Cocoon Hyperlight Air-Core Pillow Review

December 25, 2020

By Nate


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Camping gear should always be super lightweight and effective. Everyone should take complete things and gear with him while moving toward any camping destination. Similarly, a pillow to have a comfortable sleep is also important. In this regard, Cocoon hyperlight Air-Core pillow is serving people with great efficiency. 

It is specially created for carrying it on long journeys and trips. Its style and design accurately fill the desire of having something easy and comfortable. The way to use it is also very easy. 

Overall, this Cocoon hyperlight Air-Core pillow will give you trouble-free moments to take rest. This pillow provides a comfortable spot with soft layers and inflatable air cores. It will make your resting time more loving and pleasant. 

How Do You Inflate a Cocoon Travel Pillow? 

The Cocoon hyperlight Air-Core pillow is super easy to inflate. You and even a Child can easily make it usable after inflation. 

So, the pillow comes with a valve at one corner. The valve is actually designed there to fill air into the pillow. You will see a mini cap over the valve that will secure the air of the pillow. f

Through that opening, one can easily fill air into the pillow by mouth or any air pump. After filling the air, the pillow will attain its shape. This pillow has inflatable air cores into it that make it easy to swell quickly.

Are Backpacking Pillows Worth It?

Backpacking pillows are becoming important and usable. The main reason why people are moving toward its use is that it is super cool to travel. Because of its portability, one can easily feel the mirth of the soft cushioned surface beneath your head.

It is worthy of appreciation because it will help a person to customize the comfort zone according to the needs. The inflation process is very easy to understand. Anyone can have a smooth pillow in no time. 

It is also very easy to carry. It can fit into your luggage bag. Even it can also be kept in the handbags while traveling. Not only for travelers, but it will also be very effective for the outside as well as inside campers.

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There is also another thing to mention here. Its shape is very good and manageable. After filling the air, you can easily fit this Cocoon Hyperlight Air-Core Pillow into the hood of your mummy sleeping bag. Overall, it is a good thing to carry because it will allow you to set your comfort level at any time or any place. 

Are Inflatable Pillows Comfortable?

Yes, inflatable pillows are comfortable because they have air in them that provides a very smooth touch and feel to the skin. Moreover, these pillows also save a person from harmful jerks while traveling. The filled air always provides a balancing force to the head. 

They are not only comfortable for use. These pillows also provide comfort when a person thinks to carry them. They can be squeezed into a very small size and can be packed into a small size storage bag.

Another thing that you can find useful is the curved part of the inflated pillow. Due to this curved shape, it can be easily fit into the hood of a sleeping bag. Sometimes, people lose their pillow while sleeping. This pillow will do the best for them after the proper fitting into the sleeping bag. 

How Do I Choose a Camping Pillow?

This is also very simple and easy. It is not a tough task to find the correct pillow. You can also buy a suitable and effective traveling pillow if you come to know about the main features it should have.

First of all, you need to check the fabric of the pillow; you should check whether the fabric would bear the pressure or not. The area of filling the air (valve) should also be large enough to fill air comfortably. 

The stuff from the outer side should also be soft and comfortable. In such a situation, you will be able to sleep soundly and deeply. Other than these, you should also be concerned about the size, shape, and portability. The geometry of the pillow will also help you to be in a comfort zone. 

Are Pillows Bad for Your Neck?

It totally depends on your choice and sleeping style. A normal and ordinary pillow gives you a comfortable time. On the other hand, the style of keeping the pillows also matters a lot. A pillow in a straight/flat direction will never give pain to your neck. The same pillow can hurt your neck if placed in a straight or tilted direction. 

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One more thing, a pillow with abnormal height can also give you a painful night. If you keep your neck in an angled direction, then you will have to face the pain. The method of using a pillow is the necessary thing that needs to be understood accurately. It will change your painful night into a comfort zone and can also be the source of changing the comfort zone into a harm-causing sleep. 

In simple words, a pillow can provide great sound sleep if used correctly, and it can also destroy the whole resting time if not used properly.

Do Sleeping Bags Have Pillows?

Most sleeping bags have a pillow hood. You can put your pillow into the hood. These pillow hoods are designed in such a way that a person can put his/her head into the hood along with the pillow. 

There is also a possibility of a pillow with a sleeping bag, but almost everyone should have an extra pillow with a sleeping bag. The extra pillow will also enable you to use it separately while traveling by bus, car, or plane. It can also be used to sit on the ground.

What is the Best Camping Pillow?

A pillow with a well-made design and style would be the best. Soft surfaces of the pillow will also make it cozy and pleasant. We have told you almost all the necessary information about the Cocoon Hyperlight Air-Core Pillow. Now, here are the products that you can see and judge through the description. 

Cocoon Pillow

Cocoon AIR CORE Travel Pillow HYPERLIGHT

For a single camper or traveler, this pillow will provide ease for filling it. It can be filled simply through the mouth or any air pump. It would be difficult to carry an air pump; that’s why it has the ability to inflate by a small amount of air.

The center of this pillow has small air cores at balanced distances. This core provides a cushioned center part of the pillow. The user can easily spend the whole time on a soft surface. 

This pillow is made up of polyester and is waterproof. It can bear any unwanted water drops. One more thing after these qualities is that it has a zipper at one side. You can move the aired center part of the pillow through this zipper opening. 

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It has a valve at one corner to fill the air into the pillow. The valve is secured through a rotating mini cap. You will just need to twist the cap and fill or remove the air.


  • Foldable
  • 100% polyester
  • Comfortable
  • Portable


  • Some people find the size very small

Cocoon Air-Core Pillow

Cocoon New Ultralight Air-Core Pillow

This is also a great pillow from Cocoon. You can use it for sleeping in your sleeping bags, and as well as on beds at home. It will serve best in all conditions. 

The design and the style are super comfortable, and one can easily manage the comfort level according to his/her need. This pillow has two sides. One side is soft and is recommended for sleeping at night, while the other side provides a flannel feel to the user. 

The material is 100% polyester and contains air cores on the inner sides. This one also has a valve to fill the air comfortably. The valve is covered with the cap. The cap tightens very well and surely binds the air into the pillow. 

One side of the pillow has very soft and light microfibers on its outer surface that makes it super cool. These mini threads make the upper portion very smooth, and the user can enjoy the whole night over a smooth and soft surface. 


  • Lightweight
  • Folds into a small size
  • Portable
  • Comfortable


  • It slips from the hood of sleeping bags. 

Closing Thoughts

A traveling pillow can serve in many places. It is not particularly designed for sleeping purposes. You can also use it wherever you want. Cocoon Hyperlight Air-Core pillow can really help a person in this regard. It can help the user to enjoy beautiful moments with proper rest. You will also make your time relieving while sitting at any place.

You can put this pillow behind your back and feel the softness there. It is very easy to fill up the air in this pillow. One can ready a comfortable pillow anywhere he wants. Overall, it would be great on your way to camping and staying out. 

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