Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person Outdoor Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the coleman octagon 98 8 person outdoor tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

The Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person Outdoor Tent is an excellent tent for anyone seeking comfortable sleep, boasting an advanced Darkroom feature to keep cool temperatures and promote later sleeping habits.

Steel poles form a sturdy frame with color-coded pole attachments for easy setup, two doors and windows provide air circulation, and this cabin-style tent can fit two queen-sized air beds or eight people sleeping in sleeping bags.

WeatherTec(tm) System

With its round shape designed to bring family members closer, this Coleman tent offers ample room for kids to run and play. With its unique design incorporating corner welds and inverted seams that keep water out, this tent also features large windows on two sides as well as E-ports to connect devices easily. Setup/takedown takes only 15 minutes using steel poles that provide a sturdy structure. Color-coded attachments help organize things easily; there are two doors and plenty of storage pockets to keep everything close at hand.

This Coleman tent can withstand 35mph winds, keeping you safe and secure even in severe weather. Ideal for camping in both summer heat and rain, its full-coverage fly helps maintain body heat while preventing condensation buildup; plus its welded floors and inverted seams help resist moisture – however this tent does not include a rainfly; for added waterproof protection you might wish to upgrade to either CORE Instant Cabin tents which come equipped with rainflies instead.

This Coleman tent boasts an expansive interior, easily fitting two queen-sized airbeds or eight people in sleeping bags. With two doors and an adjustable privacy divider to customize to the needs of your family, plenty of windows to keep the inside cool, and roof vents for additional ventilation during stormy weather, it is suitable for car camping as well as backcountry hiking and backpacking trips with multiple adults sleeping within it – though its dimensions will limit how many sleeping bags or mats can fit inside for kids, it might require creative solutions if multiple air mattresses need to be brought along!

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Half-Length Zip-On Fly

If you want to experience camping stress-free and focus on enjoying your adventure, the Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person Outdoor Tent may be just what you need. Its easy setup process allows for fast set up time of only 15 minutes before folding down just as easily. Steel poles make up its sturdy framework while color-coded pole attachments make assembly a snap. A room divider can be adjusted according to your needs while two doors make entry and exit easy. Plus there's interior storage pockets as well as WeatherTec system technology so stay comfortable even during rainfall!

The unique octagon shape offers you extra sleeping space, while its screened windows help air circulate to keep it cool inside. There are even plenty of windows on the roof for gazing upon the stars when not sleeping! Plus its strong frame has been tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds; and WeatherTec uses tub floors with patented corner welds and protected seams that work to keep water out, plus vented rainflys to improve air circulation even further!


Your weather protection options include full and half flys. Full length flys provide more coverage, while half-flies may provide reduced wind or rain protection; they're lighter but may reduce headspace within your tent and won't keep out as much cold air from outside.

In addition to its fly, this tent features mesh panels on all outer walls and roof to enhance ventilation in hot temperatures. These mesh panels also allow more of your surroundings to become visible if the sun begins to set – remove it to stare up at the stars!

This tent boasts multiple entrances and exits, which is especially beneficial for families with young children who may need to come and go frequently during the night. Furthermore, having multiple windows lets in more light during hot summer days. Plus, this Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person tent comes in different sizes like 6 person and 4 person models!

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Roomy Living Area

Coleman tents feature an octagonal shape to maximize space inside of them. Their interior can easily accommodate two queen air beds or eight people sleeping in sleeping bags, plus providing families with some privacy if desired; its removable divider can easily create additional rooms based on individual need.

The tent features multiple windows and doors that offer ample ventilation on warm summer days. Furthermore, there is also a spacious gear loft inside for storage purposes and windows equipped with screen coverings to prevent mosquitoes and pests from entering through them. Plus there is an E-port available so users can quickly connect their electrical devices.

Coleman Octagon 98 tent is built to withstand years of occasional camping trips with ease, thanks to its durable Polyguard fabric that stands up against wind and rain. Plus, steel poles create a sturdy frame while color-coded poles make identifying walls from roof easier for campers.

Though designed for all-season camping use, the Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person Outdoor Tent should not be exposed to high winds. Due to its high center height and tendency for lifting during heavy winds, setting up and taking down this tent may prove challenging in high winds – though an included rolling carry bag makes transport and storage simpler for campers.

Overall, this tent is an excellent option for families looking to participate in various outdoor activities. With its WeatherTec system and vented rainfly that keeps campers comfortable and dry even under harsh weather conditions. Thanks to color-coded pole attachments and color coding for pitching speed, setup can take less than 15 minutes with plenty of storage space left when packing away the tent after each camping trip is completed.

Easy Setup

For a tent that sleeps eight without breaking the bank, consider the Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person Outdoor Tent. Featuring plenty of space for all of your camping gear and all of today's latest features such as hinged door access, extra windows for air circulation, room dividers and E-ports; setup is a snap even for novice campers!

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The octagonal shape of this tent maximizes interior space while its WeatherTec system with tub floor and patented corner welds keeps water out, and features half-length zip-on fly which offers protection from rain, bugs, while still letting in light at night. Plus it comes equipped with an Insta-Clip suspension system tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds for effortless setup on either hard or soft ground, complete with guy lines that ensure stability plus Illumiline reflective guylines for nighttime location!

Closing Thoughts

This tent can be set up quickly in about 15 minutes thanks to its pin-and-ring system and color-coded pole attachments, and its sturdy design can hold two queen-sized airbeds or 8 people sleeping bags comfortably. Plus, with hinged doors that make entering and exiting easier without struggling with zippers that get caught or pulled down; two inner storage pockets and cup holders help keep belongings organized!

If you prefer something simpler, check out the Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Instant Cabin tent. Made of heavier materials and possibly more weather resistant than its Coleman Octagon counterpart, it features the same WeatherTec technology (inverted seams and welded bucket floor). Plus it comes complete with its snag-free Insta-Clip tent suspension, Illuminatiline reflective guy lines, octagonal shape that maximizes space.

The Coleman Expedition 6 8-Person Instant Cabin tent is another top choice if you need an eight-person tent that features lots of features and has plenty of interior space. It can fit two queen-sized airbeds or eight people sleeping bags comfortably while offering large doors, windows and full coverage fly netting for ventilation. Setup and take down times are quick but aren't quite as quick as with the Coleman Octagon model.


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