Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the coleman montana 6 person tent? If so, I hope that this post will be helpful to you.

Are You Planning on Camping with Family or Friends? The Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent is an excellent option. Featuring a ground vent to circulate air, as well as the Coleman WeatherTec system to shield against rain and wind, this tent makes an excellent camping choice.

The frame has been tested to withstand 35+ mph winds, and Polyguard fabric will withstand years of outdoor weather conditions. An awning and privacy wings provide ample room for relaxation outdoors; an e-port provides easy access to power for lighting or other electronics.


The Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent offers many great features to ensure a restful night's rest for campers. There's enough space for everyone, while windows and doors allow adequate air circulation so it doesn't get too warm during day or night time. Plus, this tent can comfortably fit six people. Families looking to go camping together might also appreciate this choice since this tent can hold all six members.

Another fantastic feature of this tent is the storage pocket for all of your belongings, helping keep everything organized and prevent items from getting misplaced inside the tent. There is also a small port designed for running power cords through, perfect for charging electronics like phones and tablets during your camping trip. If you plan on camping for extended periods, be sure to bring along a battery-powered fan so you can keep cool by blowing air through your tent during the daytime hours.

This tent features a strong frame designed to withstand winds up to 35 mph and durable Polyguard fabric, along with a rainfly for protection from both wind and rain. Setup time takes only 15 minutes thanks to its snag-free continuous pole sleeves and pin-and-ring system, and its hinged door makes entering and leaving easy.

Note that the Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent lacks a vestibule, so there's no covered space to store gear and stay dry if it rains. However, its rainfly does provide some protection from precipitation while its angled windows can still provide ample ventilation while keeping out water.

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The Coleman Montana Tent is an ideal option for families looking to spend some time outdoors together while experiencing luxury camping or nature-lovers looking for weeks in the woods. Easy set up and accommodating six people make this an affordable solution that you'll be using for years!


If you're searching for an outdoor camping tent that can handle any weather condition, look no further than the Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent. Designed with a strong frame that can withstand 35+mph winds and Polyguard fabric that's made to withstand repeated use season after season, setting this tent up is easy thanks to snag-free continuous pole sleeves as well as their Insta-Clip suspension system and pin system; once folded up it fits easily in its compact carry bag for transport home.

This tent is suitable for families of two adults and two children, or friends who don't mind sleeping closely together. Additionally, this tent may fit small pets if they aren't too active; however parents over 5'8 may struggle to stand in it comfortably.

The roof of this tent is constructed of mesh material, making it perfect for stargazing on clear nights, with three windows inside – though none of them are very big – for ventilation on hot days. There could have been an additional window added on one wall nearby the door for increased airflow.

Quick Set Up

Although not an instant cabin tent, the Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent can still be set up within 15 minutes if you have some experience setting them up or working with a group. Setup instructions are included with its storage bag to make the process simple; for inexperienced campers it might take slightly longer but should take no more than 20 minutes total.

WeatherTec system and angled windows in this tent ensure you remain dry even during rain showers. Its bathtub-style floor features patented corner welds and protected seams to keep out water, and an awning over the door provides extra protection from rain and sun exposure. However, just in case a shower unexpectedly arrives during your campout experience, bringing along an umbrella might come in handy!

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Coleman Dark Room technology is an invaluable way to reduce ambient light and keep temperatures down inside your tent, especially after an entertaining night with ghost tales and drinks with friends.



This Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent is an affordable tent with plenty of space and functionality, comfortably accommodating six people as well as air mattresses, cots and sleeping bags.

This tent comes equipped with an electrical access port and awning that allow campers to plug generators or power cords for light, entertainment or music if they so choose. This feature makes this tent particularly convenient for families camping at locations without electricity hookups.

One of the standout features of this tent is its iconic awning located over one of its door entrances. This provides parents a perfect place to sit while keeping an eye on their kids as well as providing additional coverage against rain or wind. Furthermore, the awning also makes an excellent place to attach an extra protective cover such as a tarp if desired for extra weatherproofing purposes.


Coleman WeatherTec system, which protects from both wind and rain. While the manufacturer claims the tent can withstand winds up to 35mph, some campers have reported rain leakage through angled windows and extended door awning. Furthermore, some campers have reported experiencing pole cracking or breaking due to prolonged use; although this phenomenon should not occur frequently.

Coleman's Montana 6-person tent stands in stark contrast to their Sundome 6-person tent in terms of price and features. Unfortunately, however, it lacks a vestibule – which provides storage for gear during inclement weather – thus negating this advantage.

Though not lightweight, the Coleman Montana tent packs down fairly small for storage purposes and fits into an easily transportable rectangular case that should fit most trunks. While ideal for beginners looking for reliable camping at an economical price point, this tent may not be suitable for wilderness adventures such as backpacking.

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If you're on a camping trip and in need of a durable yet sturdy tent to sleep in, the Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent is an excellent option. Built for two queen-sized air mattresses, its large tent body provides plenty of space for socializing and sleeping while its convenient e-port makes connecting devices to power sources simple and painless. Plus, with 19 pounds weighing and fitting easily into its carrying bag for transport/storage it makes this tent highly portable!

Reviewers have raved about how quickly and effortlessly this tent is set up. One person can pitch it in less than 10 minutes – much faster than many other tents on the market! Furthermore, its lightweight fabric withstands winds up to 35 mph without becoming unstable even when staked with heavy-duty stakes.

Closing Thoughts

This tent is an ideal choice for beginners looking for an effortless camping experience, including those wanting a quick setup process and small families or friend groups traveling together on camping vacation. However, if your plans involve backpacking into remote regions or trekking through wilderness regions it may not meet all your requirements.

Ventilation is another great feature of this tent, featuring mesh windows and ceilings which let cool air in while pushing warm, damp air out, helping prevent condensation on walls from forming – something which can become an issue during certain types of camping trips. In addition, The Montana 6 features a Comfort System to make camping trips even more relaxing!

Some Montana tent owners have noted that it can be susceptible to water leakage under certain circumstances, so it's wise to take proactive steps. Some campers suggest using an extra waterproof cover such as tarpaulins in case of rainy conditions; additionally, using waterproofing spray and seam sealer inside of your tent to improve water resistance is also recommended.


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