Campus Board Training Tips for Success

December 9, 2020

By Nate


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Do you struggle for making bigger and powerful moves during rock climbing? Or want to be an expert in bouldering? Or just want to know about a fantastic tool for making your climbing skills better?

Then let’s start with campus board training which will increase the strength of your upper body; hence, you can make better moves. There are various types of training which you can do on campus and it depends on your climbing goals that for which type you have to go.

This article is all about campus board training and I will try to give you a complete guide in this regard!

Campus Board Training History

It was first developed by a German climber named Wolfgang in 1990. From then campus boards are commonly used in gyms and different training centers for increasing the strength of climbers.

During campus board training, you just have to repeat some basic patterns for improving your strength. Though its concept is simple it’s very effective when used correctly. Needless to say, incorrect practice can cause serious injuries and unexpected suffering.

When to Start Campus Board Training?

If you know how to do bouldering and have developed some strength in it then now it’s time to go for campus board training. Studies have shown that it increases your arm power along with improving contact strength.

Types of Upper-Body Strength

As we talked about before that campus board training will enhance your upper body strength. Moreover, there are four various types of it and we will briefly discuss all of them.

  • Power Endurance
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Moreover, speaking about power endurance, it is a simple form in which you repeat the same exercise but keep on decreasing the rest time. Ultimately, it enhances your power and then you can do that exercise in less time without getting tired.


Also, you can use the campus board for increasing your endurance. The common idea is that put your feet on small footholds that are kept below the campus board and move on the rungs for long period. Along with giving you a lovely forearm pump, it also activates your shoulder muscles.

  • Absolute Power

Although, it is not easy to build absolute power with the help of campus board training you can do that. During this, after taking rest, you try to make bigger movements which will help to increase your power in long run.

  • Contact Strength

The main advantage of campus training is contact strength but first, you need to know that what is it? Contact strength is the ability to activate your muscles for a short time. For increasing your contact strength, small rungs and slopes are generally more helpful.

Main Movements on Campus Board

Ever seen a climber in the gym doing uncomprehend able moves on-campus board? And you think that they are just moving up and down on the board, right? But let me tell you one thing that it’s not as simple as you think and those confusing movements are not easy.

There are five types of movements that you can do on the campus board. Even if you are a beginner, these are good for you to start with.

  1. Single Move
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As the name indicates, it’s just a single move in which you hold on there for a moment and then came back on the bottom. However, you should try to make the biggest possible movement and try to hang on for a while as it is important to increase your endurance.

  • Jump Catch

Jump catch is another simple yet powerful form of exercise. In this, you jump to reach the highest possible rung and all of your muscles are engaged during this activity. Try to jump higher for increasing the stretchability of your muscles and this will make it more effective.

Double Campus

If you want to add more coordination during your workout then you should try double campus exercise. During this, you move from one rung to another rung by throwing you both hands at the same time.

Also, the farther you throw, the more strength will be required to get the holdback, and ultimately it will increase your contact strength. You can also do this with swapping motion or by moving one arm higher than the other (known as staggered fashion).

  • 1-5-9 Campus

This is a very powerful movement and in it, you first do the single move. Then you move to the third rung while skipping the middle one and in this way, you move between 1-5-9 rung. Note that you can’t do this 1-4-7 or 1-2-3 direction as it is the campus board training advanced level.

  • Single-Arm Campus

This involves moving on the rung by using only one hand and you press off the bottom rungs with the other hand. Try to go as high as you possibly can and it will increase your arm strength to an exceptional level.

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Hang board vs. Campus Board

As the name of hang boards shows that these are for hanging. Hang boards are good for increasing finger strength but these shouldn’t be used for push-ups and pull-ups. These are either made up of plastic or wood.

Although wooden hang boards are easy to carry and look good, it’s difficult to hang these therefore, expert climbers don’t prefer them. Before starting work out by using hang boards, find the best way which suits you otherwise it can lead to tendon injuries that are hard to heal.

On the other hand, the campus board helps you to build contact strength and they also increase your endurance. These are also efficient for grip strength and works great overall but their improper use can lead to serious injuries.

For preventing the risk of injuries, you should follow some tips like keep your shoulders and back engaged during work out. Avoid pinching directly from the thumb and start with basics so that you can build strength before going to the intermediate as well as expert level.

Closing Thoughts

Now it’s time to give you the last consideration of on-campus board training. Make sure to warm up your body before starting work out and keep in mind that these exercises are meant to build your strength so do these carefully.

I hope you must have learned something new from this article and remember your valuable feedback matters a lot. Now that you know the basics, so good luck with it!

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