Coleman Octagon Tent Review

July 3, 2023

By Nate


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Coleman Octagon Tents offer some of the best features found in bell tents, event shelters and family tents all-in-one! Their design features include welded bucket floors and WeatherTec systems that have been proven to withstand wind and rain, making this tent truly remarkable.

This cabin can comfortably fit up to eight campers and comes equipped with a removable room divider that allows campers to divide sleeping areas. In addition, there's an easy-access hinged door and multiple windows.


The Coleman Octagon Tent has quickly become a beloved classic since its introduction and won Camping Magazine's tent of the year award back in 2015. The tent's unique yurt-like design provides a delightful glamping feel while providing plenty of living space for couples or small families. Furthermore, its hinged door makes entering and exiting much simpler by eliminating having to unzip every time someone wants to enter or leave the tent.

The Octagon tent features a unique ring and pin system which uses longer pins in its corners for added wind protection, helping ensure it can withstand even strong winds without getting blown away or leaking. Furthermore, thanks to its waterproof floor and inverted seams it can handle rain as well. In addition, large windows on multiple sides as well as E-ports make accessing electrical power much simpler.

Coleman Octagon Tent's main attraction lies in its ability to comfortably sleep up to eight people at once, making it perfect for family camping or groups of friends who wish to share in the experience together. Furthermore, it can serve multiple functions; including luxury glamping tent for two with custom tent carpet and furniture or as an ideal camping solution for large festival-goers.

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Octagon tents are known for being quick and simple to set up; unlike modern dome and tunnel tents that require threading flexible poles through long sleeves, its unique octagonal shape means its poles simply pull the inner layer up along their trajectory – making the setup process easy enough that even novice campers can master it quickly!

The tent is easy to pack away into its carry bag with wheels for easier transportation between car and campsite. Unfortunately, however, its bulk makes it impractical as a backpacking tent.



Coleman tent's unique octagonal shape creates a spacious interior that comfortably fits up to eight campers – an excellent option for family camping! Additionally, its vertical walls help keep this tent cool and comfortable even as temperatures start rising.

Coleman's WeatherTec system will keep you dry when it rains with its tub floor, patented corner welds, and protected seams working together to keep water out. Plus, its strong frame has been tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds – giving you peace of mind knowing this tent can withstand even extreme weather conditions!

Its hinged door allows easy entry and exit of this tent without having to crouch or crawl, with two rooms designed specifically to meet family camping needs. Furthermore, this tent can be divided into smaller sleeping areas via its removable room dividers.

Coleman designed this tent with multiple windows to help ensure adequate ventilation on hot summer days, and features plenty of storage space – ideal for extra supplies and gear storage. However, note that there is no roof vent included with this model, which could prove troublesome in areas that receive regular rainfall.

This tent is easy to pitch with its colour-coded pole sleeves and octagonal design that make setup quick. In 15 minutes or less you'll have your tent completely self-supporting once complete! Unfortunately it isn't suitable for backpacking due to being heavy and bulky when packed; also not ideal in high windy conditions nor does it provide much rain protection; nevertheless it remains highly-rated tent that makes an excellent option for family camping, glamping and couple getaways.

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Weather Resistance

The Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Tent is an incredible option for families that enjoy camping. The tent's unique octagonal shape maximizes interior space, while WeatherTec system protects campers from rain and bugs with tub floor with patented corner welds, protected seams and covered zipper that keeps water at bay. Furthermore, its strong frame has been tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds; additional protection comes via rainfly that comes included.

The Coleman Octagon tent's inner walls are constructed of durable polyester fabric and coated with a waterproof polyurethane layer for rainy conditions. In addition, its polyethylene mesh roof and windows offer air circulation as well as views of the nighttime stars. Plus, its hinged door allows easy entry/exit.

Inside of the tent is a privacy divider which enables family members to create individual personal space if there's ever any contention during camping trip. Doors feature mesh screens to block out insects. Furthermore, an awning covers the front door for added protection from elements.

Easy to Set Up

This Coleman Octagon tent is easy to set up and take down thanks to color-coded pole attachments, taking only 15 minutes from start to camping trip ready. Its spacious interior can fit two queen air beds or eight people sleeping bags comfortably and two doors with multiple windows provide convenient access during camping trips while letting sunlight in.

Weather resistance of this tent makes it suitable for most outdoor climates. From rain and windstorms to sun exposure and sunstroke. Furthermore, its maximum hydrostatic head capacity stands at 1500mm.

This tent's durable poles and fabric combine strength with longevity, with waterproof polyurethane coating to extend its longevity. Additionally, its octagonal shape helps maximize internal space, while windows and door have no-see-um mesh to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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The Coleman Octagon tent is an affordable alternative to more costly camping tents, making for an inviting and spacious campsite experience.


The Coleman Octagon Tent provides plenty of storage options, from gear lofts and mesh pockets in its interior, making it especially handy when camping with multiple family members and need extra room to store everyone's gear.

Another fantastic feature of this tent is its included awning, which makes entering or leaving easier by keeping shoes and camping bags out of the way when entering or exiting. It provides an elegant solution to making the tent feel more like home than just another shack in nature.

It takes only 15 minutes to set up this tent thanks to its self-supporting frame and color-coded poles, plus its bathtub-style groundsheet that keeps water out. Plus, its awning makes an excellent porch when sitting out to enjoy the weather without getting wet!

With a center height of more than 6 feet, this tent offers ample headroom for tall campers. This feature makes this ideal for families camping with young children, enabling them to stand comfortably inside. Furthermore, its numerous windows let in light and air for increased space perception.

Customers of the Coleman Octagon Tent have reported it as waterproof, with few reports of leaks or condensation issues. Some individuals have noted that having an additional full fly would have provided even greater protection from weather elements.

The Coleman Cortes Grey Octagon 8 tent is an exceptional glamping tent perfect for anyone seeking to elevate their camping experience. This versatile tent can serve as anything from luxurious sleeping quarters, play areas for kids or bug-proofed screening rooms for outdoor festivals – plus it folds away easily into a compact wheeled carry bag for storage purposes!


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