Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you aiming to find out more details about the coleman elite weathermaster 6 screened tent? If so, then welcome to Trad Climbers.

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent is an expansive family tent, capable of comfortably housing six individuals. Additionally, this model comes equipped with an anti-bug screened porch to ensure bug-free relaxation.

It has been designed specifically to suit warm-weather camping and can handle light rainfall. Furthermore, its two-layered screened porch offers additional protection from insects and bugs.

Easy to Set Up

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent does not assemble instantly or pop-up, and will take some time. However, its set up process is fairly simple with features like color-coded poles to assist. Most campers can complete assembly in about 20 minutes while newcomers may require longer to get acquainted with Coleman products.

Coleman includes an LED lighting system in their tent, making for an impressive addition that eliminates the need to bring additional e-port or string lights; D batteries will suffice. Plus, with their high, low, and nightlight settings you can adapt their illumination exactly to suit your needs!

This tent boasts another convenient feature – a hinged door – which makes getting in and out easier for kids or pets. This feature is typically only seen on more expensive tents; so it is particularly impressive that this tent features it.


Coleman offers this tent with a rainfly for added protection during rain or storms, and also features their WeatherTec system, featuring welded floors and inverted seams to keep water out. Some users have reported issues with water seeping into their tent early on; this problem will likely only worsen over time. To make sure your investment lasts as intended, it is wise to treat your tent carefully from day one.

This tent's screened room is an effective way to keep bugs at bay and access its main body easily through this doorway. However, since one side may allow in cold air or wind gusts during camping trips in adverse conditions, you might wish to place a tarp under one end as protection.

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Many campers have raved that they find this Coleman tent very durable in heavy winds. Coleman conducted an actual field test of their tent to test this claim; in their simulated field test they successfully handled winds up to 35mph! That makes this model quite impressive when considering its price point.


Roomy Sleeping Area

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent is a spacious cabin tent equipped with an extended screened-in porch for convenient summer camping, providing plenty of ventilation while keeping bugs at bay.

Sleeping area features two queen-sized air beds and includes a privacy divider to create dressing areas or separate sleeping and living areas, ideal if traveling with family or friends.

There's also a small screened in area at the front of each tent for cooking or relaxing without worry of bugs, giving campers more space and creating an opportunity for socialization.

This tent was built to last, featuring a steel and fiberglass frame to support it, tested to withstand winds up to 35mph, designed as storm-resistant with an angled roof designed to shed rain while being reinforced by aluminum beams for added strength and insulated for warmth and cooling comfort in both winter and summer months.

This tent is quick and simple to set up with all of the poles included and an user-friendly instruction manual and video to guide the process. If you're new to camping, this tent provides an ideal starting point as its assembly is straightforward.

Notably, this tent does not include a footprint or ground sheet – an essential item to prevent pooling of water under and around your tent. Furthermore, we strongly suggest purchasing additional stakes as the ones provided may not be very sturdy.

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Overall, customers have raved about the Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent with five star reviews from customers praising its comfort and spaciousness as well as its ability to create separate rooms via separate zippered entrances. Many appreciate its hinged door for added convenience.

Durable Construction

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent is a sturdy cabin tent featuring a fiberglass frame connected by steel and aluminum poles, designed to resist sagging with waterproof seam sealant on its seams, sealed seams, removable rain fly, inner tent made of 75-denier polyester and 68-denier mesh fabric which helps provide protection from UV rays as well as harsh elements. In addition, this tent comes equipped with an LED light with high, low and nightlight modes; perfect for camping with children or pets!

This tent features ample ventilation to maintain airflow and minimize condensation, which is especially essential in hot and humid summer conditions. A mesh ceiling lets cool air come through while forcing warm air out through open windows; low ground vents also offer shade while providing air circulation underfoot.

A large hinged door makes entering and exiting this tent with small children or pets easy, providing families with frequent camping excursions an added convenience. There is also another entrance: an inner panel door equipped with mesh material that has an optional zippered panel to provide protection and privacy, though airflow may not be as strong through this entrance point.

Most users find this tent to be very durable and weather resistant, easily handling even extreme conditions. Easy to set up, it provides a safe and cozy sleeping experience no matter the temperature outside. While some reviews have noted minor leakage issues with it, its durability far outweighed these. This tent offers ample space and comfort at an excellent value; making it an excellent option for anyone new to camping!


Coleman tents are known for their family-focused designs, from their larger Weathermaster tent that sleeps ten people down to this more modest six person model. One of their more spacious offerings, it comes equipped with an outdoor screen room – providing the ideal place for relaxing without being worried about bugs or outdoor pests! – large enough to comfortably house two queen airbeds!

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The Coleman Elite Weathermaster Tent is designed for comfort and offers all the amenities necessary for an enjoyable camping trip, including a large sleeping area, plenty of windows, hinged door access and LED lighting system with high, low and nightlight modes to meet all of your camping needs.

This tent is relatively straightforward to set up, even for novice campers. Thanks to pole sleeves and shock-corded poles that facilitate fast assembly, clips and stakes provide strong ground anchorage, while there's no need to purchase additional accessories like rain flys as this tent comes equipped with its own waterproof design that prevents leakage.

Closing Thoughts

Coleman tents are known for being built to withstand winds up to 35mph, an essential feature when camping outdoors in windy conditions. To test its wind resistance, Coleman offers its simulated field testing process so you can have peace of mind that their shelter will keep them safe in most situations.

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 tent features bathtub-style floors and inverted seams to offer protection from dirt and rain that might enter its cabin, though if you plan on spending much time outdoors then investing in a good tarp may provide greater weatherproofing protection.

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 tent comes with an expandable carry bag designed to easily fit in the trunk of your car, making it an excellent option for car camping trips. However, its weight may make it unsuitable for backpacking excursions; additionally it should not be used while climbing or hiking as its bulk prevents that from happening.


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