Body Glove Performer 11 Overview and Benefits

March 24, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more details regarding the Body Glove performer 11? If so, I am glad you have made it here to Trad Climbers.

The Body Glove Performer paddleboard is one of the top sellers worldwide, thanks to its frequent discounts and impressive features.

It's an ideal board for beginners, as it is stable enough to get them accustomed to paddling. Furthermore, this board makes an ideal family paddleboard. It can comfortably hold two adults plus a small child or dog.

What is the Weight Limit on the Body gGove Perform

The Body Glove Performer 11 is an excellent entry-level board that's more than capable of accommodating most paddlers. The paddleboard may be heavier than some of its rivals. That being said, its weight limit of 320 pounds makes it a viable option for many.

The company also produces some unique items like scuba diving accessories and surfboards. Also, their paddle boards are what truly sets them apart from competitors. The Performer stands out among inflatable SUPs due to its triple-layer stringer construction and top-notch hardware.

This board comes with an impressive list of components. Notable highlights include a coiled leash, waterproof cell phone dry bag pouch and dual-action pump. The punp has an integrated pressure gauge to gauge how much air your board actually holds. Thus, it is an invaluable feature when out on the water!

The great news is you don't need to spend a fortune for your stand up paddle board fix! Manufacturers offer various models and styles so there's sure to be something within budget.

Does Body Glove Make a Good Paddleboard?

The Body Glove Performer 11 inflatable standup paddle board (iSUP) is perfect for beginners and families. It's lightweight and portable, plus comes equipped with various accessories to get you paddling quickly.

It features a convenient carrying handle located in the middle of the board. So, it is perfect for stashing your paddle and water bottle. Furthermore, two D-rings are attached – something not typically found on standup paddle boards. That being said, can be useful for attaching small accessories.

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The Performer 11 comes equipped with a dual-action hand pump to make inflating it effortless. Plus, its pressure gauge on the handle lets you know exactly how much air is in your board as you pump away at it.

The Performer 11 can reach 15 PSI, which is quite high and comparable to many high-performance ISUPs available today. Its nose is more pointed than standard touring board nose. Thus, helping it cut through choppier water and remain straight while riding.

How Wide is Performer 11?

The Body Glove Performer 11 inflatable paddle board is capable of withstanding a variety of conditions. At 34 inches wide, there's plenty of space for everyone to feel secure on the water. Plus, its stable design makes it ideal for beginners and families alike.

This board comes with a convenient carrying handle to hold your paddle and water bottle securely. Furthermore, its front bumper helps reduce the risk of damage in case you hit something like a rock or other object during transit.

The Body Glove Performer paddle board is an ideal choice for families and adventurers. Also, for those who require a durable, versatile board to tackle various paddling activities. It also makes an ideal introduction to stand up paddle boarding as it provides a secure and enjoyable way to explore the water. Furthermore, at such an affordable price point, this board offers great value for your money.

Body Glove Performer 11 Weight

The Body Glove Performer 11 weight is an ideal inflatable paddle board that's not too heavy to carry around. It also boasts some cool features like its GoPro leash connector and triple-layer stringer construction for extra support. Crafted in the USA, this attractive board makes a great choice for families or anyone wanting to get into paddling without breaking the bank.

The Performer 11 comes complete with a signature series backpack, three-piece paddle, high pressure dual action pump, 11′ coiled leash and small dry bag pouch for cell phone or other essentials. Plus it boasts plenty of other fun details that make it the ideal choice for any aspiring stand-up paddle boarder.

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The included 3-piece kayak-style paddle is essential and makes efficient use of space when combined with the included backpack. All in all, this inflatable paddle board is well designed, easy to use and enjoyable to ride; watch the sun set behind you while enjoying breakfast outdoors!

Is Body Glove a Good Brand for Paddle Boards?

Body Glove is renowned for their superior paddle boards. Their range of inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs) makes them perfect for all kinds of water activities such as flatwater touring, fishing and yoga.

They offer hybrid SUP kayak models and tandem or multi-person paddle boards. These boards are perfect for beginner to intermediate paddlers who want an attractive design, fun features and high quality without compromising affordability.

The Body Glove Performer 11 is an all-around paddle board perfect for beginners and families. It has recently been updated for this season, remaining an excellent value in inflatable stand up paddleboarding.

Although not a super fast paddle board, this board is surprisingly responsive and easy to control. The welded layering system and triple-layer stringer construction offer unmatched stiffness and durability.

Adventurers looking for an all-around paddle board that can withstand some abuse will find this board to be ideal. However, it might not be ideal for casual touring.

What is the Best Make of Paddle Board?

When shopping for paddle boards, there are a range of sizes and types to choose from. It is essential that you determine which board best meets your requirements based on what objectives you have in mind as well as how much money you have to invest in equipment.

In addition to performance, durability is another important factor when selecting a paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards tend to be more flexible and less vulnerable to dents than rigid boards, making them ideal for beginners or people looking to save money on their purchase.

Inflatable paddle boards are lightweight and convenient to store once deflated, making them a great option if you live in an apartment or studio without access to roof racks or don't own a vehicle with roof racks. However, be aware that they may take longer to inflate than hard paddle boards, so bear this in mind when making your purchase.

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The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 is an excellent option for anyone searching for a quality inflatable paddle board that offers decent performance at an affordable price. It comes in various lengths and comes complete with its own paddle, pump, backpack, leash and repair kit.

Are Body Glove Paddle Boards Made in China?

Body Glove is a well-known brand that sells wetsuits, swimwear, paddle boards and inflatable kayaks. Their selection of paddle boards ranges in length from 8 feet to 15 feet and includes inflatable paddleboards, hybrid SUPYAKS (standup paddle board/kayak hybrids), tandem and pedal drive SUPYAKS, multiperson boards as well as yoga/fitness boards.

Body Glove stands out in the inflatable paddle board market due to its affordable prices and convenient packaging. They are sold at BJs Wholesale Club, Costco and Dick's Sporting Goods stores nationwide and have quickly become the go-to brand for entry-level and intermediate paddlers looking to start standup paddling.

They're easy to transport, making them ideal for people living near a lake who want to paddle whenever they feel like it. Unfortunately, their rigidity or durability cannot compare with hard boards; thus, they should not be used for long distance touring. Furthermore, some of their fins are fixed, making it difficult to replace should one break – an important consideration for some paddlers.

Body Glove Vibe Paddle Board

The Body Glove Performer 11 is an ideal paddle board for all-around use – from yoga and fitness to family adventures on the water. It's an ideal choice for both experienced paddlers as well as those just starting out with purchasing their first board.

This inflatable standup paddleboard (iSUP) comes in a package that includes the board, three-piece aluminum adjustable paddle, dual-action pump, coiled leash, waterproof cell phone dry bag pouch and iSUP repair kit. Plus it comes with a backpack to keep all the accessories organized.

The iSUP also features a convenient carrying handle attached to the center of the board for securement of either a paddle or water bottle. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners as it makes paddling on water much simpler.

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