Campros 12 Person Tent Review

June 2, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information about the campros 12 person tent? If so, I am happy you have made it here to Trad Climbers.

If you are planning on camping with a large group, the Campros 12 Person Tent provides plenty of room and weather protection – an excellent choice.

This tent features room dividers and a mesh roof designed for stargazing, plus holds up well against powerful winds and heavy rainfall. Furthermore, there is a screen room and an awning.


In the wilderness, jagged edges and unanticipated accidents can wreak havoc on tents – especially large groups who want to enjoy nature together. Finding a tent that can withstand these environmental factors is key, with one excellent option being the CAMPROS Tent 12 Person made from high-quality materials designed to withstand rain, winds, snowfall and other outdoor elements with its spacious interior accommodating 12 people comfortably.

Tents can also make great choices for families, as their multiple windows and doors offer ample ventilation. Although this tent may work in warm temperatures, colder environments should not use it due to insufficient insulation; additionally, its waterproof qualities mean condensation may form within without proper airflow.

Finding the ideal tent requires careful consideration of multiple factors, including fabric type and construction type; size/shape; windows/doors configuration and weight. When searching for durable nylon or canvas tents with metal/aluminum poles that feature denier ratings higher than average group tents if possible.


When camping with a large group, finding an adequate shelter is of utmost importance. This CAMPROS tent can easily accommodate 12 people and features that make set-up effortless: windows and doors, bathtub floor and spacious interior – not to mention being extremely cost effective!

The CAMPROS tunnel-style tent isn't as spacious as some of our other options on this list, making it less suitable for windy conditions and tricky to pitch on uneven ground. Furthermore, its lack of insulation means you should bring warm clothes if the temperature drops at night.

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The Eureka Northern Breeze tent offers another distinct solution for group camping. While not exactly a cabin tent, this affordable model still has ample room to accommodate 12 people at one time and its walls provide only limited breathability – perfect for summertime camping trips! Unfortunately however, due to being poorly insulated it only supports summer camping experiences due to not providing proper insulation and having only slightly permeable walls.


If you plan on sleeping 12 people in a tent, its weatherproofing must be adequate. A rainfly should cover the whole tent; additionally, extra awnings on doors and windows may help minimize moisture entering leak-prone areas of the structure.

Next, ensure the fabric and seams have an adequate waterproof rating. Aim to purchase tents with at least a PU 1000mm rating as this minimum level of waterproofing should prevent water seeping through floors and walls. Denier ratings of tent fabrics also serve as indicators of thickness – the higher denier ratings indicate thicker material thickness.

Ventilation is also a key consideration when searching for large group tents, and finding one with mesh openings that allows airflow is ideal to prevent overly stuffy conditions inside and extreme condensation buildup.

Increase ventilation by installing roof and ground vents that create breezes while helping retain heat. They'll create air circulation while helping with heat retention as well.

If you need to store many gear or personal items within the tent, ensuring there is ample storage space is key in keeping everything organized and avoiding clutter in your tent.

Peak height should also be taken into consideration when looking for a 12 person tent, to ensure everyone fits comfortably inside without feeling cramped or having to crouch when sitting up or lying down.

The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an ideal option if you're in search of a spacious cabin-style tent to sleep many people quickly and conveniently. Boasting an expansive 198 square feet of interior space and room dividers that enable partitioning if desired, its instant setup feature makes this tent perfect for camping trips that need quick setups.

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Easy Setup

One of the greatest aspects of this tent is that it can be set up quickly by one person – no need for multiple helpers to set it up! Plus, its relatively lightweight weight makes it ideal for camping trips.

This tent boasts an innovative design, and is ideal for family camping trips. With two diving panels that enable you to divide the tent into three separate rooms for additional privacy if required. Furthermore, its easy opening/closing dividers can serve as projector screens when watching movies in your tent at night.

This tent is constructed with steel and fiberglass materials for superior strength and durability, featuring windows to facilitate ventilation as well as a rainfly to keep rain at bay. Furthermore, ground vents ensure comfortable sleeping even in hot weather.

Another great feature of this tent is that it can be assembled in just five minutes – perfect if camping as part of a group! Furthermore, this lightweight 12-person tent weighs less than 35 pounds while providing plenty of interior space including room dividers and stargazing features such as mesh roof.

Screenroom Included

This tent boasts several distinctive features, such as a screen room and mudroom with an awning. The latter can be used to store dirty shoes or jackets; additionally, its optional no-see-um mesh can be rolled up for extra privacy.

The tent boasts a tub floor and waterproof walls, making it highly durable. Furthermore, its spacious layout can fit four beds comfortably while still leaving some extra room. Furthermore, its sturdy construction includes poles and straps to guarantee its continued security in any environment.

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This tent boasts not only waterproof but also sunproof properties – ideal for families who don't appreciate being exposed to elements all day. Furthermore, there is ample ventilation inside as well as cutouts on its roof for hanging lanterns or lights.


As well as offering an expansive floor plan, this tent offers superior weather protection. Boasting two layers of 190T polyester outlines and 2500mm polyurethane water pillars, this tent can withstand even heavy downpours without leaking; especially if properly staked down and used with a ground sheet to prevent moisture build-up inside it.

This tent offers many other great features, including large windows and an ample front room space. This makes it an excellent option for families that desire some additional privacy from their children while still having enough room to sleep comfortably.

Another key advantage of this tent for families is its straightforward setup process. While a bit heavier than some of its counterparts on this list, it still manages to remain lightweight for 12 person camping needs. Furthermore, its easy setup may make it an attractive choice for novice campers or those traveling with young children.

This tent is built to last, featuring reinforced seams and an aluminum frame to withstand some serious winds. Perfect for stormy conditions and rainstorms alike, it can even accommodate four beds at the same time!

This tent's only downside is its limited ability to withstand extremely cold conditions; otherwise it makes an excellent option for those in search of a spacious tent with ample room for sleeping and storage space.

If you plan to use this tent with children, you'll be pleased to know it comes with a one-year warranty and offers full refund if you find you don't like it – an invaluable feature for families still uncertain whether they should invest.


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