabin walls which prevent floor space being wasted by tents with angled walls is an ideal solution.

The tent features a water-repellent coating designed to keep you dry during a rainstorm, using Omni-Shield fabric treatment that offers advanced repellency and dries 3-5 times faster than untreated fabrics. Furthermore, its tub-style flooring keeps groundwater out while its set of angled windows allows ventilation while offering breathtaking night sky views.


However, unlike fully waterproof tents which must have a rainfly that covers the entirety of the tent, this cabin tent features an additional layer of protection to help keep water at bay. The rainfly fits tightly over the top of the tent with an additional hem at the bottom to keep wind and debris from blowing under cover; however it's still not completely watertight as a crosswind may still bring raindrops inside if this cover doesn't hold.

Mammoth Creek tent is equipped to withstand harsh elements thanks to its taped seams and tub floors – the latter feature crunch-free polyester material for extra waterproof protection against leaks.

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Mammoth Creek tent offers two dividers that can help create separate rooms inside its tent, providing ample privacy while sleeping or spending time inside it. This feature makes the Mammoth Creek an excellent option for families or groups of friends looking for some additional personal space while they sleep or relax inside its shelter.


Straight Cabin Walls

Contrary to its traditional tent shape which features rounded walls, this cabin tent comes with straight walls which increase interior space for more people to fit comfortably inside the tent. Furthermore, the roof features no-see-um mesh panels to improve airflow and avoid condensation build-up within.

Another feature that makes this tent ideal for larger groups is its two entrances, both of which can be opened and closed separately to provide privacy for everyone coming and going – especially families with young children!

This tent comes equipped with dividers to divide its shelter into two rooms, accommodating one queen-sized mattress or five sleeping bags per room. Both rooms also boast windows to provide plenty of ventilation – perfect for hot climates to help avoid suffocation!

Dividers sewn into the structure provide additional privacy when sharing this tent, yet can easily be moved aside if desired for use as one room.

One thing campers love about this tent is its straightforward setup process. Even novice campers should find it fairly straightforward to pitch this tent in just 10 minutes with clear instructions for setup provided in its user guide.

This tent is constructed from high-quality materials, including the polyester rain fly and Oxford floor material, as well as being coated with a heavy 2,000mm waterproof coating to keep you dry during wet weather. Furthermore, its durable oxford floor has seam taped seams to reduce seepage risk; additionally the fabric weave resists tears for increased longevity. Columbia Mammoth Creek Tent makes an excellent budget-friendly way for families looking for outdoor adventure with price under $150; it provides great value.

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Tub Flooring

This tent's tub flooring utilizes high-quality durable polyester materials with a waterproof coating for durability, as well as an internal zippered panel which can be closed for increased ventilation when desired, along with an adjustable no-see-um mesh ground vent to provide air flow throughout and minimize humidity levels. There are also 2 doors and 3 windows equipped with mesh and zippered panels to further increase ventilation- a feature which is especially important in accommodating up to 10 people in it!

This tent can accommodate up to ten people comfortably; however, it may not be ideal for families with small children. This spacious cabin tent offers generous floor space and comes equipped with an easily removable room divider; additionally it comes complete with plenty of storage pockets so everyone's gear stays organized during a camping trip!


One of the best features of this tent is that it features instant pop-up technology, making set up and take down extremely straightforward. This tent is perfect for those who don't have much time or space available when setting up their campsite; plus its compact nature saves room in your vehicle when packing down. However, plastic stakes may not hold up against certain hard ground materials.

Another impressive aspect of this tent is that it boasts waterproof coating and taped seams to prevent leaks from occurring. Furthermore, its durability was put through an exhaustive 1-hour rain test and passed without issue! Plus it comes at a great price point; perfect for anyone searching for a comfortable place to sleep!

When purchasing a tent to accommodate 10 people, it is important to find one with enough room and height so everyone is comfortable. This tent boasts both of these qualities while also featuring an extra large vestibule that offers storage and hanging out space – perfect for summer camping and even can serve as 3-season shelter.

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Removable Divider

No matter the kind of camping adventure you plan, having multiple rooms and dividers can make a real difference in terms of privacy and preventing people from disturbing one another while trying to sleep. With its removable divider feature, this tent gives extra space and makes creating separate sleeping areas easy – whether couples or families.

Straight cabin walls on this tent maximize interior space, providing enough room for four air mattresses for maximum comfort. Furthermore, tub flooring adds durability while tub seam taped seams prevent leaks even under wet conditions.

One feature that makes this tent stand out from its competition is its windows. Two tilted pull-out windows allow fresh air to enter while also helping reduce heat build-up inside during midday naps.

If insects are an issue for you, this model offers plenty of mesh to block them out. There are also adjustable ground vents to improve airflow throughout the tent and keep things comfortable when temperatures soar. Furthermore, its breathable materials will ensure cool comfort during hot weather trips.

This tent is relatively straightforward to assemble, though it will take some time. The instructions are extremely comprehensive and will guide you through every step of the process; just spend a few minutes putting the tent body together, attaching poles, and staking it down; once everything has been aligned correctly the rest should take mere minutes more!

While some tent manufacturers tout that their tent can be set up within 60 seconds, 2 minutes, or 5 minutes, this only refers to assembling the tent body itself – not including stake out and rainfly setup (and taking into account these additional steps can significantly extend setup times).


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