Coleman Montana Elite 8 Person Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking to invest in the coleman montana elite 8 person tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope this post provides some additional information you need prior to purchasing.

The Coleman Montana Elite 8 Person Tent is designed with quality materials to ensure a pleasant camping experience, such as windows with angled sills that prevent raindrops from seeping through and bathtub-style floors that keep water out. It also comes equipped with angled windows to block rain from coming through and thick bathtub-style floors designed to prevent flooding from seeping in through cracks in the floor.

This tent is freestanding, meaning no wind gusts will move it around. Plus, it fits easily into an expandable carry bag until the time comes for another use.

Comfortable Sleeping Area

The Coleman Montana Elite 8 Person Tent is an excellent way for families and friends to camp comfortably together. With enough room for three queen-sized air beds or eight people, its setup process is quick and simple with its snag-free poles and continuous sleeve technology. Furthermore, this tent can withstand even heavy rainfall with its angled windows that keep out water seepage and thick bathtub-style floor designed to keep everything dry even during rainstorms.

This tent provides ample ventilation to keep everyone cool throughout the night. With its mesh roof and windows angled downward to prevent rain from entering, as well as bathtub-style floors designed to prevent seepage through seams, there's enough air flow here for everyone's comfort. Should any moisture find its way inside however, there are several methods of keeping dry such as its patented rain fly and waterproof zippers if they become necessary.


A notable feature of this tent is its patented hinged door, making entry and exit easier. Furthermore, auto roll windows close easily when unzipped. In addition, there's also an LED lighting system providing up to 100 lumens so you can continue enjoying nature even after sundown.

As a beginner camper, this tent is an excellent place to begin your adventures. With no complicated fiddly bits, setup should only take 15 minutes – although windy conditions might lead to flapping and blowing away of this tent. Although not the cheapest Coleman option available, its many features more than make up for its higher price point.

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If quality is your main priority, this tent comes backed with a 30-day return policy and 1-year limited warranty. However, some customers have reported parts not arriving when ordered; so be sure to double-check that your purchase arrives prior to heading out into nature. Overall this Coleman tent represents one of the best value options.

Easy to Set Up

The Coleman Montana Elite 8 Person Tent is easy to set up even if you are new to camping, with its pin-and-ring system securely securing poles for stability. Angled windows help keep rain out while still allowing air circulation through. Ideal for family camping trips.

Although this tent doesn't feature vestibules for storing dirty boots, its front awning provides an area to enter and exit without getting your shoes wet when entering or leaving the tent. Furthermore, this awning makes an ideal place for hanging your gear so that it stays dry inside the tent.

Coleman's WeatherTec System helps keep you dry with its waterproof floors, inverted seams and angled windows. Plus it comes equipped with hinged door access and can fit three queen-sized air mattresses! There are even interior storage pockets to help keep valuable items handy and accessible.

Your tent features an E-Port for easy connection of generators for powering electrical devices within. Or if you don't wish to bring one along, use an outdoor extension cord with string lights for creating a cozy ambience!


Though not designed to withstand wind speeds of 35 mph, the Coleman Montana tent can withstand light winds quite effectively. You may need to secure its corners more securely during windy conditions for additional support; nevertheless, setting it up and secure is still simple and secure.

This tent comes with a free, no-questions asked return policy and one year limited warranty, making it an excellent option for families that are camping without worrying about costs or missing parts.

However, when opening the box make sure all pieces are included; reports have surfaced of people losing parts which resulted in bad reviews for this tent; had those people taken greater care when opening it they may have avoided such criticism altogether. Hopefully this review has provided you with enough information about Coleman Montana tent to assist in making an informed decision regarding whether it suits you or not!

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Durable Materials

Coleman's Montana Elite tents are popular choices among families and groups of campers due to its durable materials. Coleman uses WeatherTec as part of its construction system, using special fabrics like PolyGuard with inverted seams and zipper cuffs that protect from rain and wind; these features make the Montana Elite an excellent three season tent but may not withstand strong winds.

The hinged door is another great feature, providing easy entry and exit as it opens wide for convenient entry and exit. Secured by three velcro straps, its opening wide provides quick entry/exit. Awnings over each entrance provide plenty of storage space – perfect for hiking boots! Additionally, rain or light showers won't keep the entrance wet; front awnings also serve as places to hang a lantern for extra security purposes.

Additional Benefits

This model also boasts a spacious sleeping area, designed to comfortably accommodate 8 people using three queen sized air mattresses or 8 individuals on singles. With its center height of 74″, there is ample headroom for most sleepers. Angled walls help prevent rain from blowing in through windows that have been sealed with plastic to keep moisture at bay.

Although the Coleman Montana Elite weighs 22.3 pounds, its lightweight nature makes it ideal for camping trips. Plus, its compact folding design makes it convenient to carry. When not camping it can also be stored easily in its included bag for safekeeping and transport.

While this tent offers basic shelter, its features may not suit those seeking something a bit fancier. While there are small wall pockets and an attachment point in the ceiling for hanging lanterns, its main drawback may be its limited electrical cord management features; there's only a zipper at one corner that could potentially allow running an electrical cord through for use when blowing up generators or using flashlights.

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For beginners looking to camping for the first time and seeking an economical tent to handle all elements, Coleman Montana Elite 8 Person Tents make an excellent option. Offering plenty of room for six campers while being easy to setup with its snag-free pole sleeves and pin-and-ring system. An extended door awning keeps entrance dry while angled windows keep rain out while still allowing air circulation; and, finally, its Elite version comes equipped with battery-powered LED lighting as well as USB charging port for additional comfort.

This tent's only downside is its lack of vestibules for storing dirty shoes and outdoor gear. While not a major drawback, having somewhere to stash your stuff would certainly help when setting up camp or getting ready for bedtime.

Coleman takes great care in designing their Montana Elite tent to provide optimal weatherproofing capabilities, and this feature-packed model is no different. Their WeatherTec system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams keeps moisture out while its angled windows keep rain off of you. Plus, a rainfly is included to add even further water resistance!

Sturdy and Strong

Even though your tent can withstand winds up to 35 mph, it's essential that it be secured to the ground with ground stakes to prevent it from blowing away or becoming damaged in high winds. A tarp can also offer extra protection in case of heavy rainfall.

The windows in the Montana Elite are specially angled to keep rain out while still providing ample light, with automatic roll up features making opening and closing them simple and fast. In comparison to regular Montana models, these upgrades make camp setup much simpler in low light situations – the Elite version even comes equipped with an e-port for quick power access!

Montana apartments don't feature large windows, which limits ventilation on hot days. An extra window would provide extra light while also permitting stargazing without compromising weatherproofing or privacy concerns.


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