Black Diamond Heated Chalk Bag Review

November 26, 2020

By Nate


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If you are a fan of climbing, numb and cold fingers are a routine. Chilly weathers bring the most out of mountain climbing, but what about hands? Poor blood circulation topped with the height and altitude will stop you in the adventure. 

Even if the weather is not cold, rock climbing is itself pretty hard. Hence, you need something that keeps you and your hands going.

It’s not just about rock climbing in particular. Nowadays, several gym and fitness centers also offer wall climbing facility.

Hence, regardless of the environment, the art of climbing has shaken hands with science. The results are pretty obvious in the form of this black diamond heated chalk bag. This is not just your regular chalk bag. Battery operated, these bags provide a controlled and adjustable heating experience all while climbing.

Great, isn’t it?

Well, if you’re looking for indoor equipment, then scroll down below. I’ll add some great details about the indoor gym bags.

Black Diamond Gym Chalk Bag

Over the years, Black Diamond has been trying to bring something small and compact in the market. Something like Doraemon’s pocket for the climbing lovers.

Few years in the game and the company has done what it was dying to do so. This multi-functional chalk bag is one of the simplest yet an all-rounder in the climbing gym.

Super Handy

Climbing is a tough sport, and not everyone can handle it. Loved all around the world, climbing has taken various forms. To excel in it, you need to have practice, and the best practice comes slowly and steadily.

Climbing gyms are the trend and this bag falls perfectly into that. Created for an indoor recreation purpose, this chalk bag will come in handy. Tailor-made, specifically for you, the activity of indoor climbing is now fun.

Minimal and Compact

Weighing just 83grams, this chalk bag is one of the lightest climbing accessories you’ll ever find. on top of that, Black Diamond offers a handful of other features that raise the chalk bags standard.

The company has done a brilliant job in adjusting all the little details in this small pack. Due to this, it is one of the most sought-after gyms essential throughout the world. Try it yourself and you’ll know the reason why.

Make Climbing Safe

While ascending to the top of the wall, you are bound to get sweaty. After all, you are using comes with all your power and stamina. In such a case, you need to have something by your side.

A towel is not a safe option; hence you require a chalk bag. This black diamond gym chalk bag comes with a refillable chalk bag. The refill option is always sweet for frequent climbers, as you have got a small investment to make.

All you have to do is shake your hands in the bag and you’re good to go. And when you run out of it, fill it again. It’s this easy and light on the pocket as well. The use of a chalk ball is not only easy, but it also prevents the gym and surrounding areas from getting too dusty.

Wide and Easily Accessible

Apart from the standard of the original item, it’s the add-ons that make the product the best. For chalk bags, other than its weight and the chalk itself, its construction is important.

It needs to be not only lightweight but also large and wide. Or else you’ll be struggling on the top of the rope to open your bag. And nobody wants that to happen. Such a situation is not only tricky for the person using it but can be dangerous as well.

Hence, all its features and add-ons are prepared for the worst, just like you. Not sure if you require a brush for climbing, but this chalk bag has covered it anyway.

Premium Quality Features

Made from Nylon, the bag features a lining of fleece. That makes it modern and gives a nice shape. In climbing, you are attached to a rope and require constant usage of your hands. Therefore, with a gym chalk ball, this item comes with a pair of belt loops along with the belt itself.

You get access to a brush holder and a stash pocket as well. Its belt can directly be clipped on to your harness, and will always stay by your side. Although the side pocket might seem small, it’s zippered. In short, you’ve got something that will keep your small stuff all with you. A Drawcord is part of its design and can be used as per your convenience.

Waist Loop is a Winner

During climbing, you can face any sort of problem with the bag. Your belt might get removed, or get off the harness, or it could even get loose. Whatever the problem might be, the key is to stay prepared beforehand. This large-sized chalk bag comes with a thin cord in the bag.

Cord acts as a safety tool using which you can wrap or loop it around your waist.

Black Diamond has come all prepared for the adventure time, and with this, you have also gotten a step-up.


  • Synthetic Creation with Fleece Lining
  • Integrated and a refillable chalk ball
  • Chalk bag belt can be directly clipped to your harness
  • Includes a slot for lead certification tags
  • Comes with a holder for Brush


  • Dust-Proof Design
  • Wide and Open Body
  • Easy Fitting around the waist


  • Chalk Ball is slightly small

Closing Thoughts

Just like other sports, wall and mountain climbing has its fan following. While the outdoor experience requires extreme fitness levels and cardiac capacity, the indoor gyms are pretty similar.

For a safe adventure, you must have the right materials by your side. Do give the Black Diamond Heated Chalk Bag a try and let me know how it worked for you. Your reviews and feedback will help me in improving the content. So be sure to do that.

That being said, it’s time for me to say goodbye.

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