Black Diamond Impact Crash Pad Review 2023

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more information about the black diamond impact crash pad? If so, welcome to

Black Diamond impact crash pad is a soft hinged style protecting pad. It can fulfill the requirements of any level of the boulder. You can use it easily for bouldering practice or professional tasks. It is restricted to use in rocky places. At rocky places, you should use a crash pad with taco-style. 

The quality of this pad is awesome and suitable for providing a soft ground to boulders. This one is made up of double foam layers and a good protecting cover. Two types of high-quality foams are used in manufacturing. Black Diamond never compromises the quality of its products. Its features are also very appreciable, and those who really want great protection should use it. 

Black Diamond impact crash pads are perfect for the boulders and hikers. It has applications for many other purposes, and we will discuss them in detail. This article is going to become a handy guide on the Black Diamond impact crash pad.

How Many Crash Pads Do I Need for Bouldering?

Some people have a great obsession with bouldering. Such people want to get information for a better experience and their safety. For a safe, secure, and reversible bouldering experience, people use a Black Diamond impact crash pad with confidence. 

It is necessary to be informed about its proper use. As far as the number of pads you need is concerned, it is totally up to your task. One diamond impact crash pad can be enough for a guarded task. If you are testing your skills at a considerable height, you can also use two crash pads instead of one pad. The advantage of this is that if you fall from a height, you will be safe. 

Some people have small pads, so they use more than 1 or 2 crash pads. In this way, they use 2 or 3 crash pads for increasing the surface area. Obviously, if the risk of falling from a height is high, then the person tries to cover a large part of the ground to make it soft and cushioned. 

But those who cannot afford many crash pads at a time or those who have only one pad to use, one properly designed and high-quality crash pad will be enough for them to have full protection. The Black Diamond impact crash pad is strong enough to protect a person falling from a considerable height.

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How Do I Choose a Bouldering Crash Pad?

Finding the correct crash pad can be a little bit of a difficult decision to make. You need to buy a good crash pad for excellent safety. If you are going to buy a crash pad for the very first time, then you should be fully informed about the Black Diamond impact crash pad. 

If you are going to try bouldering for the first time, then you should use the hinge style. The reason behind this is that you will surely choose a developed area to traverse through the bouldering world. 

There are some points and things that you need to understand very well. Let's discuss all these points one by one. 

  • Terrain: Your terrain has a dense impact on your crash pad's style. Different places demand different types of pads. For local bouldering, a hinge style pad is suitable because this style proves best for flat landings. If you are going to experience high balls, you should take a pad of 4 or 5 inches. For every case, we recommend thick pads because it will give a safer zone to drop. 
  • Storage Area: Also, consider your storage area before buying the pad. In other words, you should be careful about the size of the Black Diamond impact crash pad. There are three different sizes available in the market, and you should select the size according to the storage area where you will be able to store it easily. Large pads are good to use, but they require a lot of space and can also become troublesome while traveling or walking. 


  • Try to choose the pad with a waterproof and non-exploding cover. Before buying a crash pad, you will need to have a deep look at the fabric that covers the pad from the outer side. Some pads have hardcovers over them, and they are considered very durable, but the crash pads with hardcovers will never give you a comfortable experience. So, it is also a thumbs-up tip that you should select a good, soft, and reliable fabric over the crash pad.
  • Pad's Height:  Pad's height is also an important point to keep in mind while purchasing or selecting the Black Diamond impact crash pad. The small pads usually come with a height of 3 inches, while the large size has a height of 5 inches or above 5 inches. As a beginner, you can try the small pad, but we highly recommend the large pad with 5 inches of height. More thickness means more softness and safety. The large and thick pads have more layers of foam into them and provide a better probability to save the boulder. 
  • Foam: Foam is the most important part of the Black Diamond impact crash pad because it is responsible for cushioning the hard ground for the boulder. Two types of foams are used for the construction of the pads. Before buying it, you should know the foam types and their qualities very well.
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We hope the above-mentioned things will help you to choose your Black Diamond impact crash pad. You will easily select the best for yourself after understanding these points completely and properly. 

Why are Crash Pads So Expensive?

No doubt, the crash pads are expensive. But on the other hand, these pads are worth the money. These are very useful for practicing and exploring the bouldering world. You can do everything confidently because you know that the crash pad will save you if you fall.

The reason why these pads demand a very decent amount is that these pads are made up of very fine and high-quality foams. The companies have to use a high level of foam and work over them. They use the good fabric for its covering. Moreover, the employees put their efforts into it. 

Collectively, all these things demand a handsome amount of money. The main thing is the foam. Two types of foams are used in the creation of the crash pads. One is the opened-cell, and the other one is the closed-cell. 

Opened-cell acts as a middle layer between the closed-cell foam. This kind of arrangement makes the pad more reliable, durable, soft, hard up to a considerable level, and no-exploding. 

Best Black Diamond Impact Crash Pads

BLACK DIAMOND Impact Crash Pad

The first product on our list is this crash pad. This pad is awesome for its look as well as for its work. Both the protecting quality and outer appearance are very nice and commendable.

This is a hinge-style crash pad that can be folded in easily. So, it is a compact pad. You can easily store it at an available place. 

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This pad is made up of the two closed-cell and opened-cell types of foams that make it durable and long-lasting. The layering of two different foams makes it soft and hard enough to keep you protected and safe. 

The upper cover of the pad is super strong and soft. Moreover, there are also two straps at the backside through which you can put this pad over your shoulders while moving or walking. There are also two closing straps that are used to close the pad after folding it. 


  • Two types of foams 
  • Foldable.
  • Hinge style 
  • Easy to carry on shoulders. 
  • Reliable 

Black Diamond Pad

Black Diamond Equipment – Impact Crash Pad

This is also a pad from Black Diamond. This is made up of 600D polyester, due to which it is waterproof and can be used in moist conditions. The water will not enter the covering. 

The cover's fabric is made up of polyurethane that makes it water repellent and resistant. Its upper side is made up of PE foam containing closed-cell material. This quality makes it more durable for heavy falls. The upper part contains PE foam, while the other lower part is made up of PU foam. This PU foam makes the pad soft and effective. 

The grabbing system is also nice. This pad has two straps on both sides. You can grab the sides of the pad easily. There are also straps for carrying it on the shoulders. 


  • High protection 
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong carrying straps. 
  • Foldable 

Closing Thoughts

Black Diamond impact crash pad is a nice pad to protect you from high falls. Its quality is appreciable and commendable. It can make the ground soft and safe for you. The best things that you need to keep in mind are discussed here in this article.

You will buy the best crash pad for yourself by following the above-mentioned tips. Two products from Black Diamond also have been discussed here with their proper information. We hope this article will help you in selecting the best crash pad.

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