Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking out more detailed information about the coleman 8 person instant tent? Welcome to Trad Climbers.

If you need an 8-person tent, the Coleman Instant Tent offers ample room and comes complete with a detachable room divider that can be taken down when required.

Durable Construction With WeatherTec Welded Corners and a bathtub-style floor made of tough 1000 denier polyethylene, this tent also includes a rainfly with mesh windows to keep you cool and dry during use.


For fast setup tent, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent should definitely be considered. At 14×10-feet in size and accommodating two queen-sized air beds with ample sleeping room for all occupants, its integrated vented rainfly offers extra protection from elements while improving airflow; plus its WeatherTec system with its welded corners and inverted seams keeps everyone dry inside!

Setup of this tent is simple thanks to Coleman's Fast Pitch technology. In less than 60 seconds, you can have it fully assembled: remove it from its bag, unfold, extend and secure – even in low light without using additional pegs! Investing in such a convenient family camping tent won't disappoint you when faced with unexpected rainstorms at your campsite!

Cabin Style

This cabin-style tent boasts many impressive features that will appeal to experienced campers as well as novice campers. With multiple windows for ventilation and its roof constructed from hardwearing materials, its windows also come with mesh to help control how much light and air enters, plus multiple storage pockets inside to keep everything organized.

Another distinctive aspect of this tent is the E-Port that allows you to run an extension cord into it for power, making your camping trip much more convenient if you want to play movies or music while out and about, power lights, or use it for warmth from small electric heaters.

With all its premium features, it comes as no surprise that Coleman tent has earned an outstanding customer rating. They even provide a one-year warranty if anything should go wrong; meaning if something does go wrong you could receive either a replacement or refund should something go wrong during use – providing added peace of mind when purchasing this tent! This warranty ensures your purchase of this tent and provides protection should any issue arise down the line.

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The Coleman Instant Tent is constructed of durable 68 denier polyester fabric and 1500 denier polyethylene floor to withstand storms. Additionally, this tent features taped seams and inverted stitching to keep water out as well as an effective frame that can withstand winds while the tub-style floor prevents leakage. In addition to being light and easy to set up, its materials make this tent extremely durable and reliable.

This spacious tent is perfect for camping with the family or friends, boasting seven windows and two doors that make access easy. At 6′ 7″, its peak height allows most people to stand upright without needing to crouch; additionally, its 140 square feet interior space surpasses most 8-person tents on the market.


One of the greatest features of this tent is its adaptability: you can use it either with or without its room divider for extra privacy while sleeping, making it a great way to separate children from adults while they rest. Furthermore, its large vestibule provides additional covered area where relaxing or eating may take place.

The Instant Tent is designed for easy setup in under 60 seconds. Featuring color-coded poles and quick-fit feet for faster assembly, as well as being lightweight with an integrated rainfly for added protection from inclement weather, its setup process takes less than 60 seconds!

The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is an ideal choice for families searching for a family-sized tent that can quickly and effortlessly be pitched. Featuring its distinctive design and Weathertec waterproofing technology, this tent has become an top-rated camping choice. Additionally, its versatile nature means it can adapt to fit any situation or even be customized specifically to a situation – making this tent the ideal companion when spending more time exploring nature! The only drawback might be its weight; however most will likely use their car as transportation anyway.

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Coleman tents are popular instant tent models, featuring pre-assembled designs that allow easy setup without much fuss. Made with long-wearing and water resistant materials, making this tent suitable for families or groups of friends looking for cost-effective shelter on camping trips.

As its name implies, this Coleman tent can be assembled quickly in under five minutes with assistance from friends and family members. Telescoping poles come pre-attached to the tent so you can open and extend in one effortless move.

This tent comes equipped with an integrated rainfly, making it more resilient against heavy winds and rainfall. With its welded corners and inverted seams designed to keep moisture out, this rainfly ensures your tent remains dry even under adverse weather conditions.

This Coleman tent features two large windows in the front that can be unzipped to allow airflow and provide additional weather protection, if necessary. Two doors on the back allow easy entry/exit of gear from/into your tent as well as access to its second room, both of which have adjustable ventilation levels by rolling them up or down as needed.

User Friendly

Coleman tents are known for being durable, user-friendly tents designed for camping, backpacking, hiking and fishing activities – including camping, backpacking, hiking and fishing. Coleman has earned itself an extensive following among outdoor enthusiasts as well as novices with its innovative designs and top quality materials that meet these goals. Their catalog of products ranges from tents to sleeping bags chairs and pads – offering something suitable for every outdoor adventure imaginable!

Like other Coleman tents, this model features an attachable rainfly that can be attached via loops at its corners. However, unlike freestanding models of its ilk, this one must be guyed out to prevent it from blowing away on windy nights – although this feature may not be an issue for some campers, particularly those who prefer stargazing or relaxing under an open sky during clear nights.

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The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is an ideal solution for camping with families, groups of friends, or even single couples. With plenty of sleeping space and unique features such as an insulated roof for cooling comfort and door awning for additional weather protection, this tent stands out from its competition.

This tent is easy and straightforward to set up, taking no more than 30 seconds on flat ground to assemble its pre-attached poles and spread out on level ground for stretching purposes. When finished, simply fold down its carrying bag for storage when not in use.

Coleman's WeatherTec system offers outstanding waterproof protection to keep users dry in all types of weather, particularly rain or snow showers. It is particularly important for camping trips taking place in these conditions as its water-repellant material will prevent your tent from leaking while protecting you against harsh elements.

Closing Thoughts

The tent is also highly adaptable and includes numerous useful features that can be utilized in different ways. The room divider curtain can create two rooms to allow for added privacy or separate sleeping areas – perfect for families with young children, or those seeking extra solitude while camping. In addition, during the day this feature can be easily rolled back so more light and air can enter the tent.

Likewise, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent features plenty of windows to provide ample ventilation and fresh air, creating a cooler campsite and helping combat the heat of summer. Each window is strategically angled for optimal viewing as well as natural lighting.

This tent is an excellent solution for anyone new to camping who need something simple and straightforward to set up. While not designed to last decades, this model may suffice if only used occasionally throughout the year.


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