Black Diamond Impact Crash Pad Review

December 27, 2020

By Nate


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No doubt, bouldering and mountaineering are very social and attractive adventures the people love to experience. When the season comes, it becomes the most liked activity for people. Yes, it includes many attractive as well as great practices, but at the same time, it is also very dangerous. 

One needs to keep himself very safe and attentive while performing this job. Any carelessness can cause a severe injury. For avoiding accidents and dangerous situations, the market has a commendable and fantastic pad called the black diamond impact crush pad. It is created to keep people safe if anything unusual happens.

The master and technical manufacturing style of this crush pad makes the hard ground soft and cushioned for the boulder. There are many facilities that a black diamond impact crush pad provides to its user, and we'll discuss them in detail. 

What Does a Crash Pad Do?

A crash pad is a product that can become someone's temporary point to stay. It contains a soft and hard form of foam that provides a thick, soft, and acceptable area to sit or lay for a temporary stay. 

It is also commonly used by boulders and mountaineering lovers. Those who do practice bouldering and hiking also use it in order to protect themselves from any serious injury. They place it at a point where they expect to fall down on the ground. 

If such a situation happens, they successfully save themselves from any injury or from getting hurt. It contains soft foam that can become cushioned ground or land to prevent any injury.

It also does its job when anyone needs to sit for a short period of time to take a break. Usually, it becomes a soft mattress for having food while doing your adventures.  

It also acts as a useful item for many parents. They keep it at their home in order to protect their children from falling down on the hard floor. It is used to place on the ground or floor at the side of the child's bed. Unfortunately, if he falls down, he would not get any serious injury or slash. 

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Why are Crash Pads So Expensive?

Crash pads demand a high amount of money for their possession. The black diamond impact crash pad is expensive, but it is always worth the money.

The material used for its manufacturing is shock absorbing. Usually, opened and closed foaming cells are used to make this outstanding shock-absorbing pad.

The material used for its manufacturing is very expensive; moreover, it also demands a lot of time for its manufacturing. The makers also have to put their efforts while designing it. 

Due to all these reasons, its price always remains higher as compared to other brands. But on the other hand, if you invest your money in a black diamond impact crash pad, you will not feel any kind of problem or worry while using it. It will always give you a fantastic performance. 

Collectively their quality, manufacturing techniques, and their durability demand a handsome amount.

How Many Crash Pads Do I need for Bouldering?

Usually, people use crash pads for small heights, and a bouldering crash pad can save them from getting any type of injury. 

To keep themselves completely secure, some people use more than one crash pad. They do it so that there will not be any chance of injuries. It is clear that one crash pad with fine quality can prove itself enough for a good performance; however, if someone wants more security, he can use two or three crash pads at the same time and spot. It totally depends on you. You can use more than one pad to increase the size and length of the cushioned surface. But carrying 2 or 3 pads on a journey is not an easy task. 

What are Crash Pads Made Of?

Crash pads are made up of shock-absorbing material that can make the ground soft when a person falls down on the ground. 

It is made up of foam. Actually, two types of foams, “open cell” and “closed cell” foams, are used for its manufacturing.

Layers of foams can be seen on top of each other. After creating a safe, thick, and soft mat of foam, it is then covered in a waterproof and fire-resistant fabric. The manufacturers prefer to place the opened cell foam in between the closed-cell foam. The open-cell foam acts as a middle layer of foam to make the pad less springy and worthy of use. 

The waterproof property makes it useful even on the moist ground, while the fire-resistant feature helps your pad to remain untouched with the fire. 

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The preparation process does not end here. The ultimate task is to make the pad portable. Suitable carrying and closing bands are then attached to it with the best closing clips through which they become foldable, so they can be stored easily. A person can easily carry the pad on his/her back because of these belts.

How to Choose the Best Crash Pad?

It becomes an irritating thought for some people how they can choose the best crash pad. Especially for beginners, finding the best crash is difficult. 

It would be better to get some information about the crash pad before buying it. Here are some tips that can help you out to differentiate between a good and a bad crash pad.

  • Size: It is very important to carry a suitable size of the crash pad according to needs. Most of the time, people use to carry the small size pads because they prove them as a good option for trying or practicing. If you are a professional boulder, you should go with the medium size. It will help you to cushion more surface. You should not take the risk of small size for a serious task. At last, the large size can make a large area soft for you, but this size is very difficult to carry. It is not easy to carry almost 10 kg weight on the back.


  • Foaming: There are many types of foams out there, but the foam for the crash pad should be of excellent quality. Some pads use different kinds of foams. You should go for the denser crash pad. The best pads are designed in such a way that their outer sides contain the closed-cell foam( hard foam) and their inner and middle layer contains open cell foam (soft foam). You need to select this sort of quality to have excellent performance.
  • Other: There are also some other things that you need to remember, like the quality of the covering fabric, the style of carrying it, and the pad's strength and durability. Always select a folding crash pad. 

All these things will help you to choose the best crash pad. Other than this, we are going to list the most suitable and most demanded crash pads named Black Diamond Impact Crash Pad. Let's have a look at these too. 


Black Diamond Equipment – Impact Crash Pad

This black diamond impact crash pad is made up of 600D polyester. Because of 600D polyester, it is waterproof, so it can be used on wet grounds and places. 

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Not only 600D polyester, but its fabric is also coated with polyurethane that makes it more water-resisting, more flexible, and more protective.

PE foam makes its upper side. This type of foam is very lightweight, durable, and flexible. It contains the closed-cell material that makes the foam more accurate for heavy falls. The lower part is made up of PU foam that is very soft and supportive. Collectively, the whole pad will provide a safe and comfortable experience. 

It has handles to gran the pad. Moreover, you can also use the shoulder belts to carry it easily on your back. There is a waist belt through which you can secure it.


  • High quality
  • Strong protection
  • Grab handles
  • Soft carrying straps
  • Water-resistant


BLACK DIAMOND Drop Zone Crash Pad

This crash pad can protect your direct fall line because it is super protective and shock absorbing.

As it is again from Black diamond, it also contains two types of foams, one is PE, and the other is PU. Its upper portion is made up of PE closed-cell foam, while the bottom has PU open cell material for proving the safe zone to the person who falls from middle height. 

For secure packing of this gear, it has two securing straps on both sides along with one strap at the bottom side. The straps also have high-quality closure hooks that make the closure system more protective. This carrying and closure system is very easy and smooth to use. 

Its covering fabric also makes it resistant water-resistant. It is also durable enough to be used on a hard surface. So, one can easily use it in any outdoor adventure. Nothing will reach its inner foam if the cover is intact.


  • Durable
  • Effective
  • Dence falling protection
  • Fine closure system

Closing Thoughts

If you are a boulder and want to possess something great for your protection, then we will surely recommend the black diamond impact crash pad. It will solve your problem and keep you unworried about the dropping injuries. The tips you need to understand before buying it are also discussed here; one can easily select the best product.

Moreover, two products from black diamond are also listed. This article can help you in getting the best crash pad.

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