Camping Hot Tent | RBM Outdoors Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for a reliable camping hot tent? If so, the RBM outdoors hot tent may be what you were looking for.

If you're in search of an outdoor tent that provides both warmth and durability, RBM Outdoors Hot Tent may be just what you're searching for. Built to withstand any climate condition and packed with features to enhance your camping experience.

This tent's breathable polyester walls provide insect protection and ventilation while its rainfly with polyurethane coating keeps you dry in wet weather. Plus, its bathtub-floor design prevents pooled water from gathering inside!


The RBM Outdoors camping hot tent stands apart from traditional tents by being double-walled and thus accommodating five people at once. Not only is this tent durable enough to withstand any kind of weather condition; setting it up is easy with its convenient stove jack allowing you to cook meals right inside the tent!

This tent provides an exceptionally comfortable camping, hunting, and fishing experience. Constructed from cotton canvas – which is much stronger than nylon – with double walls to ward off colder conditions than nylon tents; features include adjustable air vents and zippered opening, as well as hooks to hang clothes or tools from. At just 13 pounds in weight it fits easily into any pulk sled pack for lightweight camping experiences.

RBM Outdoors's UP-2 mini tent is a double-wall tent designed to keep its interior warmer than single-walled tents. Crafted of high-quality cotton material and treated to repel water, its double walls keep moisture out. Setup is quick and simple with its wing door making entry and exit easier, plus it has a built-in stove jack so you can use a wood stove to heat the space inside – providing extra insulation against cold nights!

This tent is tailored towards experienced adventurers looking for warmth and dryness during winter weather. Featuring an aluminum alloy B95T1 frame designed to withstand strong winter winds, its dome shape improves aerodynamic features by disseminating wind energy more evenly while decreasing turbulence. Furthermore, this tent comes equipped with mosquito nets on windows and entrances, zipper bottom, as well as pockets on its side walls – features which may prove indispensable on adventures across any terrain!

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This canvas camping hot tent is slightly larger than others available on the market. With enough room for five people and enough space for a wood stove, this tent makes camping trips with friends or family even easier. Also included are hooks to hang clothing or lanterns from. Moreover, its detachable floor provides insulation from cold ground temperatures as well as acting as waterproof barrier protection while windows can be opened to let in fresh air while mosquito nets help keep mosquitoes at bay.

The insulated floor layer of this tent is constructed from waterproof Oxford fabric, providing ideal conditions in snowy environments as this outer layer will prevent any moisture from seeping through and into its interior. In addition, its breathable materials help you regulate temperature inside.


Russian Bear has designed this tent to be both durable and straightforward to set up, making it the perfect option for winter camping trips or other conditions. With one stake point at each corner, this octagon-shaped frame can easily withstand harsh conditions while raising with just the pull of a rope is quick and simple – saving both time and energy when setting up your shelter!

There are multiple windows and doorways, making the tent easy to enter or exit. Furthermore, you can hang items from its series of hooks for storage. There is an assortment of sizes to select the ideal tent for your needs – this tent can even accommodate a stove and comes equipped with mosquito nets!

This tent is an excellent option for camping, hiking and fishing trips with family and friends. Spacious yet comfortable, it can accommodate four people comfortably and features plenty of windows and doors that provide natural ventilation in winter camping environments. Plus, its stove jack keeps you toasty warm during colder weather months while its insulated floor layer helps regulate internal temperatures to provide additional temperature regulation.

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RBM Outdoors hot tent is more than a place for sleeping and rest; its cozy interior design makes it comfortable for extended living. Ventilation helps keep moisture at bay; height helps with natural airflow while tall ridge is great for firepit placement – making this tent the ideal choice for camping in colder conditions.

The tent's insulated walls are constructed of cotton canvas for durability. Additionally, this tent comes equipped with an adjustable vent and two-way zippered opening to regulate airflow and allow for dry clothing, while also being waterproof against rain or snow. Furthermore, its awning offers sewn loops to hang clotheslines if you plan to use this tent as part of a wilderness expedition adventure.

This hot tent with wood stove and stove jack is an excellent solution for camping in colder climates. Designed to accommodate eight people easily and set up easily, its lightweight nature allows it to be carried with either a pulk sled or canoe pack, plus features an optional storm flap to cover its flue hole when not in use.

Ventilation system designed to keep tent cool and free from smoke. Insulated fabric and thick floor are both water resistant, while flame retardant lining prevents any fire damage. Windows are water resistant with snag-proof zippers preventing leakage; additionally there's also detachable waterproof floor for fishing use, plus detachable wing doors provide access when trekking through snowy conditions.

Height and width ratios play an essential part in tent ventilation. Warm air rises as it becomes lighter than cold air, helping escape through air intakes and outlets at either end. A Nordic tipi's taller ridge height facilitates stronger natural ventilation processes; hence why Tentipi tents feature such an optimal height to width ratio.

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Consideration should be given to the weight of a tent when buying it; you don't want something that is too heavy for you to carry from your vehicle to the campsite. When planning a longer camping trip, ensure your tent can hold all your gear and sleeping bags comfortably. Also think about its size; larger tents might accommodate more people while for solo campers smaller tents may be more appropriate.

The RBM Outdoors Hot Tent features a stove jack to support wood-burning stoves for keeping you warm during colder temperatures. Its double-walled design offers excellent durability against even the harshest environments, while its spacious interior can fit up to five people comfortably and offers ample ventilation that reduces condensation build-up while improving air circulation.

This tent boasts a mesh roof and gear loft for additional storage space, offering adequate airflow in hot weather and keeping you cool during a day in the outdoors. Incredibly durable thanks to polyester rainfly and 75D 185T poly taffeta floor. Can withstand rain and wind; suitable for most seasons of use.

One of the key draws for this tent is its simple setup process. All poles come pre-attached, making assembly an efficient experience for beginners. In addition, its sturdy frame can withstand winds up to 35 mph.

The tent is constructed of waterproof Oxford fabric with external seams sealed using sealing tape, so that it can withstand extreme conditions – including snowy Russian winters. Furthermore, its water-resistant floor can easily be detachable for winter fishing trips on frozen lakes. Furthermore, its wing door eliminates frozen zippers during harsh winter weather to extend their lifespan and lengthen their useful lifespan; making this tent an excellent option for campers who love winter camping trips.


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