Coleman Carlsbad 4 Person Tent Review

July 3, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information about the coleman carlsbad 4 person tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

Coleman camping gear has long been trusted, and this dome tent stands out with many remarkable features. Fast pitching with Dark Rest technology that blocks 90% of sunlight from entering and reduces heat.

It features a screened porch and is constructed of durable materials, featuring an electrical cable port and easy transport bag.

Dark Room Technology

The Coleman Carlsbad tent features Dark Room technology which, to use Goldilocks' words, “just right.” This feature reduces sunlight by 98% and prevents its first rays from awakening you in the morning – all by extending its roof over windows and door, thus creating a sheltered entryway and offering protection from sun glare during the day.

Dark Room technology can be an invaluable asset when camping in hot temperatures. It helps ensure a restful sleep experience and keeps you cool during those summer nights; without hindering stargazing! And best of all, this feature gives your trip maximum efficiency and enjoyment.

It features a dome style tent which offers plenty of room for four adults to sleep comfortably inside, accommodating two queen sized air mattresses inside as well. While suitable for couples and smaller families with young children, this space may not provide sufficient sleeping arrangements.

Another outstanding feature of this tent is the screen room, which can be completely closed off for sleeping or used as a bug-free lounge space to unwind in.

Car camping tents should include this feature to provide extra shelter from warmer weather when sleeping outdoors is not an option. Plus, this area serves as an excellent social gathering point if tent camping alone doesn't interest anyone else in your group!

This tent packs down small and easily fits into its included carry bag, making it suitable for car camping. While not quite as compact and tight as some tents in this category, it still makes an adequate space for car camping trips. Unfortunately, its bag may prove less than durable; its material could rip apart at any moment.

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Fast Pitch

Camping during the summer can become uncomfortable quickly, so choosing a tent with plenty of vents and roof vents to promote airflow is ideal for staying comfortable during your camping adventure. Coleman Carlsbad 4 Person Tent features both features for maximum cooling. Plus, with dark room technology that keeps 90% of sunlight out, so you can sleep late or take an afternoon nap during your adventure!

Coleman's Fast Pitch system makes this tent one of the fastest and easiest tents to set up, combining pre-attached poles, hub, fast fit feet, snag-free Insta-Clip suspension system and quick fitting feet into an efficient method for quickly setting it up – in just 12 minutes it should all be set up!

This tent's ridge pole creates awnings over its windows to offer protection from rain while still providing great views of nature. The door features a mesh screen to keep insects at bay; two side windows and a window in the front provide additional light; while its 50 square-foot front screened area can fit two chairs – perfect for relaxing during a sunny day!

Illumiline reflective guy lines set this Coleman tent apart from others with their bright reflective qualities and ease of navigation in low light conditions, helping you see where to walk inside it easier in the dark. They should become standard features of family tents! In addition, this model comes complete with 1 lantern loop at the top as well as a mud mat for keeping things tidy. Two queen size mattresses fit comfortably inside it allowing four adults to sleep inside comfortably but could potentially become tight if two more adults were added into its dimensions.

Easy Setup

This tent comes equipped with an efficient quick-pitch system and can be assembled in approximately 12 minutes, according to its manufacturer. Poles are pre-attached to a hub and legs snap into place via Insta-Clip suspension systems without creating snags or jamming the clips snag-free suspension system; attaching rainfly is simple as well. Adjust the tension on clips based on desired levels of rainproofness for optimal use!

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Coleman's Dark Rest technology ensures this tent is dark, and they claim it blocks 98% of sunlight that would normally enter. This feature makes a good addition in the heat of summer, and may help improve your restful slumber at night as well.

Another wonderful feature of this tent is the screened room. Constructed as an extension of its dome structure, with two side windows and a door window providing natural light – but hardly fully insulated; use this room for changing or storage purposes!

There are four S-hooks on the inside of your tent along each rainfly pole to help align it more accurately, and Velcro attachment straps on their underside – two for every pole (8 altogether). Once your rainfly is secure, next step is inserting each of its four green poles into their respective blue sleeves at the base and securing their ends using their matching rings and pins (8 in total).

Final step involves attaching the tether cord clips on the outside of the rainfly and adjusting its tension with bungee clips as needed. Although this step requires some work, once familiarized with it it should go quickly.


Camping in inclement weather calls for tents that can withstand both rain and wind, such as sturdy waterproof fabric with sealed seams, rainfly coverage and built-in ventilation to circulate air throughout your tent and increase comfort levels during warmer nights.

The Carlsbad tent boasts many impressive features, such as its partial fly to protect you from direct sunlight and screen room for bug-free lounging. Plus, its dome shape makes setup and entry an effortless process! Perfect for car camping!

A patented pin-and-ring system keeps tent poles securely attached, while Illumiline guy lines make nighttime navigation easy. With space for four people inside this tent, this makes the ideal camping solution.

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Durability is of the utmost importance in any tent, and the Carlsbad easily stands up against wind and rain. Crafted of sturdy Polyguard coated polyester with inverted seams to keep water out, its innovative window awnings block out up to 97% of sunlight during day sleeping hours for more restful restful naps while Dark Room technology further minimizes light for an immersive, soothing environment.

Carlsbad tents require stakes to anchor its front corners, but this is only a minor drawback. Still great for camping in warm climates with sunnier conditions – just be sure to set it up on solid ground first in inclement weather! Also worth remembering is Coleman offers a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty; should something go amiss they will replace your tent if necessary.


Camping requires having plenty of storage, which makes staying organized much simpler. The Coleman Carlsbad 4 Person Tent provides enough room to fit two queen-sized airbeds inside while providing plenty of pockets to keep everything neatly stored away. Plus, its large screen room with full floor offers bug-free lounging or additional sleeping space on warmer nights!

One of the unique features of this Coleman tent is its Dark Rest Technology, which claims to reduce how much your tent heats up during the day by 9.5% – this is an invaluable feature for those who like sleeping in later or taking a nap during the day!

This tent comes equipped with one lantern loop at the top of its dome for illumination during evening camping sessions without having to unzip its rainfly, two e-ports for charging your devices while camping and Illumiline reflective guy lines that are more visible at night and help prevent you from tripping over them as you explore its interior. I hope this review on the coleman carlsbad 4 person tent has been helpful.


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