Climbing Gear for Beginners and Vets

December 16, 2020

By Nate


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Mountain climbing is one of the most breathtaking sports one could experience. You’d want to go ahead and give it a try but at the same time have some doubts in your heart. Maybe doubts about safety? Of course, no one would like to risk their lives merely for a sport!

To make your mind clear, let me tell you that there’s a set of protective gear that every climber has to wear. So, you can enjoy the thrill without the fear of falling. Climbing gear for beginners comprises a long list that needs to be taken care of before you step ahead for it!

Why is the protective gear necessary to wear?

The importance of protective gear while you are planning to climb a rock or a mountain is inevitable. You cannot just wake up one morning and say that you are going for a climb up today. Everything needs to be planned and prepared beforehand.

Being a beginner, you will need every single thing from scratch. You would not like to have a fall or a severe injury in the first attempt, will you? So be there on the pitch fully equipped!

Essentials of climbing gears

The true essentials that you will require in your rock climbing gear list will include various things.

  1. Outfit

You will require an outfit that can complement the stunt which you are going to perform.

  • Sneakers
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The second most important thing includes your sneakers or joggers.

  • Helmet

Protective headgear is next on the list which you need to have.

  • Chalk with its bag

To keep you going with proper grip, chalk with a chalk bag should accompany you.

  • Well-fitting harness

Do not forget the harness which will serve as your rescuer when you are on the verge of falling!

All these mentioned items are collectively known as the rock climbing gear list for beginners. If you ponder upon each one of them, you will realize the importance of them. Not to forget the minor attaching components of the protective gear. Connections between this equipment do not let you topple or fall while in the air.

Should you be buying or renting it?

One important question which must be popping in your mind is whether it would be wise to buy the kit or rent it for some time? Well, it is a personal choice to do either of the two. But I would suggest you buy your own set of climbing gear.

Since there is a lot of wear and tear happening while you climb up and down the rock, you never know how old your rented gear is. Or from how many places has it already torn. It can lead to serious complications if anything happens in between your climbing.

Wear proper clothing

Your clothes should be offering you a helping hand rather than being a mode of distraction. Do not wear something which will keep on coming in between your feet or between your harnesses. Believe me; it can become extremely difficult for you to continue if any such thing happens.

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Always carry an extra set of clothes with you if you are on an outdoor climbing sport. In case of any harsh weather conditions, you must have something to keep you warm and dry.

Suitable footwear

As mentioned earlier, shoes are one of that equipment which is solely dependent on you. You can get other essentials from your trainer or any colleague but not shoes! You should get your pair of shoes to fulfill the climbing task.

Besides, you will only feel comfortable in your size rather than any other. So it's useless borrowing from anyone. Proper shoes help you to have a proper grip on the rocky surface. They make sure to have uninterrupted friction which prevents any slip incidence.

Protect your head!

Another essential for the climbing peeps is the shielding helmet! You cannot start your climbing without the climbing helmet. You never know when any small or big rock can come sliding down and hit your head!

To protect your head from any such injury, it is very important to have your helmets on. Helmets should be selected very calmly. A well-fitted helmet that lets you feel comfortable is the key to good climbing. You will start experiencing a headache if your helmet is too tight to fit on your head.

Your harness will not let you fall

Have you ever thought about how would you be carrying your body in the air? Your hand is just not enough for this whole task. A lot of energy is required to keep you suspended in the air for such long periods.

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A climbing harness is therefore made to help you out in this context. A harness would wrap around your waist and legs to provide you with comfort and a tight grip. There are some harnesses with removable and adjustable straps too.

Hands should be dry

While going up on the hill or a mountain, you have to catch any visible part of the mountain or artificial holders in case of indoor climbing.

For this, you will need climbing chalk which will immediately absorb all the moisture entrapped on the fist. You can then easily have a strong grip on your holdings!

The rope is your survival while climbing!

The most important essential item without which no climber would want to go for climbing whether it's an indoor or an outdoor task! Yes, the rope is your rescuer! Without a rope, it is nearly impossible for you to proceed upwards on a mountain. You must have a rope until and unless you opt for bouldering.


In the final words, I would like to mention that its thorough read will solve many queries of yours regarding climbing gear for beginners. Every minute detail has been highlighted for you. Do not try to climb even without one of these as it can prove to be very dangerous!

The feedback section awaits your response and so do I. And I also hope to see you next time with a new topic.

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