Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more details about the coleman weathermaster 10 person outdoor tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

This two-room tent features an easily opening and closing hinged door for effortless setup, along with mesh ceiling panels and windows for enhanced ventilation.

To set up the tent, insert three slightly curved steel poles into three pole sleeves across the width of your tent and secure with pole clips.


The Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent features various ventilation features to keep you cool and comfortable during a camping trip. Multiple windows and an 8′ 8″ center height help optimize air flow to help ensure an ideal camping experience. Furthermore, this tent includes convenient electrical access points so that you can stay charged up and connected while camping.

The Coleman Weathermaster features angled windows which allow for air circulation while camping and to keep your tent cooler. In addition, there is a built-in cool air port to bring fresh air in and prevent condensation that leads to wet bedding or mold growth.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent provides ample room for your whole family. This cabin style tent can fit two queen-sized air mattresses, along with sleeping bags and other gear. Furthermore, its door awning and hinged door allow easy entry/exit of the tent as well as privacy from any interruptions within. Finally, its room divider adds additional separation.

This tent features a sturdy frame designed to withstand harsh elements, using the WeatherTec system with its welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry during camping trips. Furthermore, there's even an integral rainfly that provides protection from heavy downpours or strong winds.

However, it's important to keep in mind that rainfly attachment is limited to only the top of your tent if conditions require full rainfly coverage. Any attempt at attaching it elsewhere might lead to leakage of the tent itself.

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The Coleman Weathermaster Tent is an ideal option for families or small groups who plan to spend their camping trip outdoors. It is well ventilated, spacious and easy to set up – which make it suitable for trips with several people. Additionally, this tent's durability makes it suitable for large camping excursions.

Electrical Access Point

This ten person tent features an electrical access point that makes connecting electronics easier for families and groups, including an integral rainfly to help shield from adverse weather conditions.

This Coleman tent features ample ventilation, making it the ideal choice for hot camping days. The tent's angled windows help create airflow around it; their easy opening/closing makes temperature regulation simple. Plus, there's a cool air port to circulate fresh air and reduce condensation!

Ten person tent with two rooms that comfortably fits three queen-sized air mattresses for sleeping comfort. Perfect for family and friends!

The tent features several storage pockets to easily organize items, while also featuring a removable divider to separate sleeping areas more effectively.

Installation for this 10-person tent may be more complex than with pop up or instant tents, but is still manageable. Care should be taken to follow directions so all parts can connect correctly – this process should take around 20 minutes in total.

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent is ideal for summer camping with large families or groups of friends, however not recommended during winter due to wind and rain. Equipped with the WeatherTec system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry; featuring hinged door entry; gear loft; storage pockets as well as 1-year limited warranty coverage, the Coleman Weathermaster provides maximum convenience during camping trips!

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Room for Everyone

The Coleman Weathermaster Tent provides ample space for 10 people and their gear, making it perfect for family or group camping trips. The WeatherTec system with inverted and taped seams keeps water out even during heavy downpours while its angled windows and hinged door allow easy entry/exit without getting wet feet.

The Coleman Weathermaster tent features sturdy 68D polyester fabric and fiberglass poles to keep its structure robust and reliable in any climate, providing protection from rain or wind without compromise to your shelter. Plus, with vertical walls and tall center height providing sufficient room for most campers to stand upright for an uninterrupted night's rest no matter the conditions outside!

Alternatively, the Coleman Weathermaster tent comes in six person models as well. Each size of this tent is also much lighter and easier to transport when backpacking trips become necessary.

This Coleman camping tent boasts an interior space designed to comfortably house two queen air mattresses or four twin beds, plus offers plenty of storage space for all of your belongings. A room divider allows you to create individual living areas within this large tent for additional privacy and versatility.

As with other tents of its size, the Coleman Weathermaster tent requires some time and patience when setting up. Just ensure there's enough space available so as not to accidentally step on any fiberglass poles or connect pieces incorrectly while working.

As the Coleman Weathermaster tent comes with only low-grade stakes, it is wise to bring along extra stakes of your own for optimal use. Furthermore, its easy set up instructions make this an effortless process for even novice campers.

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With its durable fiberglass and steel pole construction, this Coleman tent is built for lasting use. Featuring tall center height and vertical walls that create an effective wind-resistive frame, however it may not be ideal in high winds or rainy weather conditions – we suggest adding extra stakes as part of your kit for such trips.

No matter your camping party size, this Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent offers enough room for everyone. Designed as a cabin-style tent and featuring enough space to comfortably house three queen-sized air beds, no one will feel cramped! Plus, its room divider provides privacy when sleeping time comes around!

The Coleman Weathermaster tent is easy to set up even for camping novices, thanks to color-coded tent poles that make assembly a simple process. In addition, this handy carry bag comes equipped with instructions sewn right inside so there's no risk of losing them on your journey!

As this tent was not intended for snowy conditions, it's wise to avoid taking it out during winter camping trips. But if your plans include fair-weather camping between spring and fall months, this tent would make an excellent option.

The Coleman Weathermaster tent provides campers looking for an affordable yet durable shelter an excellent value. Easy to set up, with plenty of ventilation, high-quality materials, and easy set-up. Unfortunately it's not waterproof though so additional weatherproofing measures may be necessary if weatherproofing is important to you.


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